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Lion contains all languages. There is no German version (or English for that matter).
The Lion installer is an application. Install Lion onto a USB stick, external HDD or something like that at put the installer application on that. Boot from the stick and run the installer when you need to intall on a blank disc.
So can downloads - and other TCP/IP related traffic.
On the bottom of same page you linked to: Limit 25,000 songs. iTunes purchases do not count against limit.
Not all music has been updated to iTunes + by the record companies, and some music isn't available in the store anymore.
Since they are using NetApp disk shelves the controllers are more likely FAS6200s
An iOS device can have content from 5 iTS accounts at the same time.http://www.apple.com/legal/itunes/us/terms.html"You shall be able to store App Store Products from up to five different Accounts at a time on a compatible iOS Device."
The storage needs for up to 25,000 songs are larger than the rest.
iOS devices can have content from more than one iTS account (5 is the limit as far as I remember). Your kids can have their own accounts and all apps can be shared.
They will need lots of storage and I see NetApp in that picture.
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