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The record companies was paid millions for the deal and will probably get a piece of the $25 fee. That way they will get money from the pirates (and people not pirating wil chip in).
USB will be much slower if your iPhone and computer aren't in the same building.
And the next one will probably continue that "trend". The second iPhone was called 3G because it supported 3G, so they couldn't name the third iPhone the iPhone 3 since that sounds older than 3G. I believe that they will call them iPhone 5, 6, 7 and so on - still with nothing more than iPhone printed on the phone itself, just as a MacBook is a MacBook.
No need to highlight. It will show you the word that the mouse is hovering over (and try to move the mouse around while holding down cmd-ctrl-d - you can even let go of d).
Your Wacom was placed on the wall next to the screen? What Jobs talked about was that an iMac with a touch screen didn't work. You have to stretch your arms constantly.
It's still called All windows. Mission Control isn't mentioned anywhere in Lion.
Oh, you mean just like in the current version?
Spaces are Spaces. In Mission Control it says Desktop 1, Desktop 2 and so on, when it's the actual Desktop it contains. Other spaces might have full screen apps and Dashboard. I think it makes sense just as Wi-Fi is much better than AirPort, since not every Mac user is connected to an AirPort base station. AirPort is the hardware product name and Wi-Fi is the name of the technology.
It's removable in DP2.Holding down Option is enough in some cases. Which means that it's the same as in Dashboard.But only in some cases. The Lion Installer app show an X when holding down the Option key, but my LogMeIn Uninstaller required Control+Option+Command+Clicking - no X was shown. Default Mac OS X apps can't be removed.I think it's still a work in progress.
It makes sense since Macs connect to other Wi-Fi networks than those supplied by AirPort base stations.
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