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You probably have different View Options.
It depends on your "Arrange by" settings for that window in View Options.None means that the icons won't rearrange.
In my 3.6.15 there is a Manage Search Engines… item at the bottom of the list.
No, they are still maintaining Java 1.6. Java 1.7 will be through OpenJDK.
No, Java 1.6 will be supplied by Apple, but it will likely be a download just as it currently is in the developer preview.
Overlay dashbord, yes, but I can't find where you can enable the old Exposé All Windows (not that I need it since I like the new Exposé All Windows much better).
Perhaps that's why Apple doesn't mention the CPU in the specs? (or GPU, RAM and other things for that matter).
No, it adds the ability to create a WiFi network - not connect to a WiFi network.
No it's not, and the patent application isn't either. It's not even an application for network booting but for simplifying update management. Why AI ties a 12 year old patent application with a cloud based Mac OS X, I don't know.
The current downloads page is only links to software on the developers own sites. Apple is not hosting the software, and you can still find the software on MacUpdate.com, Download.com, Google etc.
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