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There are rumors of a Norwegian iTMS by 28 April - perhaps they are opening more than two that day?
Try and exaggerate just a little more, please I don't think that most Mac users know what a process is, and as said earlier it shows you more than processes. Activity Monitor is actually a better name IMHO.Consolidation.Or something? How about trying it for yourself before bitching? Groups are not gone and very little has changed in SysPrefs.Yes, Apple is going back to a text based interface. Again, how about trying it for yourself before bitching? Spotlight is an...
No, it's an addition to Mobile Accounts where the home directories can be synchronised with a copy on the server.
No, Apple doesn't seed the final release - they ship it to developers after it is available in stores.
How are you scrolling? Using arrow keys, mouse, what? Grabbing the scroll bar and using the mouse I can't get it to 'get out of sync'
And yet Adobe releases x.0.1 updates for most of their apps shortly after release.It's all politics. Apple had to release something to show results and to get the developers started in porting their apps.Those 4 weeks won't make Tiger perfect. Perhaps they would have fixed a couple of bugs, and perhaps the code they are putting into the tree now for the 10.4.1 update breaks new stuff that means that they won't be able to release Tiger within their 2H time frame. Releasing...
If coming Pro apps released at NAB require 10.4, Apple will miss some income on both until Tiger is "finished". No mater when they release a version, they will be working on a .1 update the minute after. Not all bugs are show stoppers, and there are always bugs.
Yes they are. Only a few times the server build number has been newer than the client version. 10.3.8 as an example is build 7U16 on both client and server.
The Classic SysPref in Tiger is only visible if you have a Classic System Folder on your drive.
There are already some CoreImage libraries included in iLife '05 on Panther.No, .Mac services (logically) requires .Mac.
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