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And how does getting 8 free Christmas (Christian) songs going to give someone cheer that doesn't celebrate Christian holidays?  To me, that's insulting and offensive.
You didn't know that?  Really?   
I think they should have allowed for 8 free songs of the user's choice instead of pushing Christmas songs on us. Some of us don't celebrate Christmas or are religious.
I don't know why Google decided to have 3 API updates to Jelly Bean and not call them different names, it's kind of misleads the consumer into thinking they are at the latest versions of Jelly Bean, since very few are running anything other than 4.1.x. This is one main reason why I won't touch Android.
Maybe they'll use a TRS design only with more sections for more wires.
I don't know how much is Java related.  I actually still get some Java errors every so often.  
A new file system is probably the biggest change they could make to it.  They might change the theme, I'm sure they are working on other enhancements that we see and some that are underneath.
Well, the grey market will eventually shrink.  So you are one of those people that makes money by selling iPhones on the grey market in China?  And you are reporting ME? So why did you even bother mentioning Japan?  Japan is a different market. When I calculate the market share, it's what's being sold through various carriers, not the grey market, I don't think those numbers show up.  Apple will sell lots of phones directly through CM.  It's just a matter of how many.  I'm...
Here's another method of gauging how many rich people there are in a country.  Take a look at Rolls Royce Motorcars.  They have only three dealerships in the entire country of Japan.  In China, they are in the process or building more locations to have a total of 22 locations which should be completed fairly soon.  Meaning, there are a LOT of extremely rich people in China.  Yeah, there are a lot of poor people, but there are a LOT of people making more money than they...
New Posts  All Forums: