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How is apple going to make a lot of ordinary people millionaires?
1. None of the subscription music services are a threat to ITunes, most of that mentality is conjured up by the media and it's nothing but misleading hype.2. Neither of these two can design an actual product.3. How could they help? Their celebrity status? For $3.2 Billion, Apple could hire 100 famous celebrities to do a series of print and TV ads for the next. 20 years and probably have money left over.
I was just responding to the other person's post that they thought Apple would enter the prescription glasses industry w/o technology. I personally don't think Apple is interested in eyewear like Google Glass.  I just don't see them going in that direction.
If I were Apple, I would be looking at maybe buying Savant Systems, which is a 100% Apple based company that goes after the higher end home/business automation systems market.  They have a rock solid track record of innovative products, they are 100% Apple based, they are growing in a market that IS growing quite rapidly.  So, I think if that company wanted to get absorbed into Apple, that might be a great buyout and then let the company run independently of Apple, but...
 First off, Apple isn't using the Sapphire for a "coating", they are using it as a lens cover for the camera and supposedly as a replacement for Gorilla Glass. Eyewear? No. I highly doubt that. Apple also doesn't have the licensing for Liquidmetal for eyewear.  They have it for electronic devices like smartphones, etc. I know that the market for subscription glasses is HUGE, but the biggest player in that arena is Luxottica, which owns LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Target...
What I've read is that the electronics portion of Beats (headphones) makes a decent profit, but the Beats Music (subscription service) is losing money as they were looking for $100 Million more for the Beats Music division, which doesn't surprise me. If you look at the Net Profits to Gross Revenue for any content subscription, movie rental (NetFlix), Digital Download (Amazon), etc.  it's a VERY low profit margin business.Apple just needs to negotiate deals to offer a...
It is what it is and consider the people (Dr. Dre specifically) behind the company.  Just read the lyrics to the music he creates and produces, that should explain his mentality.  Not exactly someone I would allow baby sitting my kids.
 Yup, it's the leading by following/innovating by copying leadership Samsung has. We used to use Microsoft for things like this, but Samsung took MS's place. 
They'll give the excuse they gave a long time ago when they copied Apple in the first place, I think it was something along the lines of a logical progression.  
Especially not THESE particular two people.....
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