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I can see some special uses for this type of technology, but I don't think the masses are going to need it or buy into it.
I'm sure that relationship might not last long. :-)
 In order to hire them, they have to buy Beats.  That's the scam.
 I don't know what to say. If anything, it's certainly getting a lot of free publicity. I think that the headphone market is saturated with a LOT of companies making a lot of products.  I personally don't wear headphones and I only listen to ear buds only on rare occasions when I'm somewhere with my iPad and I want to listen to movies, watch YouTube or maybe a song or two, but most of my listening to music is done on a regular stereo which is what i personally prefer. The...
What's hysterical is that the music/movie sales/profits is such a small part of Apple's business model, I think this whole thing is overhyped. Beats may sell a bunch of headphones, but so what?  It's chump change to Apple.  it's like Apple buying a stick of gum.  That's how it should be viewed.
I'm wondering what the reaction is going to be at WWDC if they drag these two on stage.   It could go one of three ways.  1.  Cheers, 2.  Boos or 3.  No response.   This ought to be interesting.  I think Cook has lost his mind on this one.
I would wait until I got confirmation from Cook before writing this type of article. No one knows until there is something official.
 Well, it was poorly written headline as it's very easy to miss the comma.  I'm not the only one in the world that missed it.  I know others that didn't see it either.  Not all of have perfect vision or are always wearing glasses to see a little tiny dot.  Most newspaper headlines with the major papers don't USUALLY use commas, probably for this very reason.  Get over it.
I agree, glut makes it sound like they are dumping excess inventory.How about just saying a slew, cavalcade, myriad. $hit load, etc.?
 I didn't have my glasses on and I read the headline and didn't catch the comma.  Jeez.  I am definitely NOT confused about the article.  It was just the headline that was a little misleading if one didn't catch the comma.  I didn't read the rest of the article because the headline is what was a little misleading due to a stupid comma. I would have written it differently as to not add any confusion.   It's not a big deal......
New Posts  All Forums: