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I can't help it if Samsung is in a state of crisis. Usually, when they pull in a bunch of people within the organization and they are in "crisis mode", it usually signifies impending lay offs, instead of the dipstick members of upper management simply stepping down and admitting incompetence. FYI, Samsung makes too many products and that's part of their CRISIS.   The same thing has been happening at HP and other companies that make too many different products to satisfy...
"prestige" status as the reason?   I know know about that. What apps are the exact same where the ad free iOS version costs more than the ad free Android version?   Just curious.
I think more iPhone users would rather pay for a product and not have ads, then to get free apps. I don't know what the percentage of apps are actually more expensive, I know there are a lot of free apps on iOS, but I'm sure there is a lot more where people will pay $.99 for ad free. I know Google is charging more for the better version of Google Maps, which I won't pay for.  I refuse to give them money.
Crisis Awareness? Yeah!!!!!!! I wonder if they are going to lay people off and if so, what aspects of their business will be affected the most.
 Actually, Microsoft ORIGINALLY wanted to end support for XP, etc. earlier so they can force their install base to upgrade faster, but they got a LOT of resistance. It's actually better to be up to date as much as you can to the latest OS, plus it's less costly for the company that makes the OS since they don't have to support something that no one uses.  So, it actually might be in Apple's best interest to give away OS X instead of charging for it.  I'm sure someone at...
The only numbers to look at are active accounts. That is probably the only real method, i've seen that being posted from time to time and those numbers change daily, but try to do a search for that.
The data we have is not specific enough to draw some of the conclusions you and others are making. One game may generate a lot of money, but it might not be as many downloaded as another. The bottom line of the article is Apple developers make more money than Android. Aren't more cheater game hacks on Android which attracts more cheaterS?
Huh? I just don't think we are going to see Hybrid Memory Cube on any Apple system by 2015.  They are all playing around with various things right now. I think Apple will implement DDR4 memory in maybe the 2015 or 2016 MacPro.  Remember, they are currently using DD3 just like everyone else that makes Xeon based workstations.
Well, if the school is implementing iBooks to replace traditional books or eBooks, then they will use iOS devices. iBooks is a compelling reason why a lot of schools are choosing iPads.   That's a "killer" app for schools.
Well, if you just want to look at games, then you just look at games, if you want to analyze different types of apps in different industries, then you have to look at different industries. There are a lot of customization apps (which are more development apps) on Android, but those aren't productivity apps, they are more for themes, which is not a productivity app, it's more like Eye Candy which is more of just a time consuming app rather than a time saving app.
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