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And Apple just bought Beats and she probably doesn't want to deal with the aftermath of it.   I wouldn't want to deal with the potential PR nightmare.  I would have left too, especially if i had her position and lots of money.
How many people have 'retired' within a month of the Beats buyout?Aren't there something around 3 or so?  That's NOT normal to have that many people retire in upper management within a short period of time surrounding a buyout that doesn't replace these people.  In large buyouts there are usually fall out in certain positions of upper management, but there Beats isn't a large buyout, but a high profile buyout with a potential PR nightmare on their hands.  Obviously, you...
She wasn't fired. If she was fired, then maybe I would believe your statement, but she is retiring.
How can you be so sure on that? You own mentality? I think it's awfully coincidental since it's all happening within a month of the buyout when the company is in the midst of some "revolutionary" products. What has she done recently that so bad that she feels like retiring? PR isn't always direly responsible for what they tell the public, a lot what they say is what they are told by the lawyers and they just spin it to make their lawyers happy.
Maybe based the decisions of the CEO. He's out of his element as a CEO, he was better just dealing with internal operations, which is what he was good at, but as CEO, he's not always made great decisions. I don't she wants to do anything with Dre and is probably disgusted with what his music represents. I know others at Apple that aren't thrilled with Dre bring part of Apple. I wonder who they are going to get to replace her.
Well, if she told the media "Steve is out with a virus", she might have consulted with their attorneys or Steve (himself) to say that. We don't know what goes on behind closed doors.  I've been in situations where I knew the truth about something, and PR spun it differently but I wasn't allowed to speak publicly because it wasn't my job.  All kinds of things go on behind the scenes.  I believe only about 50% of what Corporate people say these days.  It's what they don't...
I'm wondering how many of these long timers that are retiring are related to the Beats buyout or their confidence in Cook. It would be an interesting read to have interviews with all of these people retiring would actually speak candidly as to why they are retiring, when they certainly are still young enough to continue working.
Saying something about features you want is not really the best place to post.   Try submitting them here.  You might get a quicker response.  I've found depending on what you ask for it can take TYPICALLY months, years or never.  It's just a matter of what you are asking for and if they can do it and if it makes sense or if they WANT to do it. Sometimes we ask for things they CAN do, SHOULD do, but never do.  And it's anyone's guess as to why. www.apple.com/feedback/
And? So what? What else is new?
Well, maybe you need to change your PERCEPTION to coincide with reality.  It might help....... If you are unclear about something I said, ask. I can clarify.  I'm happy to do that.  I know there are some that see only every other word or interpret what they want to interpret and I have to deal with the after math of someone else's misinterpretation because they didn't bother to read and comprehend what i clearly stated. I've asked others various questions and they don't...
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