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And what's up with Satan Claus?  I mean Santa Claus?  Another fictitious story to manipulate little children?
What's better? 8 free song downloads or only 8 free Christmas songs?  I think 8 free song downloads.  Heck, even if I only got 5, it's certainly better than 8 Christmas songs I would never download.  They are probably songs that wouldn't sell very well even if they only sold them. Most Christmas songs don't do that well in the sales department, only a couple have actually made any serious dent in the music industry.  They are usually for artists that have nothing original...
And what happens to those that don't give presents to people?   
Who gives a crap?  It's a religious holiday promoted by a bunch of hypocrite Christians is what it is nowadays.  This world would be much better off with no religion and just honest law abiding people that don't promote hypocrisy.
Black Friday?  I stayed away from the stores.  Far away.  Too busy.  I don't buy something JUST because I get a deal on Black Friday.  I actually have gotten plenty of deals on stuff before and after Black Friday.  Heck, I got some nice shirts that were 40% off about a month ago.
 What's wrong with my opinion of them just giving a small handful of free songs for people to choose instead of just Christmas songs?  You still haven't answered that question.  In fact, no one has that likes this give away.  
You are using the term narrow minded because you hate people that don't believe in Christianity or YOUR way of thinking.  It's called being a grown up, knowing that we don't need religion to behave properly as a society.  Especially since you are casting falsehoods against another.  Isn't that a sin to do that? Why don't you agree that it would be better if Apple just gave away 8 free song credits to everyone that wanted it and wasn't forced into downloading only Christmas...
So what? Why is that so important?  He's not the only Ascended Master to have been put in a man's body.  Why so much importance on just Jesus?  To those that are part of other religions, they put importance on others instead of Jesus.  I don't know what the big deal is.  Why don't they just make it Ascended Master's Birthday to represent ALL of the Ascended Masters from ALL religions and make it a non-denominational holiday instead?  To people that are into Buddism think...
They aren't narrow minded, they are pragmatic. Christmas is a religious holiday.  PERIOD.  It's pretty straightforward. Why do you enjoy Christmas?  What happens when you don't get any presents?  I'm not Christian and I gave away some presents to people that I know and it didn't have to be Christmas or their birthday and I didn't get anything back nor was I expecting anything in return, but it wasn't even Christmas.  I gave them a present because I thought they might like it.
What's funny to me is that Jesus Christ, the person's who's birthday it's SUPPOSED to be a celebration of wasn't even born on December 25th and I'll bet that even he would see this as a bunch of BS.  That's MY OPINION and I'm sure there are plenty of others that share the same OPINION.
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