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What Apple MIGHT do based on what we suspect with the iPhone 5C, maybe Apple might release a Flagship iPad with aluminum or higher grade case materials in the future with the latest and greatest, and then start releasing cheaper version of the last year's flagship, if you will with a polycarb case and lower the price so they at least make a decent profit, while offering the previous year's flagship product only with a less expensive case material, and in the mean time,...
I think it's just a new iPad power adapter to charge the units faster.
OMG a blue light for their power connector.   INNOVATION!!!!!!!!!  OMG.   Hold me back!
I know someone that has a Note II. He told me the other day that the thing just flat out died. I'm wondering if it has that Sudden Death Syndrome the S3's were having. Well, it looks like the Note III is basically the same as the Note II, no innovation. (I kind of sound like an Anti Apple person, only different). I just realized. I'm not being innovative enough with my sarcastic remarks against Samsung. Oh well.
And the .05% of the android population that doesn't have a newer Nexus product will get the update through XDA after they root their phone and side load the OS.
They only talk about activations. Well, how many are currently ACTIVE? Meaning, how many deactivations or how many are just going to someone that is upgrading to a new phone so they can get a later OS because they won't upgrade an existing model? And how many revs is it going to take until it becomes, well, stable? How many years is it going to take until they have most of their active users actually USING it?
THey have to do something to attract the little children.   I like KitKat bars, but I ain't switching to Android.   Yeah, and 90+ % of the current Android owners won't get it the day it gets released.       What IDIOTS.
Alright, a FREE iPhone 6!!! RIght on!!!!
NO, I didn't say it did, but I'm sure a certain amount would.  That's usually what happens, I'm sure the amount of cash that's affiliated with the Mobility unit STAYS with the mobility unit if they are operated separately.  That's usually how things happen.  Obviously, the information is not exactly how I would say is complete, detailed and specific enough to assume either way.  which might be lending to why there is different understanding.  But it was VERY clear that...
Actually, it's $7.2 and there is about $7 Billion in cash that they will get access to, so it's going to actually cost LESS than $7.2 Billion, the only problem is how much of the company is losing every year.
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