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This is just BS. I had a job before i turned 18. I was working almost full time while in high school. The store I worked at had plenty of people that were 16 and 17 years old. There were probably 7 or 8 of us under 18 out of 30 employees. Dell and Apple, etc. are not in any violation, it's the outsource companies that do the hiring, so if there are any violations, it's the outsource company and companies like Dell, Apple, etc. can't control what these companies do...
Google has the "Let's throw as many features that we can think of and only get rid of them if we get enough death threats or if it doesn't increase the number of users"  attitude.
OK, then they are stupid freaking idiots.  I knew it was one of the two.
 HAHAHAHAHA. You must feel so proud of your self about now, don't you?Well, now it's MY turn to go down to YOUR level of immaturity, but I'll first rest your mind at ease. First off, I don't drink alcohol or take drugs. Haven't even taken OVER the counter or prescription medicine/drugs in at least 10 years, at least not knowingly. But, OBVIOUSLY, you want to make it sound like I do.  Sorry to disappoint you. When,  I installed OS X 10.9, I just clicked on the button to...
Yeah, I have a bigger screen and I can type a LOT faster and view a LOT more on a 27inch monitor than on a mobile device.  
Well, I don't think I actually use it the way they want me to use it.  I think it's just a FREAKING MESS. It's too bad we can't lodge some selective missiles on the person (or people) that came up with this mess.  If I was Apple, I wouldn't hire anyone that was part of this from a management standpoint.    If you interview anyone from Google for a job, ask them if they were part of the decision making process for Google+ and YouTube, if they say they were, then simply...
Google is now forcing you to update to Google+ with their YouTube BS and it's just AWFUL. I mean, it's getting to the point where YouTube SUCKS even MORE.  It's just AWFUL. I'm convinced that Google doesn't know how to write software that makes my life easier.  It's just a JOKE. I think Google is handing out LSD spiked bottled water to their employees and developers.  I'm 100% convinced. It's either that or they just hire STUPID FREAKING IDIOTS.
I was just browsing away on my system and then all of a sudden by Mail app quits and restarts and I didn't have any warning that I was actually downloading a new app version. It was weird.
 I honestly don't think that many people are using cameras as much on tablets as they are for smartphones, at least the outward facing camera. The inward facing camera, yes. To me, that's not a big deciding factor. Sure, I would wish they and the same camera/light, but unfortunately they don't, they are spending the money on the screen, processor, antenna system which are more important to most people.
 I agree the Air is great.  I almost pulled the trigger and bought one to upgrade my iPad 4, but I decided to wait until next year's model.  But the Air is a nice unit.  I like the weight, the thickness and other aspects of it.  So, I would definitely recommend owners of iPad 3's and earlier to consider upgrading.  For iPad 4 owners, it's a personal decision, I'm just opting to wait another year. They haven't released the iPad mini 2's yet, so I think those might sell...
New Posts  All Forums: