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And people believe this schmuck? "For the second product after that we will offer even more optimized 64-bit based on our own optimization. So we are marching ahead with the 64-bit offering, and even though it's a little too early, I think we are at the leader group in terms of 64-bit offerings." Really? Well, where are these so-called 64 bit chips and OS? I hope people don't listen to this guy, it's obviously got a mental problem.
Obviously, speed with be noticeable with some apps, mostly games that have been updated for 64 bit and more games will be updated over time as well as other apps. Any time a company puts out a new product, there is usually a speed increase, and it's noticeable on some apps, etc.  but is it a LOT faster or a little?  That's all going to depend on the app.Now, from the thickness and weight, it's noticeable.The other thing is when you are connected to a 802.11n network, the...
Just like I predicted. It's just a matter of writing, testing and releasing all of the new 64 bit code.
Does the iPhone 5S kick the living snot out of the S4 or what? I think that's kind of funny.
Here's what happens. When Apple releases a new flagship phone, people line up to buy it, and it takes a couple of months for production to catch up with demand. BUT, Apple has historically only offered one size flagship phone. As far as I'm concerned, it would have been better if Apple had released a larger screen model iPhone 6 months ago that was a larger version of the iPhone 5. The would have created a lot of sales if they did. So, fast forward to now. Instead of...
I guess I was part of the people that stopped using it before iTunes radio came out. I don't really listen to it much. Every once in a while I might use iTunes radio, but I usually play my own catalog of music. 
You mean, AGAIN. Microsoft had some layoffs just about 4 1/2 years ago.  I guess HP's massive layoffs last year made people forget. Acer's CEO just resigned.  Dell went private, so we aren't allowed to see their financials.
I actually thought the case design that was Apple's best, believe it not, was the MacII CX. I don't know if people remember that one, but it was a small form factor with a few slots, etc.   Obviously, an updated version would be TOTALLY cool, just make it out of aluminum, they could probably take out a little in the height, and then stuff some fast SSD, Thunderbolt 2, etc. etc.  it would be a great ProTools box, etc. with a couple of internal PCI slots.  I doubt they...
For some reason, I don't think so.  I think there is a very good likelihood that they'll release a headless iMac.  The Cube was underpowered and it wasn't that great of a design.  Things have changed a LOT since then. They got away from polycarb desktops/laptops. The iMac compared to other AIOs kicks them senseless.  I just checked Dell and Lenovo and it's not even a contest for the AIO. The Mac Mini is great for an all purpose budget computer, but to do other things that...
 Very plastic-y.  
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