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Audiophile weenies?  And what do you consider an audiophile weenie?  What do you consider a good audio system?   What do you recommend Mr. Expert?
Not to be a ass about it, but I would suggest that AI stick to Apple computers and mobile devices and not go into reviewing audio products. Stick to what you know. This company is trying to go for a more accurate inexpensive AIO design. If you want more low end bass, then you'll have to go with a bigger speaker driver. Can't really do much about physics. Here's another review of the same...
Great, go buy one and then post comments somewhere that people actually care what a WIndows 8 user thinks.
Because the article they were siting had two smaller articles, one on Google's and Microsoft Q2 reports, but they were part of the same article.  Q2 reports is why.   They just referenced the article where it discusses how much Microsoft has been making, or losing on Surface tablets.
What a violent ad.  
Probably to save weight.  Do you know what the weight of a couple of hundred of these things are?  Remember, they are trying to also save weight whenever they can.  The mini weights half as much, plus they take up less space, plus they charge faster and cost less.  They probably only have to rent them out about 40 times for them to break even considering they have to pay for the content.  $15 x 40 = $600.  That pays for the price of the unit with the content.  How many...
Yeah, I have a 1 1/2 year old Power Button on an iPhone 4 that works just fine. I know one person that it didn't work, but I told him to bring it back to Apple since it was before the warranty was up. A lot of people don't bring their device into Apple soon enough, that happens too. Either way, they were trying to sue thinking the power button was a hazard, which it isn't.
Apple needs to get their large screen phone out, increase the RAM size, get their OS a little more feature rich and give people a little more eye candy and focus on getting the iPhone to be indestructible and they'll do fine.
It's so they can get attention, since anyone that posts an article with the word APPLE in it, is going to be hit with lots of views.  
How many turned into a verdict for the Plaintiff where Apple had to pay a settlement? And the others? What's the average settlement amount? You know what's worse that a stupid article? Lack of information that would make it interesting.
New Posts  All Forums: