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  do you make stock investments?  If you don't, then there is no need to listen to them. If you do, my advice is to read all of the analyst's reports, get a feel for what the market is doing in terms of the large investment shareholders, etc. and know when to buy, when to hold and when to sell. There's an art to it. Some of these guys, whether you like what they say are accurate, and sometimes not.  But an astute investor will do as much research as humanly possible and...
They should cut off the hands of those that create malicious virus and malware attacks, unless they keep it in a controlled environment and it doesn't affect production systems.
Why would Apple need to go private?  No one has enough money to buy the company.  The reason why Dell is going private is to hold off on an unfriendly buyout.  Plus they have horrible financials.
Well, I'm sure there is also pent up demand being created with the pending announcements of new iPad and iPad mini announcements in the next couple of months. Every year this happens. A new product comes out, sales boom, market share increases, 10 months later, sales drop right before a new product announcement, and then BOOM (as Steve Jobs would routinely say), more sales, more market share. This has been going on with this seesaw sales cycle on practically every...
They just write whatever BS articles they want to write and it's up to the reader to believe it or not.   A more interesting question is.   While Apple release all new MacBookPros, iMacs, and MacMinis with Thunberbolt 2?  I know it probably doesn't make sense for the Air, since most of those users will probably be buying something like the Belkin Express Dock, Thunderbolt Monitor, etc. which don't really need Thunderbolt 2 speed, but is Apple only going to release...
I think I'd prefer Gold/Black vs Gold/White as pictured.
I just found this product as the perfect companion to the new MacPro.  I'm sure there will be similar products tailored for Thunderbolt 2.  But check out the Netstor NA333TB.   It has 16 drive bays AND 3 PCI slots all in one box. Two birds with one stone.
Why? They are just showing between Samsung and Apple what types of buyers are switching to or away from one brand to another. Or their income levels.
Maybe that's why they want to keep it around.   Doesn't the iPad 2 have a 30 pin connector as well?
I wish Apple made an i5/i7 Version of the MacPro for less money. 
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