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How can something get a 4 star and get the same numerical result if it's weighted differently. By these numbers, a 4 star rating when it's weighted at .16 should be different to a .17 and a .18 weighting, but this weights them the same, even though they are supposed to be done with different weighting per category.   I smell some kind of stupid calculations going on.
I thought the Notes were phablets not tablets.  What did they do change the name of the Tab to the Note tablet?  Even their product name is confusing. I think the JD Powers surveys were from Tab users since that's what they've using over the past year.
I honestly don't know how they can improve on a desktop OS other than the direction they are already going.  IF they did, they would have to make the OS completely different look from a workflow perspective.  I'm sure Apple will change the theme, but the way it works otherwise just gets minor enhancements and changes, but I don't think it will get a completely new moniker of OS XI or X or anything like that. Judging from the way they are making a lot of the apps, they...
I think Android phones already do that, since every time I hear someone f with their Android phone, they aren't talking normal English, they are swearing at it.  It's either that or they are talking to someone on the other end of the line.
Actually, I think Android already does that. 
I would agree with you on the screen size.  But, believe it or not I've talked to a lot of people that actually don't like the larger screen phones.   They want something thin, small, light weight, obviously good resolution. I personally prefer something larger, but I won't buy Android anything. I made that decision a LONG time ago.  I just won't buy a smartphone/tablet from a non-computer company.   I chose Apple OS X a LONG time ago over Windows, I like the fact that the...
No, I think the correct term is Hemorrhoids.     The Fandroids aren't the one's in the basement.
  What about Tahoe,  Big Sir, Shasta, just a couple of others.  They may have more names to choose from but I don't know how many "usable" that sounds right, from a marketing perspective.  I think they should have used words from more astronomy, different animal species or maybe famous people from the entertainment or science/technology industry last names (as long as they weren't criminals or politicians, kind of the same thing).
The A7/M7 are still mfg by Samsung and I think Samsung is one of their panel suppliers, but that's the extent of it, from the looks of it.  It's the era of relying on Samsung less and less.   That's one way to hurt Samsung's sales/profits.
it's a piece of jewelry.   I'm not a collector of watches.  It's nice, but there is a LOT of other things I prefer to spend money on.  To each his/her own.
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