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Well, then you should then go out and buy a Note now and quite your whining.  Apple will release their larger screen iPhone when it's ready.  If you want one now, they don't have one. But they'll release a larger screen iPhone when they are ready.  They, to my knowledge, are still playing around with screen sizes.  I wouldn't buy a 5inch or 5.5 inch smartphone.  Too big and bulky, plus people look like idiots when they hold them up to their ears and they don't fit well in...
You might also check AFTER 10.9 gets released because I'm sure Cinebench will probably have to go through an update process to make it run for 10.9. The current version of Cinebench is for 10.8, 10.7, but makes no mention of 10.9, which hasn't been Golden Master, yet.  Patience grasshopper.
Oh, Cinebench only tests Open GL, but doesn't seem to test Open CL.  so, i would wait until the actual product is released and then look at all of the different tests and then see how well it runs a specific application that you want to run vs another OS system running a similarly priced box that supposed to be as close as possible.
How did they get a product to test when there is no final released product?  Remember, the only MacPros that exist are in Apple's research labs.  They still have to get Intel to ship the processors and chip sets so they can begin production. Even 10.9 which is required hasn't been sent to Golden Master yet, so any tests that you see with regards to these new systems is 100% complete BULLSQUAT.
What are you worried about?  iOS updates are free, in case you haven't noticed.  With the $20 upgrade, it's a lot cheaper than releasing a different version of the OS and charging several hundred.
  And how much did Microsoft handle their transition? Buy selling a 64 BIt OS that hardly ran anything?  Either way, 64 Bit for iOS devices is coming, but it's a matter when.  I wouldn't worry about the 32 bit to 64 bit transition until when Apple announces it at WWDC, which is the forum for those kinds of announcements.
How did Apple do with the change from 32 to 64 bit for OS X?  I don't think it was that bad of a transition compared to the other guys.
I don't know what type of gold plating was used, but Apple anodizes the cases of the current iPhone 5 and I think the anodizing is more like any of these            
There's nothing wrong with offering it in a gold color.   Lots of people have them sent out to have them done in gold.  Personally, I wish they would at least polished Aluminum and then have them PVD coated.  they can do all kinds of different coatings and they are anti-corrosive and they can get all kinds of colors, Bronze, Gold, Black Chrome, rainbow, and specific colors.  Zippo does this with their lighters as do some knife mfg that make stainless steel knives where...
People got to live in the now.  icon colors. I know people always want a reason to bitch and complain, but seriously, icons usually change over time and I'm sure they'll improve the icons they get the more negative feedback on.  They've already made some graphic design changes in the beta versions, so I'm not going to stress over some icons.    i think the benefits are going to far outweigh the icon changes.     I like the layered look.  I think it's a step...
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