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mbe u wrn't tpng ur vwls.
I'll get an email and it'll go to my "all mail" pretty much immediately (I have IDLE enabled) but it doesn't show up in my inbox.......well, let's just say I sent myself a test email and it showed up immediately in my All Mail but still hasn't showed up....ok now it showed up four minutes later. What's up with that? how can I fix this? Thanks.
Can I boot to an .iso on a firewire drive? I've been having trouble with my disc drive lately, so this is how I'm trying to work around it. Thanks.
punctuate it how you say it.Jobs's"jobziz"his last name isn't Job. so it's not jobz. it's jobziz.
that sucks.what's with the .on your posts?
state the obvious get an obvious answer.as i already said, your problem is already solved in multiple ways. if you want voicedialing there is already a native app for it, if you don't want to jailbreak you can rest assured it will be out when apps start coming out in itunes.if you're worried about not having the phone up to your ear, so as not to break the law, there is nothing to worry about. dial like normal and use a BT headset.you're complaining about a non-existent...
i just did that and didn't notice any difference.
ya...that would be understandable. that's why i said what i did about context.on these forums there is no reason to specify what kind of touch you're referring to. if you're talking about a nano and a touch, there is nothing for which "touch" could be confused. if you're on the nintendo forums, would you refer to it as the nintendo wii or the wii? if you're on the ms support forums, would you say you have a problem with Access or MS Access (notice the...
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