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My dog is jealous
It's screaming for a glowing white Apple logo on the front though?
Anyone know how long a 2 year old MacBook battery should last? Mine has 475 load cycles for 24 months and is operating at 50% of design capacity! I have 1 year Apple cover left will they replace it?
More than likely a newer A4, speed bump, more RAM etc. An iPhone 5 is too soon I reckon! So same design for a while yet
Considering that the only ipod shown in that slide that already has a camera in is the nano, the slide says 'improved 5m pixel camera…' All speculation anyway, what does John Lewis know? It's obvious that it's a matter of time before the Touch gets the iPhone features anyway.
Ok I'll start: It's my Birthday! April 23rd 1970 - Hang on that makes me 38
From Engadget.com Tuesaday 5th Feb Update: We just received word from multiple sources that the O2 staff has been notified of the 16GB iPhone launch at 1:30pm UK time. Price: £329. That will likely translate to $599 in the US like the original 8GB iPhone.
Personally owned: MacPlus 1986 MacClassic PowerMacintosh 7100/66 iMac DV Blueberry 1999 iMac DVSE Graphite 2000 iMac DV Grape iMac G4 with SuperDrive 2001 iMac G5 20" 2005 - present A PC - NEVER
JLL ^^^^^^ hehehehehe! LOL
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