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  The language gives Apple the right to disable his children's accounts if he passes the files to them, since it is a use outside the Terms of Service. I agree that this is not likely under current competitive market conditions, but times change and the point would be to nip this in the bud.
  I think 1) is ridiculously far in the future, considering you can still buy brand new, high quality turntables for LPs.   There is really nothing that would corrupt a well-stored ROM CD. Keep it away from UV and mold, and it will outlast you easily, and your children.
  More bull.   I have 30 year old CDs, all still playable. If I scratch them, my problem. Though if I was concerned about it I would make backups, legally as you point out.   Where does do the Terms of Service (It's not even an EULA, FYI), state specifically that I do not own my copy of the music? The Terms make liberal use of the word "purchase". Have you read the Terms?   Hint to you, a CD is a license for personal use, but it is not denominated. I can give the CD to...
  Don't be dense, I own a copy, and I can give it to anyone I please at any time.   If you want to be legalistic, I own a non-denominated license for personal use in perpetuity. This is why I can transfer it freely to anybody else for their personal use. Music in an iTunes account is denominated and apparently not transferable, and this is why Willis could decide to sue.
  Bull. Bottom line is that if I want to own a copy of the music I have to forget iTunes and their ever-changing service terms, and go and buy the CD. End of story, I don't need to negotiate anything with anybody, I just need to go to the store, the old-fashioned way.   Like I said above, I am reverting to CD buying till this thing is settled. As it is, it's a public relations clusterfrack for Apple.
  So you are advocating illegal copying then? Of stuff you paid for? How much sense does that make?   Nobody reads the terms of service, and, as they constantly change it is an undue burden to expect people to. Since Apple reserves the right to change the terms at any time, or to cancel the iTunes service at any time, it is a waste of effort to read the terms:     Finally, the terms are not able to redefine the meaning of the English language, and include in numerous...
  Yes, right, because poor little Apple has no leverage...
Oh, come on, it changes every few weeks and it's huge. Where is the value prop in using a service that periodically requires hours of your time to make sure you are not being treated deceptively?
  By "owning" people understand "owning a copy of", not the rights to distribute and so on. This is totally obvious because the analogy is with physical media. My CDs go to my daughters with no licence bs to worry about. Not so sure why this is hard for you to understand.   It's not a minor difference. It's a huge difference and people will be mad about it when they find out, as I just did today. I'm not buying any content from iTunes till this is settled (I'll continue...
  That's a reasonable point. I would guess that Bruce Willis's lawyers would figure that out and make the lawsuit accordingly.
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