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  Maybe, but don't forget that Apple has a "Buy" button in iTunes, not a "License" button. The buy button is deceptive, and so would any statement such as that made by SJ on numerous occasions that in iTunes you buy a song because people like to "own" their music.   I don't know how Amazon portrays it, but I don't care because I don't buy from them.
  Why not both?
  But hey, feel free to credit Cook for having a heartbeat and knowing how to speak in English for the 4S, iPad3, and Retina MBP launches, since all of those were well in the pipeline when he became CEO.   There is not yet a single product or service Apple makes that was led by Tim Cook. He's good at squeezing suppliers. We get that. What else can he do?
  Actually, that's precisely why it is a problem. The stores are a marketing arm, not a sales machine. Browett and Cook don't seem to understand that. The marketing role of the stores is not well served, in fact it's actually damaged, by a hard-sell routine married to poor upkeep.   The point of the stores is to present people a friendly human face for Apple in the context of what can be described as an oasis or safe haven from the crummy retail world. By definition, the...
  Tim Cook is a bean counter. In fact, he is the bean counter extraordinaire. What do you think operations is, anyway? Browett also has a deep operations background. He never showed he cared about customer service in his career. He is a spreadsheet junkie, just like Cook, so that's why Cook hired the guy.   Also, as I mentioned when he was hired, he's a Brit. My experience with Brit managers has not been good. There are some very basic communications problems between...
I think her request that they try one last time to come to an agreement is sensible. If they don't, for one thing the jury award is unpredictable, but more importantly, the losing side will appeal.   And the appeals will go all the way to the Supreme Court if they can, and even without that, we are talking about years of litigation, at high cost to tax payers, and doubtful benefit to either party. An out of court settlement is best for the taxpayer, for sure, and...
He's going back home to AMD. If you read the whole piece, this is where he spent the most time.   Culture is usually underrated by people, but it's huge. If you are in a company and not comfortable with the culture, you want out. And you should get out if you can. It's best for everybody, including the company you are leaving.  
  Simpler scenario:   1. User has a machine from 2008 or earlier. 2. Machine still works, not about to throw it away. 3. User has a real life, does not upgrade OS for the sake of it. 4. Wants to buy an app, app needs Lion, user says OK, I'll get Lion, my machine supports it. 5. Oops, no Lion, though his perfectly working machine supports it. 6. User concludes Apple is stupid, or is trying to force him to buy a new machine.   I am not saying Apple needs to make a special...
  Should what so much? Care? Think? Well, whatever you had in mind, I don't. It would take no effort on Apple's part to keep Lion in some corner of the App Store. It's not like they won't push any more patches for it, so it saves them nothing to have removed it. All I think they should have done is nothing. Just leave it there. How much effort is that?
  The whole point of Apple is that they make things easier, not harder on users. This is a case of making things harder, for no good reason.
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