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This is stupid, and pointless.   You have a machine that can't run Mountain Lion, and is still on Snow Leopard (hardly an ancient OS), and you cannot upgrade to Lion. A totally artificial limit with no technical basis at all, imposed on machines that are not so old (from as recently as 2009 in the case of the Mac Mini).   What does Apple gain by doing this? Just dumb.
  That would be my guess. The retina display needs a lot of GPU power. Still, it would be a challenge to fit that in the smaller form factor. It's not just the chip. It's the memory and the extra cooling hardware, and it is also true that the retina 13" needs to push 20% fewer pixels than the 15". We'll see.
  Huh? I have a 3GS and iOS 5 runs fine, certainly much, much faster than iOS 3.x on my previous iPhone. If it runs this well on a 3GS, I see no way it's slow on the higher-powered iPhone 4.   As for the competition, Android is dreadful. I didn't realize how bad it was till I helped a friend figure out how to use his new Samsung phone. The fonts are jarring, the UI inconsistent. It's not slow, but it feels stuttery, not smooth, and few apps are any good (though I concede...
  Not seeing that yet. Apple made mistakes with Steve too.   My fear is that the company has lost it's ability to disrupt new markets, but this won't be clear for years. Steve is still in the product pipeline...
Nobody actually said the rMBP did not qualify for retina. It was presumed based on iFixit's bad evaluation. But repair and recycling are not the same thing, and EPEAT never said anything about the rMBP, and still hasn't. Apple has made the claim that it is EPEAT gold, but I have not seen the items it says it qualifies under. Note that some EPEAT items are optional.
  Please, it was a misstep, and a clear one. It's unbelievable that some of you can't accept the fact that Apple makes mistakes, like the rest of us. The good news is that unlike many other corporations, Apple is still able to reverse itself on a dime and this is a great example.
  Maybe, but I don't buy this version of events. For one thing, Apple took a PR hit. For another the Green Electronics Council would have gone out of its way to accommodate Apple anyway. There is absolutely no reason to believe they were being intransigent with Apple.   I think Apple simply saw EPEAT as a bureaucratic requirement and failed to understand the value of it as a signal of intent to environmentally conscious consumers.
  Apple frequently reacts very quickly when they come to the conclusion they made a mistake. It's not the first time, and won't be the last. Think iPhone price drop and refund. Think FinalCut Pro availability.   The ability to change your mind was a hallmark of Steve Jobs. He did it early and often.
Oh, and Apple has backtracked before. Remember the iPhone price drop and resulting refund? Mistakes are not un-Apple like. It's run by humans. What was Apple-like was the speed of the reaction. Four days? That's fast.
  Well, obviously doing the thinking first is better. But if you didn't, or didn't do it right, better to face as soon as you realize it than to stay the course at all costs.
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