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  Yeah, you are right. The heck with Goodwin though. The shoe fits.
  That's really strange. If so, what was the point of this? Something is off here.
  I am not sure the government sales was the issue. I think a solid percentage of Apple customers are moderate to serious environmentalists and they let Apple know what they thought about this. That said, weeks of announcements from governments/universities/large corporations would have created a steady stream of negative media that Apple can do without.
  I think Mansfield's note is highly suggestive that the tack they will take is to work with EPEAT. EPEAT is also interested in doing that, as was signaled by the new EPEAT CEO when he stated that the standard was "long in the tooth". This should have been their approach all along, but they got it, and they got it fast. That's good.
  Huh? What does it signal? To me it signals intelligence.   Macho, double-down management is for third-world autocrats and Hitler fans. Flexibility is much smarter, especially when addressing the concerns of an important subgroup of Apple customers.
  Other government bodies and institutions around the world had started making announcements that they would not buy the products or look into the issue within the next few days. There was a risk of a snowball.   As to the responsibility, I have no idea where this came from and who proposed the backtrack. It sure is an interesting question though.
  The reaction was stronger than they imagined, if they gave it much thought to begin with. Even Gruber wasn't willing to burn his credibility defending them. After quoting Apple's original response:     I am not sure that Mansfield is taking the blame, exactly. But he is the face of the backtrack, which makes sense. In any case, Tim Cook was obviously involved and he has shown quick reflexes, at least, though perhaps poor judgment allowing the original withdrawal,...
Good move. Very good move.   I don't really care how it looks. Sometimes backtracking is the best option.   Kudos to Apple. Sneaky that they made Mansfield take the hit, since he's outgoing, but in corporate logic it was the obvious move.  
  That's a bad analogy. Here is why: Apple didn't just get rid of Flash. They explicitly pointed to the alternative, HTML5, and began to lead in supporting it in Safari.   Don't like EPEAT? Fine. But what is the alternative you suggest? They aren't giving any. That's the problem.
  That number, 66.4%, refers to the weight of products recycled divided by the weight of products sold seven years ago. It does not say anything about the percentage of the materials that are recovered in the recycling process, which is the number that matters. People could return every Apple product to Apple, but if their material recovery rate is low, that's not very helpful.   The material recovery rate is the issue here because it is a function of the design and...
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