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  I'd say those are for the screws, so they wouldn't actually be holes on the finished product.   Apple might be working on water resistant designs. I recall something about that posted on AI a few months ago. They should be, anyway. That would be a real improvement for real people.
At the bottom, there are two more holes on one grill than on the other, due to the headphone jack. This lack of symmetry is jarring on an Apple device. It looks unbalanced. Jobs would fix that by removing the two extra holes.   I don't care for the two-texture back either, or 16:9. I would vastly prefer a slightly larger display with the same pixel count, say 3.8" or 3.9", and the current 3:2 ratio, in a marginally wider, but not taller, handset. I think it would be...
I doubt it was 7% off the plane's weight. That's way too much. These things don't have a lot of fat. My guess is 7% from the weight controlled by the airline, meaning seats, entertainment, food carts, etc. Somebody else can do the math, but that sounds plausible, though still surprising, to me.  
I think the problem here is that the 13" Air is $1299, which is a little high. But if they create a basic 13"Air for $999 or $1099, that doesn't leave a lot room for the 11.6" models in terms of pricing.   If the 13" MBP is going away, at $1199, then at the very least the 13" Air has to drop $100, in order to avoid a price rise for Apple's starter 13" laptop. But the $1199 price point is now held by the 11" 128GB Air, so that one has to drop to $1099, and that would...
    Nope, it´s an Ops Center. There will be no App development there, though I can imagine some people doing server-side scripting, query writing, and that sort of thing. It may be home to people running the data centers being built elsewhere. So I would expect them to look for system administrators, DBAs, first and second level support teams, IT managers, etc. And I think they need to expand call center staff as well. iOS or Mac developers? Probably not many, if at...
    Don't get ahead of yourself. I am no fan of Browett, but neither you nor I actually know why Fay has left. It's one thing to wonder about a possibility, another to consider it a fact.
    That's not really true. Apple is not a hardware company. They are a software company that builds the hardware to run it on. It's a totally different mindset, so the results are different too.
Good ones aren't. Good workers of any kind aren't a dime a dozen. Guys who think like you are the reason the retail experience sucks at so many places. Dime a dozen workers will get you dime a dozen retail experience. I'm not sure what part of that is so hard to understand.
Apple is held to a higher standard because it's supposed to be better. You can't have it both ways. Either Apple pursues excellence or mediocrity. You can't pursue excellence in customer experience if you are a mediocre employer, because only mediocre people will be willing to work for you. I am not surprised at the news. Browett has an operations background, he's a squeezer. He started squeezing.
If Apple cares about customer experience, that's the stupidest formulation they could possibly work under. A poorly treated workforce cannot magically result in good customer service: 1. Those who stay will be stressed out. 2. Those who leave will be the best ones, by definition, since they are the ones who can most easily find a job with better conditions. 3. Poor working conditions leads to high turnover. High turnover means lots of new staff who don't know the products...
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