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I definitely don't think acquisition. Any deal so large as to have meaningful impact on their cash would have seen rumors for days or weeks. Unless they were buying Foxconn, or parts of it, but that's not very likely. I'd like Apple to set up a wholly-owned manufacturing subsidiary in China. It would handle a percentage (say 10%) of the volume, but the main intent would be to serve as a labor and environmental benchmark, to focus on new products and thus keep them...
A great feature of many Apple products is that the aluminum housing is easy to recycle; only weak adhesives are used, for example to attach the battery to the iPad 2 back, and can be easily ripped out. Permanent, deep bonding of plastic and metal results in a metal part that cannot be recycled. Modern industrial design calls for ease of material separation, and this is the opposite. The plastic would be so embedded that it could be removed only by burning it off, which...
It depends. Fillrate isn't everything. Higher resolution texture maps, for example, mean more memory sloshing back and forth. There are various other implications. Note that they kicked up the RAM to 1GB. But I agree that in general, performance hits will be nil or slight. It's simply that people should understand that they won't see much gain either, as it's all being sunk into the screen. I think that's perfectly reasonable, but worth being aware of.
If the app is run at 1024 x 768, performance should be the same or faster. If it's run at 2048 x 1536, I agree that it could run slower, but it's a little hard to say for sure because it depends a lot on what the app is displaying. Definitely no iPad 2 owner should upgrade for speed. It's all about the display.
I think a bit larger iPad would be ergonomically better, certainly easier on the eyes. And I don't see how having slightly larger targets to touch would make things worse. My point wasn't that they should have grown the screen for economic reasons. My point is that they should do it anyway, and thus I find it hard to understand why they went through so much trouble to get to the size pixel that they are using. There is nothing sacrosanct about 9.7".
Those companies are precisely my point. Lots of smart semiconductor engineers in Texas. But what happened? TI treated every product it created as a commodity and quickly collapsed prices. Remember when they manufactured watches? Dell is the same way. Compaq was doing badly and got bought. All the software you mention is enterprise software, and nothing is slower moving in terms of innovation than the enterprise. I did not say, would never say, that Texan professionals are...
But your point was that Apple was born in California because Steve happened to be there by chance, meaning that it could have been created anywhere else Steve would have grown up. My point is that this is flat wrong. Every company, every human group of whatever nature, is a function of a time, a place, and a culture. Apple especially had to happen in California, and the company is well aware of this.
You are right, a long-haired India-travelling Zen Budhist LSD-using vegetarian hippie college dropout like Jobs would have done real well in Texas. Either he would have grown up as a totally different person, or he would have left as soon as he could, hopefully before being incarcerated or shot.
Somebody misinterpreted the news as a "move" of Apple to Texas and used this to attack California for being liberal. I plead guilty to being unable to let that pass without reply. Sorry.
Actually, California is not super liberal and never was. It's the state that had Nixon, Reagan, and Arnold for governors. It's the state of Proposition 13, limiting property taxes to trivial amounts, which is the main cause of its fiscal troubles. What is liberal is LA, the San Francisco area, and the Valley, and this is entirely related to the talent ecosystem found there. Mark Zuckerberg would not have moved to Texas to develop Facebook unless he was high on crack, and...
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