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They must have hired the same outfit that made Microsoft's cringe-me-now (now-me-cringe? me-cringe-now?) ads.
Ha ha, the Mayo Clinic is a non-profit as are all but 2 of Minnesota's 146 hospitals.  And by law, for profit health plans are not allowed in Minnesota, even though the the 600 lb gorilla of health plans, United Health, is based here. It's nice to deal with non-profit hospitals and health plans because you know that whatever actions they undertake, it is probably not driven primarily by greed.  If the best health care provider in the state, perhaps in the whole country...
Another lame OSX release from Intuit.
 I am tempted to pile on, but I won't.
 Given the tendency of brick to detach and fall (and crush objects and people that happen to be in their path) in an earthquake that would otherwise leave the structure standing, I would think it is not the ideal housing material for San Francisco.
I'm thinking the phrase "one more thing" gets taken out of mothballs to introduce the wearables line.
Yes, I misunderstood you. My bad, apologies.
Oh come on. It's a store, its purpose is to sell what people want. You think there aren't perhaps millions of people out there who have searched the iTunes catalog thinking of buying his movies? I did, and I'm glad Apple made it easier for me to find them. Now if they raised their prices, or started running ads, well that's different. But they didn't so your outrage isn't justified.
Two soldiers can serve the same tour of duty, in the same unit, walk into the same firefights side by side, suffer the same wounds, and one could come off tour mentally and emotionally unscathed while the other suffers full blown PTSD. There is no hard and fast rule as to who gets PTSD and who doesn't. Just as there is no hard and fast rule as to who can cope with depression just enough to fend of suicidal urges and who can't. People who think Robin Williams was...
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