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There's that word again, 'potential'.  The only way that potential gets realized is if Amazon sews up a retailing monopoly and jacks up prices. I am not sure that is achievable in retailing where the barriers to entry are relatively low and the feds will take immediate action anytime the consuming public squawks about monopolistic abuse.
Amazon held that Wile E. Coyote moment for quite a while with the Fire Phone.
I assume when the packaging get's presented for green-lighting at the top level meeting, everyone gets to give their input.  As head of retail, her thoughts on packaging design probably bears a little bit more weight than, say, Federighi's. 
In other news, auto industry analysts have also concluded that BMW is going to make zero headway in its bid to take market share away from Kia and Suzuki.
"Investment managers on Wall Street believe that Apple stock is currently undervalued, but they're also reportedly concerned that shares of the company could drop even further before their eventual rebound."   What the investment managers are doing here is called "talking the stock down".  Shame on AI for helping enable these Wall Street bastards.
 That will never happen. Never never never never never.  Your hypothesis that the only people who will buy them are those who can't afford an iPhone today is wrong.  A lot of the people who will buy the low cost iPhones will be iPhone owners who will want to spend less on their phones. Take a lesson from the nonexistence of a significant market for high end PCs, and the fact that high end Androids, or profits therein, are a fast disappearing segment.  For any OS, the...
Maybe Apple secretly bought up the surrounding commercial property knowing full well that customer traffic will spike when the new Apple Store opens.
The only difference is that when Apple welcomed IBM to the PC industry, Apple was pretty much acknowledged to be the company that demonstrated the viability of the PC industry.   Rdio on the other hand is welcoming Apple to an industry that is what it is now because of . . . Apple.  This would be like the guy who invented the aileron offering to give the Wright brothers a lecture on the origins of the airplane.
And you are ignoring the fact that if a company did not require you to bring a bag full of stuff to work, then they shouldn't pay you for the time it takes to inspect the bag which you insisted on bringing to work even though you knew full well that am inspection will delay your departure from work.
 It's called "deterence".  Same reason Costco checks your cart and receipt when you walk out the store.  It seems useless because no one ever gets caught.  But no one gets caught because no one tries to sneak out stuff because, --yup, you got it-- because of the 'useless' security check when you walk out of the store.
New Posts  All Forums: