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I think the Toblerones sold here in the US are locally made.  And aren't cuckoo clocks more German than Swiss? 
A luxury Swiss hybrid smart watch using Android. They probably plan to sell it alongside a Kia-engined Porsche. The marque who swings a deal with Apple to marry WatchOS to their mechanical movement is going to own this segment. Now how much of their soul are they willing to give up to seal the deal?
 At first, I was impressed at the insight too.  Then it occurred to me that people normally stop developing the existing technology once the superseding tech arises (and is proved viable), so yeah, a technology is best when it becomes obsolete.  And "perfection" in tech has a murky definition so the second assertion is clever but meaningless. The assertions are similar to "Strange, I always find missing stuff in the last place I look!"
 Probably ever since the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena became the pre-eminent auto design school in the US, and arguably, the world.
What the stats tell me is that the iPad is primarily a viewing/consumption device rather than a creation device.  Maybe the iPad Pro changes things.  Maybe not.   No matter, the iPad will not disappear.  Apple will continue to offer the full range of screen sizes and form factors to satisfy its customers full range of computing requirements.
If what the article reports is true, then Google doesn't even understand the business model that they set up for Android.   Why would any of the Android manufacturers contribute to develop a CPU design that would be shared with other Android manufacturers? They'll still be in the same old race to the bottom selling barely profitable interchangeable Android phones except that they're poorer by the X million dollars that they contributed to develop the CPU.   The people...
I was going to say Beatles LPs but that Apple (and the Beatles) weren't in existence yet either in1960.
Patience, grasshopper, I hear they're working on fitting the 6s+ screen on the 5s form factor.  It's supposed to be like nothing anyone has ever seen before, or ever will.
What this means to me is that the revenues from Windows Phone that are supposed to support these cloud offerings are not sufficient.  i.e. far below what Microsoft was hoping for.  Death spiral begins . . .  now.
So, 5.9 billion is the going price for one hit wonders these days?
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