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I always thought it would kind of stupid for Apple to let their cloud implementation limp along in this half-baked mode given that they are gearing their whole family of products to be cloud-centric.  Surely they could easily fix it, they have the resources to hire the right people and unlike Microsoft, internal resistance to CEO mandates do not last that long within the organization.  Cough, Scott Forstall, cough.   So assuming Apple isn't run by halfwits, the only...
 You're going wireless on the car's central nervous system?  Are you nuts?
 My take on Jaguar/Rover, or at least the Jaguar part is that they turned their backs on their very rich design heritage and cranked out nondescript everycars that have no personality at all.  From the early Jaguars to the XK and XJ lines, you could trace a design theme that is distinctly Jaguar, recognizably British.  Then you get the current sedans which have no connection at all to that rich heritage.  I guess they decided to stop competing directly with deep-tradition...
 That's not what I mean.  I fully understand the dictates of the wind tunnel but I'm talking about the surface ornamentation and the cutlines that the designers choose in an effort to what?  Be distinctive, or to satisfy some notion of what an electric car should look like?  I admit I'm making a gross generalization because the Tesla does look nice.  But look at the BMW i3.  Of all the cars to get your design inspiration from, why pick the Pontiac Aztek?  Or take a look at...
An aside: Why oh why do car companies think that a proper hybrid or electric car has to be godawful ugly?
 I agree.  Smartphones are much more of a status good in the third world than they are here in the US.  The normal status goods here, probably cars is No. 1, are just too pricey for Chinese incomes.  And as a culture newly converted to the religion of consumerism, the Chinese, like the Japanese in the 80s, are just completely dazzled by luxury brand names.
 What a weird conception of what constitutes a 'valid' price.  The price that sellers offer for any product, including shares of stock, is still the price, even if there were no trades, which I seriously doubt in the first place.  In a market with high speed computerized trading, it's highly unlikely that none of those programs pounced automatically.
There's that word again, 'potential'.  The only way that potential gets realized is if Amazon sews up a retailing monopoly and jacks up prices. I am not sure that is achievable in retailing where the barriers to entry are relatively low and the feds will take immediate action anytime the consuming public squawks about monopolistic abuse.
Amazon held that Wile E. Coyote moment for quite a while with the Fire Phone.
I assume when the packaging get's presented for green-lighting at the top level meeting, everyone gets to give their input.  As head of retail, her thoughts on packaging design probably bears a little bit more weight than, say, Federighi's. 
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