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I question the proposition that that a significant high end market for consumer Windows machines can exist.
 You are judging things from your point of view as a citizen of and living in a first world country.  Of course it would be a horrible thought for you to imagine what it would be like living and working in the conditions described in the article.  You have other, better choices.  But what if you don't?  What if your alternative is to remain in the countryside and live a life of subsistence poverty?  How many hours a week do you think people people spend to scratch out a...
Yeah but at the time the IBM PC was introduced, Bill Gates was just a component supplier, so it's still IBM that foisted the crappy OS on humanity.
Basically IBM just said "the computing platform that we invented sucks".
If I sounded aggressive or combative, sorry, internet doesn't do vocal and verbal inflection.  It was all mock outrage.  I hear you about keeping and maintaining cars as long as possible.  I drive a 13 year old car that performs pretty much as it did the dayI bought it new.  Just sold a 17 year old CR-V whose MPG is the same as the day I bought it too.  People don't realize that a thousand dollar repair bill every 6-10 years is still cheaper than buying a new car. Hyundai...
 They are immaterial to the discussion of whether Apple can just go into electric cars without any prior experience and successfully compete with incumbent electric cars.  As to whether electric cars sucking juice from the existing grid is really the environmental boon that some people think it is, that's a different discussion.  As to whether electric cars, with the drawbacks you stated can successfully supplant ICEs that's still another discussion.  Actually, that's why...
 As Jobs and Ive have said so many times, design in not just about what it looks and feels like, design is how it works.
Better milage, fewer emissions, 10,000 miles between oil changes . . .   All these are internal combustion engine issues.  They are immaterial to the discussion.  The other technologies, Apple can easily acquire them by hiring knowledgeable engineers, just like Tesla did.
 Bingo.  Billions upon billions of dollars were and are spent to generate incremental improvements in fuel economy and emissions control.  Outside of the ICE, there is little institutional proprietary knowledge that goes into the rest of the automobile.  Apple can hire the talent and know-how needed for suspension systems, chassis design, car interiors, etc.  Just like what Tesla did. All that knowledge on ICEs that Toyota, Porsche, Ford etc. have amassed, they will...
Bromwich will now move on to the next phase of his career, which is a high-powered business consultant with exclusive, intimate knowledge of the inner workings of Apple Corporation.
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