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I have AAPL shares that I bought at $5 a share.  How do you think my money making went? My post was an answer to a theoretical question about whether you should categorically not sell a competitor's product.  Not advice to Apple.  Nowhere was it mentioned in the post that it was advice directed to Apple.  Why would you jump to that conclusion?  Learn to differentiate between what you are reading and what is in your muddled head and don't attribute what's in the latter to...
You do if you make more money selling your competitors' products.
"Ideas" not "designs". Explained.
People will care if the bundle is priced significantly less than buying the two components separately.
 If Philips is getting a generous discount on Apple TV units, then it's different.
Isn't Google's mission statement something like "to organize all the world's information"?  Now, how you do that without harvesting data is a mystery to me.
'Literally' is one of the most misdefined and misused words.  A lot of people say 'literally' when they mean 'figuratively'.  Some people are more charitable and say that people are just being ironic.  But really they're just being ignorant.  Literally.  And I don't say that in irony.
 Man, I wish they'd do an "I'm iPhone. And I'm Android." promo.  They can have a spot where iPhone guy holds a product demo and shows a line up of iPhones and iPads, than Android guy rounds up his own product demo and shows a line up of various people/consumers.  Another spot has them holding customer appreciation days iPhone guy is warmly welcoming iPhone owners to his event, meanwhile Android guy rudely turns away Android phone owners and fawningly let's in advertisers.
Desperately, desperately trying to refute the "You're not the customer. You're the product." meme, which could be devastating if it catches on. But by resorting to outright and preposterous lies, Herr Schmidt might have only worsened things. Nothing attracts more flies on the internet than preposterous statements delivered with a straight face.
New Posts  All Forums: