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From the New Yorker article: ". . . Ive’s view that bad industrial design often starts in ignorance of what a material can and cannot do."   A lot of the so-called "revolutionary" designers (not just industrial designers, but all types) are guilty of this.  One that comes to mind is a certain celebrated architect whose ground-breaking buildings and furniture are all invariably leaking, rotting, or falling apart a mere fifty years after they were built.
 Another one of those self-proclaimed experts who are completely oblivious of the reason why they're just posting opinions like these rather than running Apple themselves.  Apple's success is all about seeing possibilities that most people would dismiss as illusory.  Between your judgement or my judgement vs Tim Cook, Jony Ive, Angela Ahrendts and the rest of Apple's top execs, I'll go with their's.
You're not a fan of going where the puck will be obviously.  You have completely omitted greenhouse gases and climate change on your prediction out there.  Even though in the US a majority of people, including Republicans, agree that greenhouse gases and climate change have to be tackled by the government.  It's just that the fossil fuel companies and their lackeys in government are using a loud, expensive megaphone.   And when millennials and post-millennials enter prime...
I don't know what the market share is of the largest auto makers so 10% share might be insanely optimistic but then again, Steve was talking about what, 3% of the mobile phone market when iPhone first came out?  Here's one thing though, there is no luxury minivan in the market right now and that's what Apple seems to be targeting.  Pure electric, aluminum and kevlar body, design by Newsom, --there's an army of loyal Apple fans, affluent and bulging wallets open, out there...
I was in an English class once back in college where the prof was asking us about good reads we've had that we would recommend to the class and one classmate effusively recommended "The Boys From Brazil". You're kind of like that person.
  Now, if there's only a way to convey facial expression and vocal inflection on a comment board. . .
If Amazon acquires brick and mortar presence across the country, that means the end of sales tax-free purchasing for everyone.  Personally, that's a negative for me but it levels the playing field and helps local job retention.
I hope whoever acquires Dwolla doesn't ruin it.
It takes a few years but eventually the Android race-to-the-bottom that Google orchestrated is going to grind every Android manufacturer into profitless, tech-laggard dust.  And Google will not reap anything close to the bonanza that Microsoft milked out of Windows because when they could have settled for free but proprietary, they for some inexplicable reason chose to open-source Android.  That's karma to them for stabbing Steve Jobs in the back.
Actually, what we have been witnessing is analyst commodification.Def: Commodification-- The process of turning into a commode a.k.a. throne of ease, water closet, crapper, toilet bowl etc.
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