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   You'll be very impressed, then.  When it's time to pay, you hold up the iPhone to the NFC reader (or whatever you call it) and click.  That's it.  Payment goes through or doesn't depending on whether you pass the authentication requirements.  It's awesome, but it needs iPhone6 or Watch.  And no one knows yet if Watch will work if you have an older iPhone.  Hope it does, at least for 5s since it has TouchID,  but I'm not too optimistic.  
 Did you see the simulation/demo?  There is no image on any screen, there is no signature (digital or old-fashioned) to sign.  It is not the cashier's job to verify your identity or the validity of your card.  The whole point of Pay is that the secure loop doesn't include the cashier, Pay takes care of verification and authentication. 
 I wear a cheapo Seiko kinetic because I really don't like pulling out my phone and pressing a button, then pressing a button again and putting away the phone every time I need to check the time.  The whole process of checking the time for me takes less than a second.  In fact the only drawback of wearing a watch is that people who don't want to wear a watch will bother me for the time because they can't be bothered to muster the effort required to check their own phones....
The people who don't like the Watch, or pretty much any new product that Apple comes out with, all seem to be pretty offended that the product was not designed specifically for their needs and desires, and furthermore seem to imply that if your needs and desires aren't identical to theirs, there's something seriously wrong with you.   I like the fitness aspect and if Pay on Watch will work even if I only have a 5s, then it becomes really compelling for me except that...
 When you think about it, of course it's big.  They built a goddamn f*cking land barge, for god's sakes.  When has Apple ever done that?  This is Tim breaking out of the carefully delineated boundaries that Steve had mapped out for Apple.  Not because it was a mistake then - how can you call all those blockbuster products a mistake?, But because it's time.  Can't keep relying on iPhone and its allied devices for growth.  I suppose Apple is so big now that it has strike out...
Didn't know about that.  Thanks!
Brings to my mind Steve talking about how only A players hire A players while B players hire C players. Do we still hear of any pundits, bloggers, or posters complaining that Tim is no A player, has no vision, and is a disastrous choice for Apple CEO? What's Blodget squawking these days? How about Chowdhry? Lyons?
You're not referring to Porsche Design are you? That's completely separate from Porsche A.G., the car company. Design was started by a nephew, I believe, of Porsche founder Ferry Porsche and A.G. actually sued to stop Design using the Porsche trade name (and obviously didn't succeed).
I have visions of Samsung product designers right now getting their work areas in order, design workstations and apps fully updated and ready, so that as soon as the camera zooms in on the new iWatch they can start scratching out the new original Samsung copycat iWatch.
What experience does Apple have with fashion? Are you kidding? Two words: Deneve, Ahrendts. Formerly CEOs of St. Laurent and Burberry, respectively, now working for Tim at Apple. Ahrendts, or Dame Ahrendts, OBE, is especially respected for how she turned Burberry around by increasing its revenues and earnings while bringing it upmarket. I wouldn't worry.
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