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And with government protection!  No other company in the US can claim that privilege.  Which is why this case is so egregious and should be appealed all the way to the supreme court if necessary.  We cannot have this precedent where the DoJ stepped in, took legislation meant to prevent against monopolistic abuse, and standing the legislation on its head, used it to actually restore and protect a monopoly that had been torn down by a new entrant!  When did antitrust...
What is this analyst's track recording in forecasting new product sales?
The iHome AirPlay speaker is a good price but the regular price is typically in the $90s, nowhere near the $299 that BestBuy put on the product page.
Valuations are based on expectations of future profit.  If people's perceptions about Apple's profitability drastically change from one moment to the next  (such as the day before the watch is released for sale and the day sales figures get reported), AAPL can easily increase 50% over the next 13.5 months.  (Or go the opposite way.) Look, Nov 22 last year, AAPL was at 74.26, today it's around 115.  That's about a 45% increase in a year.
In the fall of 2012, AppleWatch was just a faintly rumored product.  Today it is a real product.  That is a fundamental difference.
People should realize that "free markets" do not necessarily result into competitive markets. They could just as easily give rise to monopolized markets. In fact competing firms will make more combined profit if they collude or merge into a monopoly.
Time for Tim Cook to gather up some of that idle cash and buy himself a neat little ISP. Apple can do it on its own or in coalition with Google and Microsoft plus the online storage vendors. They might not need a full build-out, just enough to put the fear of god in Comcast and dissuade it from acting like a greedy bastard.
 When government delivers its services through the internet, then yes internet becomes a right.   When no access to the internet significantly impairs your ability to a.) avail yourself of public services and b.) perform your obligations as a citizen, then yes internet becomes a right.
 You read one article, one excerpt, one blurb, and suddenly you think you're an expert on the subject.  Right off the bat your opening paragraph is already wrong  then you compound it by using a corporate PR hack job to back it up.  Read a little about this thing called "natural monopoly" which is an industry where the minimum economic scale of production is so large that there is room only for one firm.  Utilities are typically natural monopolies because it is a waste of...
You're just completely wrong.  You are basically saying underregulated monopolies don't hurt consumers.  Then the 'evidence' you present on your rebuttal posts are walking-around anecdotal evidence that is statistically meaningless.  And even with your casual, impressionistic evidence you choose only the ones that bolster your position and conveniently suffer amnesia, deafness, and blindness when it comes to the horrible experience people have with Cable TV.  Stop...
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