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I got rid of my last cross-platform capable device years ago when IBM and Microsoft went through the rigmarole of pointing fingers at each other over how to stop my Windows PC from freezing several times a day after I installed the supposedly compatible Windows upgrade.  Apple doesn't play ping pong because they know it's bad for business.  Really, there are few things on earth that can piss a customer off more.  
Yup, Amazon has set up the perfect mechanism to get the most parsimonious customers to self-select who they then sign up in droves.  It's like you're meticulously setting aside the scrawniest kernels from your crop not to discard but to use as your seed corn. The Next Steve Jobs my ass.  If you suggested such a scheme to Steve, his response would be in line with what he once told the president of ESPN:  "You're phone is the dumbest f**cking idea I have ever heard."
Two things Amazon learned the hard way today: 1 Nobody wants to buy a mobile phone whose primary purpose is to sell you stuff. People aren't stupid -they know if they're being set up to be induced and seduced into buying stuff. 2 You cannot insulate or exempt yourself from a race to the bottom merely by saying "Well, I'm not going to sell at a low price like you guys."
Microsoft finally facing realities in the mobile computing industry.
Or one can view it as having the benefits of religion (celebrating Christmas, Easter, etc.) without having to support its undesirable aspects (intolerance, narrow-mindedness, superior attitude, 'moral' license to kill those of different belief). If you look at what's in writing, religion would be such a great thing if not for all the bigoted self-righteous people who profess it.
I must say, this article has certainly been a very revealing Rorschach test of either people's tolerance or people's insecurities about their own sexuality. (Usually, they're intertwined.)
 Nice try with your straw man.  There is a difference between a demanding job that put's you on call at insane hours and one that says you cannot do anything at all, even in your spare time, that is not directly in pursuit of furthering your company's interests.
Oh stop being facetious.  You're arguing like a twelve-year-old now.
 Minor point.  Harvard.
Nope.  Not even $75 million a year gives your employer the right to turn you into indentured labor where your whole life should be devoted to the company.
New Posts  All Forums: