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Good. The more attention is shone on the fact that the Feds are shamefully going along with the network providers in this charade that internet service is not a utility, the better. An aside: Fascinating how shameful and shameless can be used interchangeably without changing a sentence's meaning.
 Such is life and economics my friend.  Since the first loom rendered the hand weaver unemployed hundreds of years ago.  And yet, look how high your standard of living is now.  Would you be where you are if that first loom and every other new technology that raised productivity was junked because society didn't want all those hand weavers to lose their jobs?
You can always hire good designers to come up with nifty prototypes. But execution? Supply chain management? Process innovation to mass produce those nifty prototypes? Google doesn't even come close.
My only misgiving with Macs going ARM is that Quicken for Mac is a horrible, embarrassingly shoddy app and there is no realistic alternative to Quicken for Windows.  As it is, I use Fusion and Win7 exclusively to run Quicken and if that option disappears, I'd be up the creek.
The 5c will do what most people expected it to do when it takes the bottom-most spot of the iPhone line sometime late this year or next year.  (This is really where most analysts thought it should be positioned from the get go.)  It will be a monster entry-level smartphone then, especially profit-wise since it costs less to manufacture than the 4S.   Apple's pricing errors are always upwards not downwards.  If they're not sure what the optimal price for a new product is,...
Damn these companies that make you pay for their product!
Somebody's trying to stem the tide of growing irrelevance.
Apple is the most watched company in the world. You better know what you're talking about if you are going to write a book about it otherwise there will be hundreds of people who could easily tear your work to bits if you stumble into even the smallest factual error or the slightest implausible opinion. I noticed that Ms. Kane started reporting on Apple only in 2011. So she wasn't really paying attention during the period spanning the iPhone and iPad introductions, and...
Apple can go downmarket only to a very limited extent. Unlike the IPod, where Apple can differentiate the major features across the product line, with iPhones, they all have to have the same iOS across iPhone models. Even their attempt to differentiate 5s and 5c by feature list didn't result in the desired product sales breakdown. (Although, I expect once 5c is a year or two old and Apple kicks down the price, it will become a monster product for the youth market.)
 Heh heh, I have 11.5 GB from taking advantage of every freebie promo and test volunteer reward that they offered me about a couple of years ago.  That's free for life.
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