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 Perhaps not yet, but why do you think they are willing to go for years with virtually no profit?  Because they are charitable people at heart and they have no plans of gouging their customers once they have killed all their major competitors?  Surely, unlike the DoJ, you are not that naive or gullible.
Here comes the monopolist's price squeeze.  All you people who were celebrating Amazon's amazingly low prices will now get a glimpse of what Amazon is planning to do once they kill all their major competitors and cement their monopoly.  Not that easy to accomplish but a lot easier if you have a brainless Department of Justice providing you with an assist.
Ferrari finally figures out that if they are going to associate their brand with a computer manufacturer, Apple is the one to go with and Acer only cheapens their brand.
Permits? What permits? We're Google, we don't need no stinking permits.
TouchID works for me unless my finger is too dry or too wet so I moisten it or wipe it as needed. I experienced the dreaded fade after about a week on my first two or three times to 'register' a fingerprint but for some reason the last one took and it has been working fine for about two months now with no noticeable degradation. Maybe TouchID, somehow, through sheer random luck, generated a robust map/profile/record of my fingerprint the last time around.
 Ha ha ha!  I guess it helps to have carefully conducted scientific experiments to confirm what we all know:  That the people who are most virulently opposed to homosexuality are homosexuals themselves, albeit the self-denying variety.  (I hate gays!  They make me feel 'funny'.)  We see that all the time with these anti-gay evangelical preachers and guardians of morality and senators.  As the old saying in the old country says, the chicken that clucks the loudest is the...
Now that would be discriminating against someone because of their stupidity.  And we frown on that to.
Why, did you talk to him/her/it?  You seem to have some inside information that none of us are privy to.  Lucky you then, 'cause I've looked everywhere, every nook and cranny and the only thing I could find that is anything that can be remotely described as my creator are my biological parents.    
LOL!  Oh jeez, junk social science.   You are using, to back up your argument, the work of intellectual whores that billionaires hire to hang a fig leaf of respectability on their rapacious quest to grab an ever greater slice of the economic pie?  You could have at least alluded to a Chicago economist or something a little more respectable.  Okay, I'm not debating you anymore.  It's pointless.  It's like arguing with climate change deniers and creationists.
Yes, you still are wrong.  There would be even bigger monopolies if there were no regulation at all.  Take a course or two in economics first before you start expounding on monopoly, will ya?
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