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Given the extent to which earphones are in use these days, and the volume levels that are being piped through them, one would expect that hearing aids are going to be a big item 20, 30 years from now when the long term damage starts showing up. Talk about skating to where the puck is going to be!
 No, start with blaming yourself Mr. Gleeson for forsaking the tried and tested in favor of the new and unproved.  You're an educator not a IT expert, why would you go out on a limb and go with a Windows tablet?  Haven't you read any of the tons of negative reviews on the internet?
 Seems a lot of people suspected that I did not welcome the prospect of large scale highly automated manufacturing growing by leaps and bounds in the U.S.  I am excited by the possibility, I only mentioned the jobs angle because there are folks who will expect hundreds of thousands of assembly line jobs will be created.  No they won't, but it's still a huge net plus for the U.S. because of reasons like you laid out.Here's the thing though.  If robotic manufacturing...
 I have a strong suspicion that we are reaching a technological and economic tipping point that will make highly automated manufacturing in the U.S. (and other high wage industrialized countries) competitive again.  I expect a huge migration in factories (but sorry, not jobs) moving back from the far east into the U.S. Now if I can only figure out which robotics companies are going to feast on this bonanza so I could go long in their stock.
Are we sure LG is a SOUTH Korean company not NORTH Korean?
They must have a war room somewhere in the bowels of One Infinity Loop where they monitor the whole supply chain in real time on theater-size screens much like the Pentagon monitors the whole world.
Yay, PBS!
 The business model for iWatch would be Swatch sent at least two notches up market.  Not as many people wear watches anymore, but of   those who do, a lot of them own more than one watch.  It is first and foremost a fashion item and people wear watches that match their whole outfit.   So figure a person (I'd like to say woman, but that's sexist :-) ) owns about as many watches as she has shoes. Or shoe categories: formal, sporty, casual, elegant, rugged, etc. And before we...
Fearless (or reckless) prediction: When the iWatch is finally introduced, it will be like no previous Apple product intro. It will be as much 7th Avenue, NY as One Infinite Drive, Cupertino. Ms. Ahrendts will probably be taking a turn at the mike and aside from app devs, the partners that will be introduced will include some notable fashion houses.
 I used to bristle, be all indignant, about Apple's margins.  Then I bought some Apple stock and now my incentive structure and point of view has completely change.  If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  That has never been so true!
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