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Actually, it's more like the other way around. It's all these entertainment figures who like the cachet of hanging out with someone as cool as the Apple top brass. Come on, Apple is probably more widely known than any music act, except maybe the Beatles.
Companies make mistakes regularly, the key is whether they learn from them.  Apple thought this was okay, next time, if they give music away for free again they'll do it in a more acceptable way.  Google and Facebook, on the other hand, you complain about them slowly stripping away your privacy and they basically . . . do nothing.  They'll pretend to stop sometimes, but then they come back and go about it from a different angle.  They're just relentless.
Awesome.  Now for the full-on "I'm iOS, I'm Android" ad promo that lays out exactly what "You are our customer, not our product" means.  Use truth and humor to creep out a few hundred million Google "product units" and turn them into Apple customers.  Dig out a few of Eric Schmidt's dismissive and cavalier pronouncements about privacy and let those words bite Google in the ass.
 Oh, get a room!   :-)
 When Niké put the kibosh on their fitness monitor hardware, Fitbit et al should have stopped to thoroughly think things through.  My own anecdotal, statistically insignificant experience was to drop my Fitbit hardware and install the Fitbit app when I finally got a smartphone (5s).
 Sony just wrote off a substantial fraction of their mobile business from their balance sheet.  This is where Samsung is headed.  The Chinese smartphone manufacturers will not, cannot be denied.
 I can't wait for the statement ad, á la "Here's to the crazy ones" and "This is it", that starts with "You are our customer, not our product".  If they did a full-on prime-time push, I think it would be devastating for Android.
AmEx is signed up for Pay.
"Our business is not based on having information about you. You're not our product,"   I wish Apple would do a full-on ad blitz based on this line.  Maybe even an "I'm iPhone, I'm  Android" series that elaborates exactly what information Google looks at and collects .  It would creep out so many people, potentially devastating.  Or then again,we'll just find out that Android users don't really care.
PayPal, eBay. eBay, Paypal. When I read about that case where eBay-PayPal ordered the destruction of an antique violin based on the buyer's assertion, and that assertion alone, that it was counterfeit, I realized that the people running this company aren't very smart and they just make rules and other things up as they go along. Stopped having anything to do with them ever since.
New Posts  All Forums: