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Somebody's trying to stem the tide of growing irrelevance.
Apple is the most watched company in the world. You better know what you're talking about if you are going to write a book about it otherwise there will be hundreds of people who could easily tear your work to bits if you stumble into even the smallest factual error or the slightest implausible opinion. I noticed that Ms. Kane started reporting on Apple only in 2011. So she wasn't really paying attention during the period spanning the iPhone and iPad introductions, and...
Apple can go downmarket only to a very limited extent. Unlike the IPod, where Apple can differentiate the major features across the product line, with iPhones, they all have to have the same iOS across iPhone models. Even their attempt to differentiate 5s and 5c by feature list didn't result in the desired product sales breakdown. (Although, I expect once 5c is a year or two old and Apple kicks down the price, it will become a monster product for the youth market.)
 Heh heh, I have 11.5 GB from taking advantage of every freebie promo and test volunteer reward that they offered me about a couple of years ago.  That's free for life.
 I don't know.  Ask Apple about Android.
Yeah but what are Google's "no peek" prices?  What's that?  Oh, they don't offer that option.  Oh, right.
 It's a race between Google and Amazon.
 You keep forgetting, the customers of a Google Store would be advertisers.  People walking, or straying into them are the product.
A store for the customers to walk in and conveniently dump all their detailed private information by connecting their smartphones to one of the innovative new 'sharing kiosks' that Google has installed. You get a coupon for a free Starbucks as a reward. /s
 Perhaps not yet, but why do you think they are willing to go for years with virtually no profit?  Because they are charitable people at heart and they have no plans of gouging their customers once they have killed all their major competitors?  Surely, unlike the DoJ, you are not that naive or gullible.
New Posts  All Forums: