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 LOL.  Only when you asked because by asking, you seemed to equate Australians with kangaroos.
 Wrong.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  If you have a totally free market, as in no regulation at all, you will end up with one big monopoly because all the companies know that if they merge to form one big monopoly then total industry profits will be higher.
The bottom line on this case is this:   For the first time ever in this nation's history, the United States Department of Justice sued to restore a monopoly position that was torn down by a new entrant.  This is a dangerous precedent which I lay squarely on the feet of Eric Holder who seemed to be too stupid to realize that he was turning the DoJ into the private law firm of a predatory monopolist.  A more enlightened DoJ would have used prosecutorial discretion and...
Awww, they fixed the Gotofail bug.  Now what will all these poor click-whoring bloggers and stock manipulators have to get their panties all bunched up for now?
 I hear ya.  That's why for entertainment I go see a movie or a show nowadays.
Cyrllic?  Binary, yes and even hexadecimal.  But cyrillic?  What the hell in Steve Jobs' life was even remotely connected to cyrillic?  This is a joke, isn't it?
Years of selling to a captive market, without admitting to yourself that you're selling to a captive market or understanding what that means, is what's killing Windows and Microsoft. Only when viable competition came along did they realize that they've lost (or never had) the capability to build a true, world-class OS. One that customers CHOOSE to buy not HAVE TO buy. How Microsoft will rescue Windows is a monumental, probably impossible task, because their whole OS...
Here is the fundamental flaw of this analyst and most analysts:   They do fairly well in predicting the sales path of existing products.   They are horrible at predicting future product introductions.  In fact they make their forecasts as if companies will not be introducing any new products anymore.   This is understandable.  If an analyst is clever enough to envision what Apple's next revolutionary product is going to be, they would probably be doing product dev at...
Is the byline "AppleInsider Staff" because the author is too embarrassed to admit to being such a busybody?
Nobody trusts Icahn.  He may be sincere when he protests that his maneuverings are in the interest of long term AAPL stockholders but a career spent as a corporate raider, greenmailer, and hit-and-run boardroom shakedown artist has left him with zero trustworthiness.  Meh, he can always seek solace in his bank account.
New Posts  All Forums: