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I'd say it's a distraction for people who (perhaps subconsciously) are offended by the notion of homosexuality, or more pointedly, the notion of their own homosexuality.
"His obligation is primarily to act in the best interests of Apple."  Huh? There are obligations that go beyond your job, such as your obligation as a human being, or as a member of society.  Apple is, in the end, just a company, and yes there are people who work there whose lives will be affected by the CEO's decisions, but do you really think that the company one works for, runs, or even owns should be the most valued thing in a person's life?
This will help save lives.  Maybe not a lot, but one suicide averted is enough.
When your real plan all along is to take the money and run, you will sign any contract put before you as long as that gets the check issued right away.
When you already know you're just going to take the money then file for bankruptcy, you don't really try hard to negotiate contract terms.  Prolonged talks just delay your payday.  "Whatever terms you want boss, just send me the check as soon as possible." versus "I'm negotiating really hard on this loan because I intend to to pay you back!"
 No, them's words you mutter to try and salvage some dignity as you walk away with your tail between your legs. Might also be setting up your defense for when the stockholders and the Feds go after you.
The word that immediately comes to mind upon reading the headline is "Liar!"
You forgot to mention that Google's prices include "unlimited peeking rights", for Google, that is.
You mean "drawer stuffer".  
 Just because they'd have a convicted felon for a CEO you'd right away brand them as "the most blatantly corrupt"?  Isn't that being a bit harsh? /s
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