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I imagine that if you review the economic statistics and discover what China's per capita GDP is, you might adjust your expectations.  There are a lot of wealthy Chinese nowadays, wealthy as in enjoying incomes comparable to Japan's per capita GDP, but I seriously doubt this demographic would be larger than Japan's total population.  So yeah, fully opening up the China market for Apple is big, but 'even bigger' than Japah? Nah.
 No, I think things just change THAT fast in the tach business.
My kids who are in high school and college hardly ever watch TV on the 'real' TV set. They still catch shows, but on their iPads, MacBooks, and even iPods. That's the future of large screen fixed-location TV sets. Apple wisely figured it out on the fly. Amazing how fast the landscape changes. In a few years the networks and content providers and maybe even satellite and cable carriers will be begging the new gatekeepers (the mfrs of the devices which are the last stop...
 Yeah, because Google products are not in beta for years and years.  And none of them ever gets discontinued at what seems to be a whim.
 Wall Street always acts as if Apple's most recent new product is its last one.  And you seem to be think the same way.  Just because we can't imagine what Apple's next blockbuster product is going to be doesn't mean Apple has run out of ideas.  The most successful tech company in the world and everyone thinks they could run Apple better than Apple does.  Sheesh.
That's a marketing strategy that I would describe as 'accepting and dealing with reality'.
Unlike C. Columbus who was issued a valid immigrant visa by the local inhabitants when he reached the Americas, huh?
Okay, let me see if I get this right. Apple plunks down 500 mil to pay for the factory, then GTAT pays them back in the next few years beginning '15. in other words, Apple gets one helluva rebate! Well it's Mesa, Arizona after all, the rebate capital of the USA.
Surface (RT and Pro) look like design school exercises to answer the challenge:  "Design a device that melds the best features of a tablet and a laptop".  The question though that is just as critical, and which probably didn't even occur to MS, is "Does such a design make sense?" or in Apple-speak "Does it deserve to exist?"   Can't really blame them for trying, MS was coming in late to the market, so they had to offer something unique and compelling.  They got the...
"Investor point of view" by which he means short term, quick-buck, future-be-damned, vampire vulture? No thanks Mr Icahn.  Go back to the subterranean vent that spat you out.
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