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Apple might also have floated the rumors so that when they announce the price at $3K, it's going to sound like a fantastic deal.  They're kind of sneaky that way.
Exactly what I was thinking.  Mechanical movements aren't maintenance free as a lot of people think. It amazes me how some folks think the people running Apple are so stupid that they wouldn't have thought about and addressed all the issues raised here about pricing, obsolescence, value retention, etc.
Was thinking the other day about people complaining "Apple can't do cloud computing."  Yeah, and they couldn't do smart phones, or chip design, or etc.  Well, when they finally decide to address their cloud 'problem', they'll just hire the best cloud people available, give them the necessary resources, and pretty soon problem fixed.  Seems that process has begun.
Nice try.  Example 1 and 2 are compulsions.  They really have no choice.  They cannot help feeling the way they feel.  Acting on their feelings -- that's a choice.  It's generally legal for #1 and universally criminal for #2. Example three is not even a matter of having or not having a choice. It's a red herring. The rest are ordinarily true personal choices unless the person has some kind of mental disorder or illness. If sexual preference is a choice, can you imagine...
Dollars to donuts that Milonov guy gets "funny feelings" whenever he sees the Russian National Men's Water Polo team in competition. 
As Tim said, the supply chain is so complex, it's foolish to extrapolate based on a handful of observations.  Some contract manufacturers may be shifting over to the 13" iPad, there might be a rejiggering of the product mix, but very, very doubtful that the smallest iPad would be discontinued.
The mobile phone division has been generating most of Samsung's profits, the numbers I see are something like 70% drop in mobile div profits and 49% for the company as a whole.  That is a huge drop in profits for both the mobile div and Samsung as a whole.  I think it's not just someone at Samsung who is freaking out, it's everyone. On top of that, Samsung's solution to plunging smart phone unit sales is to sell two new mid-price phones. So they seem to be abandoning the...
There was some physics big shot too who said that pretty much everything in physics has been discovered so it's all just refining and cleaning up that's left to be done.  Then a couple of years later, 1905 came around and Einstein published his four articles. It might **look** like we're in for a long period of consolidation but the thing about technological developments and scientific discoveries is that you can't predict them. If it seems like people can predict them,...
I got rid of my last cross-platform capable device years ago when IBM and Microsoft went through the rigmarole of pointing fingers at each other over how to stop my Windows PC from freezing several times a day after I installed the supposedly compatible Windows upgrade.  Apple doesn't play ping pong because they know it's bad for business.  Really, there are few things on earth that can piss a customer off more.  
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