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If robust upgradability is actually offered it will probably be on the Edition line only and it (the upgrade) will probably cost about as much as the sport or even steel versions.  Without a promise of upgradability in perpetuum, my guess is the Edition line would be dead in the water.  Very few people will buy a 5 grand thingy that is guaranteed to be a very shiny paperweight in five years.
Your evidence, interesting as it is, is anecdotal.  I wouldn't generalize about millionaires' consumption patterns based on that.
 I expect the development of this market will be more like iPod than iPhone.  Took Apple a few years ('01-'04) to nail the design, feature set, and ecosystem before iPod really took off. 
 You should have noticed by now, after all the announcements and revelations, that the Watch is unlike every other Apple product. Does Rolex or Omega make their watches thinner year after year?  No, they have some classic design themes or parameters that they maintain pretty much in perpetuity for at least a couple of reasons, parts and components availability and to avoid design faddishness.   My guess is that down the line Apple might introduce a new family of thinner...
 Wouldn't be surprised if on the gold models, you can bring it in and have the innards and display upgraded every few years for maybe the price of the sport line.  If you listen to Jony Ive, they did a deep dive into the whole design and ownership philosophy of high-end watches.  They know that people buy and keep (for a lifetime in most cases) more than one watch, so they will probably design full and permanent upgradability into the more expensive line.  They also know...
Apple might also have floated the rumors so that when they announce the price at $3K, it's going to sound like a fantastic deal.  They're kind of sneaky that way.
Exactly what I was thinking.  Mechanical movements aren't maintenance free as a lot of people think. It amazes me how some folks think the people running Apple are so stupid that they wouldn't have thought about and addressed all the issues raised here about pricing, obsolescence, value retention, etc.
Was thinking the other day about people complaining "Apple can't do cloud computing."  Yeah, and they couldn't do smart phones, or chip design, or etc.  Well, when they finally decide to address their cloud 'problem', they'll just hire the best cloud people available, give them the necessary resources, and pretty soon problem fixed.  Seems that process has begun.
Nice try.  Example 1 and 2 are compulsions.  They really have no choice.  They cannot help feeling the way they feel.  Acting on their feelings -- that's a choice.  It's generally legal for #1 and universally criminal for #2. Example three is not even a matter of having or not having a choice. It's a red herring. The rest are ordinarily true personal choices unless the person has some kind of mental disorder or illness. If sexual preference is a choice, can you imagine...
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