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Messrs Page, Brin and Schmidt exempted themselves.  The stock split strengthened their voting power even more.
I hope your AAPL is in a Roth IRA.
I'm still steamed about Google's stock split.  Google is run by a bunch of crooks who just stole value from any shareholder who is not a bastard  named Page, Brin or Schmidt.
The fundamental, inescapable problem Samsung faces with its smartphones is that no matter how hard and how well they copy Apple, they're still running the device on a crap platform.  And it will always be crappy because Apple's design goal is to build the best products while Google's is to sell the most ads.  And since ads are basically seen as a nuisance by most people, if you design a product to maximize your ad sales then of course you will be sacrificing user...
 You are just embarrassing yourself.  Maybe take an introductory college course in economics first okay?  
Does that include a tour of Jony Ive's workshop?
 If I exchange the $50 bill in your wallet with five $10 bills, does that make you poorer? [When my daughter was 3, she would count her money coin by coin and declare "I have 7 moneys!"]
Can't find any information anywhere on the resolution of a Lytro photo.  Not even on their website.  That raises a red flag.  What in the world is a 'megaray' and more importantly how do you compare that to megabytes for the purpose of estimating picture quality?
 You have the patience of a five year old at a birthday party, all sugared up and screaming for the balloon guy to make him another latex poodle. The three years between the iPhone and the iPad is an exception to Apple's usual pace of product introduction.
Go tell that to the guy who owns thousands of shares off AAPL.
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