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You guys need to get out of the nerdy-utilitarian mindset on the Watch.  This doesn't operate on the iPhone model.  A lot of people who wear watches own several of them.  It's a fashion item; people wear the watch to match the mood or outfit.  And like other fashion items such as shoes, jewelry, accessories, posh dresses, etc., a lot of people own more than one.
I hope this 4" 6s mini has the same processor and storage options as its larger brethren. And is Apple Pay capable.
 That's a good strategy if Apple isn't hard-pressed to keep up with demand.  From everything I've heard and read, the main obstacle to Apple's sales growth comes from the supply side --they can't just make enough of them fast enough to satisfy demand.  
This might mean the home button need not be a mechanical button anymore, chances of it wearing out and failing fall to virtually zero.
Any regular reader of this and similar Apple-oriented sites would know more about Apple's products, plans, prospects and performance than he does.  Ask him if he even reads the useless individual company reports that his company's head office flacks churn out.
That's because money managers don't really have enough intellectual resources (nobody does) to do real due diligence on all the stocks they invest in.  So they rely on rule of thumbs mostly based on reversion to the mean. "It can't rise or fall that far that long, must be due for a correction."  Thus they all convinced themselves and each other that Apple was artificially high and due for a fall.  And yes their self-fulfilling prophesy would hold for a while as they bail...
"Munster believes Apple **likely knew its supply limits** when the company issued guidance for the December quarter." No shit Sherlock.
Xiaomi sure showed me the money.     There is no profit in selling tech to the mass market in the third world.  It's not a put down, it's just the way it is.  This is not anything new.  Tech in the third world uses older (i.e. non-exclusive) technology and shameless copying with poor IP protection selling to the most value-conscious customers, which means a race to the bottom that is more vicious than anywhere else in the world.  On top of that, nobody wants to pay for...
Currency issues are short term things.  The demonstrated ability to build a product that blows away the competition, that's a long term competitive advantage that remains after this latest nervous-nellie panty bunch-up over exchange rate volatility goes away.  These wall street types  fall apart over every little thing.  What pansies.
Hear, hear!
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