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I find it best to assume that Apple isn't run by stupid people.  So if non-stupid people were allowing iCloud to languish "unfixed" for a long time, the only logical reason I could come up with is that they expect iCloud to be much, much bigger than its current scale but they haven't fully spec'ed it out, so rather spending a lot of money and resources to fix it right away without fully fleshed out specs, they decided it's smarter to get a clear picture of what iCloud will...
So you build a moat where people used to just walk across freely, then you build a bridge over the moat and charge people who want to go across the bridge.  In what way is this not extortion?
Lutz understands the car industry and car customer . . .  of his era.  I don't think he has a clue what the rising generation of customers is looking for.   It's not torque and horsepower, it's not a throaty exhaust note, not a thrilling ride(at least his notion of what that is), none of the things he focused on when he was still running things.  His statement that nobody wants to buy an electric car just reveals his failure to comprehend.   In fact, when an auto...
 Not the unions.  The owners of car dealerships.
Shows 200GB, $3.99 and 1TB, $19.99 plans available.
By the way, iCloud Drive (on Mac Sys Prefs) has automatically upped my storage account from 20 to 50 GB.  Even though the bar graph still shows 20GB apparent capacity.  Click on "Manage" to see the new capacity.
 This is especially true if winters regularly hit single digits in your area.  I'm keeping clear of pure electrics until somebody builds one that runs on (easily refillable) fuel cells not batteries.
Fair enough then, I stand corrected.  I don't see the need to reinvent the steering wheel and pedals though.  Even if there was an alternative that works better, I think it will be like the Dvorak keyboard: Not enough of an improvement to overcome QWERTY inertia.   But yeah, the endless wiring.  Wasn't there a proposal to replace all that with a single loop of fiberoptic cable?
 The may look terrific but they don't look like Jaguars.  Actually, if they look like anything, they look like early 2000s BMWs with a different grill slapped onto them.  The shape of the side glass panel right behind the passenger's door window (how it curves back forward as it veers away from the C-pillar) is a BMW design cue from waaaaay back. Just sad that the new ownership did not honor Jaguar's rich tradition.  Used to be, like BMW and MB, or even Volvo, you could...
I always thought it would kind of stupid for Apple to let their cloud implementation limp along in this half-baked mode given that they are gearing their whole family of products to be cloud-centric.  Surely they could easily fix it, they have the resources to hire the right people and unlike Microsoft, internal resistance to CEO mandates do not last that long within the organization.  Cough, Scott Forstall, cough.   So assuming Apple isn't run by halfwits, the only...
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