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NYT reports Apple and IBM have been "working together on the venture for several months, and they are jointly working on more than 100 business software programs developed exclusively for Apple's iOS operating system." Maybe Eddy Cue wasn't exaggerating when he said the biggest product roll outs in 25 years.  Is Tim Cook setting exciting new directions and putting his stamp on this company or what?  Wonder what we'll be hearing from the Tim-Cook-has-no-vision crowd.
 Doesn't Big Blue still make some big iron?
 What else is out there really?  Can't go with Win Mobile given that this partnership is aiming directly at Microsoft's bread and butter.  Android with it's hell stew of security vulnerabilities?  Besides iOS is already the 600, okay 400 pound gorilla in enterprise mobile.
Exactly. Too arrogant to just admit that he was wrong all along about Tim Cook. Saying that would actually raise his credibility and earn some respect.
The high end market in Android phones will be as vast and lucrative as the high end market in Windows PCs.
Google Maps' public transit directions isn't entirely reliable either. I was recently in London and it gave me roundabout directions to go from one place to another. It had me walk, take a bus, then hop on the tube when a direct tube connection with one transfer and less walking overall was available. This type of error happened too often as to make the transit routing service untrustworthy, and if you can't trust a routing service then it's useless. Google Maps is...
I've been saying it, and I'll say it again: It will not be one iWatch but a whole line of wearables. It will be high tech and haute fashion with some models leaning more towards function others towards form. They will be sold in retail settings of commensurate prestige and snob appeal and apple just might roll out a sub-brand to highlight the fashion-forward nature if this major new branch in Apple's product tree.
A luxury carmaker that won't support Apple devices, or worse, prefer Android to iOS, is just being plain stupid. This is as ill-conceived as Ferrari allowing their logo to be slapped on an Acer laptop.
Reading this just made my blood boil. This is what the stupid dumb f**k lawyers at the US Department of Justice and their imbecilic boss Eric Holder has brought about. The biggest collection of empowered moronicity that we've seen in a long time. Who the f**k ever expected that the DoJ, under a Democrat no less, would sue to restore a monopoly that was demolished by a new entrant? That has never ever happened in the US before. WTfreakingF?
I'm pretty sure 'reactionary' doesn't mean what you think it means.
New Posts  All Forums: