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 Actually, in line with its heightened interest in health, Apple is discreetly trying to discourage you from eating at McDonalds. ;-)
Most bloggers who regularly criticize Apple do it because they work for the competition or know what generates the most clicks. Dan Lyons is the only one who does it out of what seems to be a deep personal enmity against anything Apple. What a sad little man to have his life's primary motivation be disdain for a company that affects his life only because he lets it and its deceased founder.
I sense total surrender to market imperatives.
What the rapid adoption of CarPlay tells me is that most automakers realize that they are facing a market where customers will pick a car to suit their phone rather than pick a phone to suit their car.  By 'phone' though, I really mean the platform and ecosystem that goes with the phone.  This is the same dynamic that is going on with ApplePay.   About 10 years ago, I predicted that eventually we will be running our lives from a nerve center provided by Apple.  I thought...
 Yes, I agree they play good politics and don't make such pronouncements in the international arena.  But I think it's different on a personal level. And yes maybe I'm painting things with too broad a brush. A friend lived in Switzerland for a while, one time while waiting at a stop light, an old man walks up to him, taps his window to have him roll it down, "Do you know that your front tire is on the yellow line?"  Little things like that that make it clear that they look...
If I were Lenovo, I would not do a side by side picture of the new MacBook and the Yoga.  The former brings a dolphin to mind, the latter, a crab.  Can't really explain why that imagery popped up.
Ha ha ha!  The last few years have not been a picnic for the Swiss.  First, the US strong armed them into dismantling their bank secrecy laws, then they were forced to abandon the Swiss Franc ceiling thus hurting their exporters, and now a significant segment of the vaunted Swiss Watch industry is in peril.   Karma for a country who always stood high and mighty about Swiss uprightness and integrity in contrast to all the other people from corrupt countries out there,...
 I had a problem with my then 4-year-old iMac's video card that I never purchased Apple Care for so I researched everything, looked for the cheapest OEM replacement card and studied how to replace the part.  Out of a whim, before I ordered the part, I called Apple and asked how much does it cost to have the repair done at the Genius bar. Less than the cost of the part I was about to order.  And, less than Apple Care.  No brainer. Through the years of owning Apple products,...
I'm quite disappointed that only the top line 13" MBP is available with 512GB Storage.
HealthKit and Watch should take care of that, him and Schiller.  Otherwise they would be unsuitable spokesmen for their products.  :-)
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