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 When you think about it, of course it's big.  They built a goddamn f*cking land barge, for god's sakes.  When has Apple ever done that?  This is Tim breaking out of the carefully delineated boundaries that Steve had mapped out for Apple.  Not because it was a mistake then - how can you call all those blockbuster products a mistake?, But because it's time.  Can't keep relying on iPhone and its allied devices for growth.  I suppose Apple is so big now that it has strike out...
Didn't know about that.  Thanks!
Brings to my mind Steve talking about how only A players hire A players while B players hire C players. Do we still hear of any pundits, bloggers, or posters complaining that Tim is no A player, has no vision, and is a disastrous choice for Apple CEO? What's Blodget squawking these days? How about Chowdhry? Lyons?
You're not referring to Porsche Design are you? That's completely separate from Porsche A.G., the car company. Design was started by a nephew, I believe, of Porsche founder Ferry Porsche and A.G. actually sued to stop Design using the Porsche trade name (and obviously didn't succeed).
I have visions of Samsung product designers right now getting their work areas in order, design workstations and apps fully updated and ready, so that as soon as the camera zooms in on the new iWatch they can start scratching out the new original Samsung copycat iWatch.
What experience does Apple have with fashion? Are you kidding? Two words: Deneve, Ahrendts. Formerly CEOs of St. Laurent and Burberry, respectively, now working for Tim at Apple. Ahrendts, or Dame Ahrendts, OBE, is especially respected for how she turned Burberry around by increasing its revenues and earnings while bringing it upmarket. I wouldn't worry.
 I'm not being facetious here but no, I don't know.  If I did, I would be working at Apple instead of posting the silly things that I say here.  If anyone can figure out the irresistible selling proposition for smart watches, it would be Apple.  My guess, aside from the health monitoring thing is more secure authentication for a very convenient (no pulling out your iPhone; don't underestimate the lure of convenience) and very safe (equalling two-factor authentication)...
Looking back at my earliest posts about iWatch: 3/4/13 "The tech will be Apple but if the market pitch is like Swatch, watch out! Designer tie-ins, limited model runs, ad placements in fashion mags, special one-off designs. If they do this right, you'll have people buying several of these, one for each day and mood. Swatch but with a higher price range and higher margins. Aside from the usual outlets, they'll be selling these in boutiques and the fashion counters of...
You don't hire a Newson just to design a limited line of tech devices. Deneve, Ahrendts, Newson, those other guys from Nike, Tag Heuer, and so many more? Apple is thinking B-I-G. Bigger than most of us would think in our wildest dreams. They are going to branch out of the traditional hi-tech devices that we associate them with. The new lines of business will still be high tech but in the context of Apple's tech+design aesthetic, the new lines will lean a little bit...
I don't know.  Do you? Now see my last reply too, where I said "I'm not claiming that it is revolutionary, it's more I'm speculating what it has to be or do if it is going to be revolutionary."  Okay, read that part again in the previous sentence that I placed in quotation marks and make sure you understand it.  I don't want you to waste your time and effort arguing against an assertion (that iWatch is going to be "revolutionary") that was never made.
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