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Weird.  You have this manufactured memory that everything Apple ever did under Steve Jobs was flawless.  I think he was among the greatest entrepreneurs ever but Apple made some mistakes too under him.  The key was how well Apple would pivot and fix all the problems as they crop up and that has continued with bendgate and 8.0.1. And you are going to raise 'failure of leadership at the very top'?  Shepherding two completely new iPhone models through development and...
Agree completely.  Even if you're investing long term, if you're planning to buy AAPL, yesterday was a good day to pounce.  As I said, why not use all the information that is out there?
I don't base my investing decision mainly on analysts reports, but that's still information available in the market, and you still have to take it into account when making investment calls.  It would be foolish not to.  And maybe what analysts say is important information not because you think they are accurate, reliable or correct, but because it gives you some insight into what other investor's might be thinking.  Now that is useful information because in a way success...
If you're a serious investor, you have no choice but try to make predictions.  
Apple is one battery technology breakthrough away from completely rolling up the mobile computing market.  Of course that's the hard part. But when that breakthrough, and the quantum leap in mobile device functionality that it enables, arrives, Apple will have the infrastructure and ecosystem that is best equipped for it.  It's worth sitting on AAPL and waiting years for it to happen.
  I wish I could too but I'm already mightily overweight on AAPL.  That's what happens your holdings of the stock does something stupid like nearly quintuple in value. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.
The guy's hands are trembling as he applies force to the phone.  Moderate force my ass.  Now do the same thing (apply force to the point that your hands are trembling) to other phones and see if the results are significantly different.  
There is nothing illegal about buying a phone. This would not be news if the hired buyers did not look and talk different from 'normal' Americans. But because they are, then thoughts of 'those farners are taking the stuff that should have been for us' creep in. We can't have a free enterprise system that excludes anyone who isn't 'Murcan. Shame on AI for pandering to baser instincts just to whore clicks.
He he, funny how Neil Young gets away with a waifish vocal style that normally is acceptable only from a Claudine Longet or an Astrud Gilberto who sing in the proper waif's register.
New Posts  All Forums: