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How many of you have been in a meeting where the boss gives a guy a death stare for pulling out his phone to glance at the screen?  Score one for the AppleWatch.
 All these unbelievably expensive adornments that men buy?  They're no different from a peacock's fantail. There is no limit to what men are willing to trade, including their standing in society*,  just to get some booty. There's a parallel story for women, by the way. *Search term "Eliot Spitzer"
 Hit the nail right on the head.  There are people too who sound really agitated about it.  Those are the scary ones.
 How I wish you were right.  But a substantial segment of the US voting population as well as congress itself, believe that congress's job is to do their god's bidding.
The killer app is not "design" or some specific app.  The killer app is Convenience.  And as always, convenience offered by a device isn't usually obvious until you start using it. Once you do though, you can't imagine parting with the dang thing.  How many of us who were adults during the pre-mobile phone era feel naked if we leave the house today without our phones?   The daily use demo by Kevin Lynch might look uninteresting but boarding a plane without having to pull...
Thirty years ago while in grad school overseas, I casually mentioned to an American classmate that the NSA monitors all satellite transmissions including personal communications.  He was incredulous and was so appalled that I would accuse the US government of being capable of such an egregious violation of the constitution.  Then I showed him the Time magazine article that mentioned it in passing, as if it was not big deal at all. Hold no illusions about how the US...
Is there a way to check if a submitted app was compiled using CIA-compromised X-code?   Maybe it's time App Store submissions be made in source code and Apple does the compiling in-house.
I regularly criticize the Chinese government as a government that is scared of its own people.   The US government, no matter who the president is, is a government that is scared of everyone and everything including its own shadow.
Apple, the most successful company on the face of the earth today, is so stupid that they will build a gold watch that will be obsolete in anywhere from one to three years, price it at $10K, and hope to attract heirloom watch buyers to it.   This is what a lot of people seem to be posting.  There's some stupid thinking going on all right but I don't think it's emanating from Cupertino.
New Posts  All Forums: