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How far Sony and the Sony brand has fallen. Time was when it was a stellar brand sitting where Apple reigns now, at the top of the consumer electronics food chain.  Used to be the name "Sony" slapped on a TV allowed them to charge a premium price for their sets.  I remember purchasing a TV and the choices were "Sony, and the rest".  Now, they can only make money as a component supplier where the "Sony" brand doesn't even come into play.   I think their decline began when...
It maybe condescending but not to the 'third' world where, I'm guessing, both of us came from.  If I go back to the home country and do that stürm-und-drang routine going on and on about how I was not able to buy the latest thousand-dollar gadget on the day I was made to believe it would be available (which is the gist of the post), believe you me everyone would stare at me with disbelief and contempt.   I'd say what is condescending to people in the third world is to...
You have nothing but my deepest sympathies over your heartbreaking first world problem.  I hope you and your fiancée's relationship not only  survived this cataclysm but has grown stronger for it.
I see all the marketing geniuses who are emphatically and self-delusionally convinced that they can do a much better job than Ahrendts have come out of the woodwork.  Actually she's doing a great job managing the rollout of a totally new product that was in instant short supply the minute they started taking orders.
We should just cancel most of the Olympics then because machines easily run faster, jump higher, and toss things further than any human can. Come to think of it, canceling the Olympics, for whatever reason, isn't such a bad idea.
ho hum.
Well, if you expect you might need to cancel your original order, then order both and cancel the one you don't want!  Problem solved.
Maybe if you've been the highly successful CEO of an international fashion and retail corporation, I'll give more weight to your opinions.
Dearie? This woman?  What Angela Ahrendts has achieved and accomplished is orders of magnitude more than any of us commenting here ever have, and to those commenters who feel that they need to couch their critique in gender-condescending terms, that reveals a lot more about your own personal insecurity,  small-mindedness, and fear of women than her competence.
There is no such thing as a 'privately owned store' that is different from a Best Buy.  Whether you are a hole-in-the-wall mom and pop operation or a Best Buy, when you open for business in these United States, the law of the land says that you have to serve everyone who steps up to your counter to patronize your business regardless of who they are, what they look like, where they came from an what kind of underwear they put on.  That's one of the great things about this...
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