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Your mixing up cash flow, earnings, and balance sheet items.  Very creative accounting.
 If Google figures that the remaining patents is worth the 8 billion that they've lost on the moto acquisition so far, then that patent portfolio is the most expensive fig leaf ever in the history of human civilization.
Thus endeth Google's brief flirtation with smartphone hardware. "Mama, mama, it's harder than I thought it would be . . . " Perhaps the investor community might finally begin to understand just how good Apple is at what they do (this whole widget approach) and that no one, noooooooo one, even comes close.
 News flash.  Google selling Moto to Lenovo for $3 Billion.  Purchased Moto for $13B, sold set-top division for 2.4, then the rest for 3 after losing a billion a year while they owned it.  "Three Stooges" seems to fit after all.
Ha ha ha!  That's the Google way of making money.  They probably figured it's a good deal because it almost pays for the Nest Labs acquisition.  As I once posted, is Google's board made up completely of poodles feeding out of Larry's, Sergei's and Eric's hands?
Steve Jobs warned about ceding the reins of a tech company to the marketing guys.
The number of people that is described by your last sentence above is purely speculative as well. And the sentence before that is a tautology. We can be fairly confident which way 5s and 5c unit sales will go if 5c prices fall, but how that affects profits for both phones -- that one is purely speculative on our part. See, none of us have the detailed sales figures that Apple has so I would trust their judgement on pricing rather than either of ours. And they still...
You're a little confused. Optimal pricing is not about selling more units or generating more revenue, it's about maximizing profit, or long term profitability if you wish. You're saying that if Apple had priced the 5c lower then 5c sales would have taken off. But what does that do to 5s sales? And over all profitability? We don't know, so we don't have any basis for judging if bad price management really occurred.
People keep impatiently clamoring Apple for the next big thing.  I have come to believe that this, or things like this (payments, iBeacons, i.e. seamless convenience) is Apple's next big thing and they are in the early stages of rolling it out.   I'll call it the Apple Convenience Network and every piece of hardware that Apple sells hereon will be designed around it.   Heretofore I thought wearables was the next big thing, but this multiplies the value and utility of...
Find me someone who will assert with a straight face that the 13.3 billion used to acquire Motorola was money well spent. Google appears to have acquired the reputation of either being profligate with their money or an easy touch. I'm not saying Nest Labs is a garbage acquisition, I'm saying Google seems to have grossly overpaid for it. They were probably a little too eager at the negotiating table talking turkey with a guy who watched Steve Jobs operate in person and...
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