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Two soldiers can serve the same tour of duty, in the same unit, walk into the same firefights side by side, suffer the same wounds, and one could come off tour mentally and emotionally unscathed while the other suffers full blown PTSD. There is no hard and fast rule as to who gets PTSD and who doesn't. Just as there is no hard and fast rule as to who can cope with depression just enough to fend of suicidal urges and who can't. People who think Robin Williams was...
 Sooooo, if you were running Apple, you would tell the developers to upgrade their apps to 64 bit first and only when they're done would you release a 64 bit iPhone?
I have never ever heard anyone say or write "I really prefer Android but the only smartphone I am able to, or am allowed to purchase, and this is completely against my will, is an iPhone".   That is what an iPhone 'captive market' would be.
Ha ha, the developers of FinSpy say their product is for 'law enforcement and intelligence agencies'.  I suppose it's bad business practice to say  totalitarian, authoritarian, and human rights-abusing countries.
 It's just that if other countries start thinking in the same knee-jerk xenophobic way, US farmers, Boeing, Caterpillar, United Technologies, Dupont, GE, Monsanto, and a lot of other US companies that export stuff would be in a whole lot of trouble.  Well, maybe I don't mind that much about Monsanto. 
 viz. my kegger scenario elsewhere on this thread.
The term "Google barge" just might stick around the way "jump the shark" did.  An expression to describe something that's incredibly stupid and expensive and yet got built.  Wary spouse:  "Oh no, Harold, that's just gonna be another Google barge that will sit in the garage."  Biz news headline: "Did Company X Just Build Its Google Barge?"   Really now, think about it.  A barge to showcase your products in?  What port is there that has the infrastructure that would make...
There are already laws against companies misleading investors both by hiding material information or disseminating false information.  99% of the time though, ridiculously high stock prices is the investors' fault not the company's.
It's really amazing what ideas people come up with when you give them a well-designed platform (i.e. stable, flexible, etc.) to tinker with.
Or ask Walmart from their experience a few years back when they tried to move their clothing lines a notch up.  Just a notch, to Target levels, mind you. It is very, very, very hard to move your brand upmarket.  You basically have to wait until the generation that knows you as a discount brand starts to die off and the generation that knows you only as a prestige brand to enter their prime earning years.  In short you have to wait for the market to forget you before you...
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