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Now you're just exaggerating. Why, the way you talk, you make it sound as if Samsung is run by some kind of congenital liar or worse, a convicted felon.
Glass-like devices have their uses and will eventually be commercially successful for specialized applications. But they will never be the 24/7 where everywhere device that Larry and Sergey hoped they would be. Only a socially inept, Asperger-spectrum techhead would ever think that such a creepy device would be acceptable in public.
So you get up and go to the bathroom and if creepy cellphone holding guy follows you around, then you know.And you don't usually enter a room and see seven people holding up a cellphone as if they just might be recording you. if Google's glass dreams came true, you could very well enter a room and see lots of glassholes gazing at you. What do you do then? Leave? Ask each and every glasshole to look away? Show them your best angle?
Oh come of it. Stop repeating this canard over and over. This is such a lame argument. You can tell if someone is aiming a cellphone camera at you. You''re an idiot if you can't. It's not just seeing the back of a cellphone, but the actions of the person holding the cellphone that's a give away.
 I wouldn't call it a 'rule', it's more like a custom or habit.
The best following act to an iconic CEO was Robert Iger after Michael Eisner.  Iger was thought of us this efficient but dull and unimaginative keep-the-trains-running-on-time guy who will, at best, keep Disney from deteriorating any further.  Sounds a lot like what people said about Tim Cook, eh?  Well Iger turned out to be a great CEO, acquiring Pixar, reviving Disney's animated films, bought Marvel, etc.  When he took over, DIS was hovering around the 20s for 5 years,...
Oh god, Odo, weren't you the guy who was constantly ragging on Tim Cook for not doing enough to please Wall Street and thus causing AAPL to tank? There you were, post after off-topic post, screeching about how Apple's stock price has fallen so far and how it is all Tim's fault. Well, look at you now! The voice of level-headed reason, running interference for Mr. Cook, as if the old shrill Odo never even existed. I might vomit.Aah, but then again, the original...
The word 'privacy' is not in Google's dictionary.   Google is not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts, neither is Apple.  So how do they monetize their health platform?  Apple does it by selling devices.  Google, by selling You.  Only the stupid or ignorant would entrust their health information to Google.
Tundraboy's law of grammar hawks: A post that pounces on someone else's bad gramnar is guaranteed to contain grammatical errors.
 Google?  The net's busiest busybody?  God forbid.
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