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It's not as if the future of civilization depends on it but I wish Apple would move Maps way from this yellowish, greenish, sickly vomitish color palette.
I am puzzled by all the fuss.  From the smartphone purchaser's point of view, there's not much difference between a contract with an implicit installment payment and an explicit installment plan.  In fact the latter would be preferable because the installment payments do not go on forever.
Apple should just buy AT&T.
Never heard of a corporate location that hosts mostly executive-level positions that is not the headquarters. This might be Apple's Siberia.
I don't understand why people who are experts at making money invariably think that they're experts at everything else.  A lot of them preface their statements of "Well, I'm no expert, but . . . " then proceed to talk about the topic at hand, be it parenting, history, education, climate change, defense policy, you name it, as if they're experts.   And here we have Mr. Icahn, whose skill set is financial blackmail, i.e. green mail, and market manipulation, and knows...
Did the market really shrink or did sales in the market shrink last quarter? Subtle difference there.
How far Sony and the Sony brand has fallen. Time was when it was a stellar brand sitting where Apple reigns now, at the top of the consumer electronics food chain.  Used to be the name "Sony" slapped on a TV allowed them to charge a premium price for their sets.  I remember purchasing a TV and the choices were "Sony, and the rest".  Now, they can only make money as a component supplier where the "Sony" brand doesn't even come into play.   I think their decline began when...
It maybe condescending but not to the 'third' world where, I'm guessing, both of us came from.  If I go back to the home country and do that stürm-und-drang routine going on and on about how I was not able to buy the latest thousand-dollar gadget on the day I was made to believe it would be available (which is the gist of the post), believe you me everyone would stare at me with disbelief and contempt.   I'd say what is condescending to people in the third world is to...
You have nothing but my deepest sympathies over your heartbreaking first world problem.  I hope you and your fiancée's relationship not only  survived this cataclysm but has grown stronger for it.
I see all the marketing geniuses who are emphatically and self-delusionally convinced that they can do a much better job than Ahrendts have come out of the woodwork.  Actually she's doing a great job managing the rollout of a totally new product that was in instant short supply the minute they started taking orders.
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