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I would not be surprised if Apple offered upgrades of the Edition at a price equal to a brand new bottom-of-the-line Sport.  How to upgrade the sensors?  Replace the back cover.  How to upgrade the circuitry?  The case, digital crown and button geometry will be carved in stone and every SoC, and screen that Apple makes for the AppleWatch will fit every AppleWatch Edition ever made. What if Apple wants to make the AppleWatch thinner and sleeker?  Introduce a new model.  Is...
Well thank god congress is not passing a law that would require you to wear a gold watch then!   :-)
Yeah, by choosing a rectangular face, Apple has managed to design the most common design for a digital watch ever conceived.  But every round-faced luxury watch is a unique design that doesn't have anything in common with any other round-faced luxury watch, right? You could at least be consistent with your standards for design uniqueness and thus attain even a modicum of credibility.
You've never owned a lux mech movement watch, have you?  Because you seem to be unaware of the cost of making it "timeless" and functional for decades.  It's about $300 every three years for an overhaul and easily 4 digits for a repair. Now if you want to go non-lux, overhaul cost for Seiko automatics is only about $150, but you can buy a new one for about that price or a little over.  So Seiko autos are basically disposable watches.
You can buy a Mercedes Benz for a little over $30K but they have a model that will go for over $1 Million dollars.  You have to stop being so rigid with your categories.
I believe most lux watchmakers offer the same basic watch design in various materials starting from Stainless Steel to composite gold and SS, to gold, and at the very top jewel-encrusted gold.
Apple used to license WebObjects for $50K.  That might be the single most expensive product that Apple has sold.
Okay, I'm not sure this is in keeping with the "You are our customer not our product" ethos that Apple touts. Somebody please explain why this is no different from Facebook and Google's practices.
iPhone was going to be a niche product too if you remember Steve Job's announced market share ambitions when it was introduced.  When you are introducing a totally different way of doing things, you invariably start out as a "niche" product.  If it catches on, then the niche grows and becomes a major market segment.  MBAir was also a niche product meant for the few people who were willing to sacrifice performance for mobility and what, hey! It's not a niche product anymore.
New Posts  All Forums: