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 I kind of agree with you.  If you do not understand the securities markets, and you do not understand the industries and companies you are investing in, and are reduced to spouting inanities about it, then do not invest because it would really be a waste of your time and money.
Seems to me Toyota freezing out CarPlay is just about as smart a move as Microsoft freezing iOS out of Mobile Office.  Toyota''s losing touch with its customers, or future customers.
25 Years of Image Editing History and 15 Years of Screwing and Fleecing Customers.   Or words to that effect.
 Internal combustion engine cars might not be a growth industry.  But electric cars (fuel cell and battery) is still a nascent industry.  This is the time to get into it, if you want to get into it.
You think if Apple builds a car, they won't hire the best automotive and automotive production engineers out there and instead have their existing corps of engineers and technologists do the job?  Are you nuts? If Apple builds their own assembly plant, and I don't think they will, I think they'll contract it out. --and that's assuming they go into the car business in the first place, they will hire the best car mfg guys around, probably people well-versed in Toyota-style...
They don't have 700B.  170 more like it.  It's still a lot.  About 10 Ford class supercarriers.
GM's gross margins are 11%. GM's product mix is heavy on low margin mid-price and economy cars. Probably not the market Apple would target, if they did target the auto industry.
 When you fall under the spell of your own reality distortion field, that's potent stuff.
 I understand when you say that government is not the best instrument to fix global warming.  But nothing will be done without government policy first.  Of course it has to be smart policy to be effective.  And believe it or not, government stumbles into effective policy once in a while.
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