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 I would tend to concur until you stop for a moment and imagine a world where all you need to bring anywhere you go, whatever you do, is your smart phone. Keys, i.d., drivers license, credit cards, store coupons, diary, opera tickets, medical records, passport, certificate of parole, all gone.  That's what all this tech is driving towards.  Now whether that's good or bad, save that discussion for another day.
Apple will be for wearable computing what IBM was for micro-computers. It's the established, reputable giant that legitimizes the product and takes over the market. Sad to say, all these brave and energetic little gnats will be squashed no matter how good their product is. (And frankly, their product isn't that good.) That's just the nature of the consumer tech biz.
They need a real designer to work on this if it is to appeal beyond the geeky set.
 And the Office push might be too late.  MS should have been pushing an "Office Everywhere" strategy since day one of iPhone OS.  Instead, it pushed a Windows Everywhere strategy which is obviously failing, and subordinated the Office Suite to that goal which is in danger of dragging MS Office down along with Windows.  They thought it was a great victory when they were able to avoid Judge Penfield Jackson's antitrust remedy of breaking MS into separate OS and apps...
 Icebergs are too benign, more like a British oil tanker amid a wolf pack of U-boats.
 If you've been waiting to see another swing, look again.  It's called encirclement, a proven, time-honored strategy for overwhelming your opponent without their realizing it until it's too late.
"When Steve Jobs bounded on stage at the Macworld Conference in San Francisco seven years ago, few in attendance could have realized the presentation they were about to see would mark the beginning of a new technological era." Well, I wasn't there but I certainly believed that the presentation marked the beginning of a new technological era. What does that make me? Nothing more than a brilliant Monday morning quarterback. Mwa ha ha ha!
Oh Samsung, subtly but fatally off again with your product ideas. How's this supposed to work? Either you stick the phone right up to your eye, or with magnification it can be held at a distance but will the recognition software be able to overcome the pronounced jitter and lower effective resolution?
 Honestly Odo, you're just getting tiresome.  You're just a worn out old bag of one-sided half-truths, cherry picked facts, and illogical conclusions.  So you got excited out of your wits, poured all your savings into AAPL at 695 and got burned when it came down to more realistic levels.  Tim Cook is one of the few CEOs who don't let the share price unduly influence their decision making.  And if that drives off short horizon investors, so much the better.  If you think...
On another front, analysts are also in general consensus that it would be disastrous for Mercedes Benz's brand and profitability to build and sell a car that competes head to head with the Toyota Corolla. Maybe this time it's not really the analyst's fault that he needs to point out to the stupid segment of the investing public that this constant drumbeat for Apple to sell a cheap phone does not make any business sense whatsoever. Lord knows we have enough of those...
New Posts  All Forums: