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You think if Apple builds a car, they won't hire the best automotive and automotive production engineers out there and instead have their existing corps of engineers and technologists do the job?  Are you nuts? If Apple builds their own assembly plant, and I don't think they will, I think they'll contract it out. --and that's assuming they go into the car business in the first place, they will hire the best car mfg guys around, probably people well-versed in Toyota-style...
They don't have 700B.  170 more like it.  It's still a lot.  About 10 Ford class supercarriers.
GM's gross margins are 11%. GM's product mix is heavy on low margin mid-price and economy cars. Probably not the market Apple would target, if they did target the auto industry.
 When you fall under the spell of your own reality distortion field, that's potent stuff.
 I understand when you say that government is not the best instrument to fix global warming.  But nothing will be done without government policy first.  Of course it has to be smart policy to be effective.  And believe it or not, government stumbles into effective policy once in a while.
I thought that was obvious.
If I somehow had the power of invisibility, the first thing I would sneak into isn't the changing room for Victoria's Secret models.  It would be Apple's product design lab/workshop.
From the New Yorker article: ". . . Ive’s view that bad industrial design often starts in ignorance of what a material can and cannot do."   A lot of the so-called "revolutionary" designers (not just industrial designers, but all types) are guilty of this.  One that comes to mind is a certain celebrated architect whose ground-breaking buildings and furniture are all invariably leaking, rotting, or falling apart a mere fifty years after they were built.
 Another one of those self-proclaimed experts who are completely oblivious of the reason why they're just posting opinions like these rather than running Apple themselves.  Apple's success is all about seeing possibilities that most people would dismiss as illusory.  Between your judgement or my judgement vs Tim Cook, Jony Ive, Angela Ahrendts and the rest of Apple's top execs, I'll go with their's.
New Posts  All Forums: