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I would think mechanical watches have decades ago fallen into the category of "obsolete forms (that) continue on as objects of art".  Which is not a bad thing, in the same way that portrait painting continuing on despite the rise of photography is not a bad thing.
The idea of interchangeable watches is even better (from Apple's business point of view, and from watch aficionados' fashion point of view).  With iCloud or peer-to-peer auto syncing, there should be know problem at all switching from one watch to another as your outfit, occasion, or mood requires.
Things that can make 9/9 truly earthshaking (in the context of the ongoing Apple narrative/mythology) 1. Take "One More Thing" out of mothballs to intro the iWatch. And have a realistic holo-animation of Steve Jobs (produced by Pixar, of course!) say it. 2. iWatch is in a pouch on a pedestal right where MacIntosh first sat. 3. Debut the first iWatch ad. Directed by Ridley Scott with production values befitting a superbowl ad. 4. In the usual design back story...
Nah, they aren't doomed. Right now, today, you can by a hundred dollar quartz watch that is more accurate than the fanciest mechanical movements. But the luxury watch market is not about accuracy. It's about putting something on your wrist that represents the finest, most advanced and most expensive iteration of what is really an obsolete technology. Hey, some people spend thousands on a single dress, why not on a piece of kinetic jewelry? For the smart watch to...
Unless it's a strategic leak.
I've been saying all along, for a successful iWatch, Apple has to approach the market the way a high fashion house would. And the hires --Deneve, Ahrendts, and the guy from Tag Heuer, among others, give very very strong indications that Apple is doing exactly that. It's going to be Swatch kicked at least two notches upmarket. The retail pitch will be different from anything we've ever seen before from Apple. It's going to be high glamour, high style and high tech. ...
 But if it's only a virtual watch face with virtual hands, isn't that just the much-maligned skeuomorphism that people gave Apple so much grief for?  Just wondering.
 I think you just might have hit upon the secret to success in the smart watch industry.
And Calvin says to Hobbes, "Throw one more glob of goop on the wall there for me, will ya?  I have a feeling this one's gonna stick.  And if not this, then the next one."
They must have hired the same outfit that made Microsoft's cringe-me-now (now-me-cringe? me-cringe-now?) ads.
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