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You haven't taken a statistics course, have you?
Apple is going to have a monster year, correction, a string of monster years in China. The upwardly mobile Chinese are the most brand conscious consumers on the face of the earth today, they're like the Japanese of the 80's. Hang on to your AAPL!
You remember how every crewman in Star Trek Next Generation talks to the ship's computer for pretty much any administrative, logistical, research, informational and whatever task that needs to be done? That's what Siri/iCloud is driving towards.
that Apple's iPhone business is supply constrained, that's why there is no rush.
Sorry, I wasn't clear, I was referring to the "300MW world-class manufacturing facility" that Leaf Solar is rumored to be building. Yes, it's not Apple as I first thought, but still that would be a tremendous commitment for Leaf and maybe the prospects of future partnership business with Apple makes the project less risky.
Could it be that Apple is investigating getting into solar power as another line of business? You don't build a manufacturing facility on a whim, you know. I already suspect that Apple will use Siri to revolutionize (there's that word again) smart home systems, from there it's just a half step into home solar power generation. I mean wow. Another source for start-up like growth figures for Apple.
Apple seems to have the best corporate antitrust lawyers in the tech industry. Samsung, OTOH, seems to have hired the guys who passed the bar on the 4th try. Using FRAND patents to fight a patent war? Who the hell are these clowns that Samsung pays for legal advice?
I'd love to see Woz on an Apple advert. "Hi I'm Woz, thirty years ago my friend Steve and I started this company in his dad's garage. . . " Let's see a keynote first where Steve's imminent demise isn't looming over all the presenters' heads then we can decide if it's still a disaster. Okay? Flash is on its way out.
The guy was offered the CEO position in a major national retail chain. I think there is nothing that Apple could have done to keep him. Considering JC Penney's customer demographic, I don't expect them to start looking like Apple Stores with Ron Jonson as CEO. Or even like Target. But, given his track record, I'm a little excited to see what he can do to light a fire under JCP's retail strategy.
OK, here's for the US, year ending Q3 2011. Retail sales per Sq. Ft. Worldwide is probably not much difference.
New Posts  All Forums: