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Well, these days the witty remark is "Of course.... someone at Sony could be NOT a complete and utter moron.. " Yes, but he's busy mopping the floors at night.
No, please elaborate. Who's the parasite and who's the host?
Yes, I do know something that you don't. I know that when it comes to Apple's or any other company's succession plan, actions reveal a lot more than anythiing put down on paper. No explicitly published succession plan is more reliable than an actual fire drill. We've seen Apple hold three fire drills now and if you think those are nothing more than just mere 'signs', then I think you probably have a lot of difficulty making decisions in environments of other than full...
Of all the tech companies around, Apple is the only one that has explicitly revealed its succession plan. In the last few years it's been put into action thrice. Are these shareholder petitioners just stupid or what?
Could be. I think Koreans are very nationalistic consumers. Back when Hyundai was selling crap cars, my informal survey based on casual observation was that a high proportion of people driving Hyundais in the States were Koreans. Not anymore, to their credit Hyundais are no longer crap.
My guess is their lawyers told them you're probably committing securities fraud when you lie about your sales figures.
When I first saw 22% I thought 22% my ass. I should be seeing one Samsung in the wild for every 4 iPads but I ain't seeing it. I haven't even seen one Samsung, period.
Make that analyst eat the paper he wrote the garbage on. Or better yet, the keyboard he typed it on. Or she as the case may be. As I said, if you're such a great analyst, why are you sharing your 'analysis' instead of keeping it to yourself and making gazillions off it in the stock market? Eh, eh?
Seems like its all bad news all the time for Android these days. Or maybe because I'm reading mostly DED's articles. Or maybe because he's right. But those numbers, if they are accurate are deadly for Google and the Android handset makers. My sample size of one for instance indicates that 100% of those surveyed does not own a smart phone because T-Mobile doesn't carry the iPhone but as soon as it does, ownership will increase infinite-fold. Maybe finally AAPL will...
Somehow, I have the feeling that the demographic "hardcore portable gamer" is a pretty small segment. Those are the only people who will forego an iPhone or iPod Touch in favor of this new PSP.
New Posts  All Forums: