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I bought an initial holding of MSFT and AAPL. Then I noticed that the AAPL CEO was a genius while the MSFT CEO was a buffoon. I immediately sold all my MSFT stock and loaded up with AAPL to the gills. That was when AAPL was at 45 while MSFT was at 33. Best stock call I ever made. AAPL allowed me to ride out the Bush-Greenspan recession with very little pain. For that, I will forever be grateful to Mr. Steve Jobs.
You contradict yourself. If products are 'interchangeable', meaning one just works exactly as well as the other, then buyers will just go with the lower priced one. If two competing products sell at different prices, then the inescapable inference is that they are NOT interchangeable: someone is willing to pay more for one over the other. That means his choice is based on more than just price. Or did you really mean 'non-interchangeable' when you wrote...
Read a little before you open your mouth, will you? Snarky only works if it's based on truth.
If this is true, Android will not know what hit them. Let's be honest here, the iPhone is THE aspirational smart phone. Most people who buy Android phones are "if only" buyers. If only AT&T didn't suck where I live. If only the iPhone were offered by Verizon. And if Verizon finds a way to deploy Facetime over 3G then AT&T is in for a knock-down drag-out fight.
I'm not going to argue about the fine points of whether it is Apple or the iOS users who are turning over the data. The actual mechanism of gathering and transmitting the data isn't important, what is important is that this can happen only if Apple allows iOS to execute the code that makes it happen. I don't see the problem you see with the trade secrets defense. Companies are allowed to share trade secrets. If they choose to share trade secrets with some, that...
As I posted earlier, it's all about trade secrets/market intelligence. Google wants access to iOS's market intelligence, Apple refuses to give it. Privacy is just Apple's chosen fig leaf. Google picked antitrust. Apple will win this because the feds will be very, very reluctant to force a company to divulge trade secrets (to its direct competitor!). And on top of that, Apple's antitrust lawyers had advised Apple to adopt a proactive set up that would maintain a...
I believe the only thing stopping Apple from partnering with additional carriers, or even talking out loud about partnering with additional carriers, is its contractual obligations.
Thing is, at lot of people think the problem with the new iOS developer terms in question is either a privacy issue or restraint-of-trade issue when it's really a trade secrets issue. Privacy is the fig leaf that Apple hides behind, while Google has chosen antitrust.
I believe you are wrong but I am too tired now to tell you why. Read Dr Millmoss, most of what I would say is in there in bits and pieces.
Agree completely. Antitrust law is a bitch. Arguing from the Sherman and Clayton acts is not going to enlighten things much. The case law is probably more important then the original legislation. Especially after the courts shifted during the Reagan era and the focus moved from 'how much real competition is there?' to 'did it harm the consumer?'. Anyway, I begin to digress.
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