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This kind of news is starting to look like stalking. Who goes around searching a state's unclaimed property rolls for info about people with whom they have no personal connection?
More and more it looks like Apple is amassing its multi-billionn dollar cash hoard just in case it has to buy one of the wireless carriers. I'm betting it's AT&T.
The exclusivity clause is not really a mistake. Apple had to give up something to lure the carrier to cede unprecedented control over the device to Apple. Turns out that yielding that control to Apple is good for the carrier because Apple is meticulous about avoiding features that only hobble the device and annoy the user. Now if Apple continues to have iPhone exclusivity deals after the current commitments expire, then that would be a mistake.
Apple already said they no like that. (What? I carry your water and you no pay me?)Seriously, I think one of the iOS App Store rules is you cannot publish a supposedly free app but then charge for it outside of the App Store, thus cutting Apple out of its 30 percent. That's percent not pieces of silver. I think that's a fair rule.
Soooooo, another engineer's wet dream from Google. Is Google Wave fully integrated into it? If not, they should since it seems that they're going for the consumer who craves complexity. They might actually lure Windows Media Center owners into the fold. Woohoo!
It is quite ironic that the chairman of the company that sells probably the unforgivably shittiest Mac app ever sits on Apple's board. Unforgivable because Intuit is a billion dollar company who should know better than to peddle such crap.
Mockery has always been the last refuge of the ignorant.
Okay, here are a few suggestions. **Greater democracy for shareholders. Corporate governance rules are skewed overwhelmingly in favor of management. It is very hard for shareholder groups opposed by management to propose a change in the by-laws. There should be limits on management's ability to use corporate resources to stifle opposition. The corporation belongs to the shareholders not management, so the corporations resources must be used to promote the...
On second thought, it just won't happen because Jobs is a very hands-on CEO and I believe he very well knows that there just isn't enough hours in a day for him to adequately (by his standards) oversee an Apple-Sony behemoth.
I've been posting about an Apple acquisition of Sony as far back as 4 years ago. But only the non-gaming consumer electronics division. A hostile takeover will never succeed though. Actually, a "strategic partnership" with Jobs firmly in the driver's seat and Sony products being integrated firmly within the iTunes infrastructure is probably better than outright acquisition. I think the odds of anything happening are really minuscule though. And if it does occur, it...
New Posts  All Forums: