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Just like Steve, JT Wang also has a Reality Distortion Field emanating from his superior brain. Only difference is it's radius is about 6 inches.
What Apple needs so badly is its own network so that the AT&Ts and Verizons of the world can't put a gun to their head when full-on mobile/cloud computing finally arrives. No we're not there yet.
And the Windows ultrabook market will not have razor thin margins as well?
'In stores' is different from 'in homes'. There's this small but critical matter of 'sell through'. Just ask Motorola, or Samsung, or HP, or RIM.
If I squint my eyes just right, Mr. Schmidt starts to look like Mr. Ballmer.
One of the themes that Steve has stressed repeatedly is the difference between TV, where you're sitting far back, and PC's were you're sitting up close and how the two are totally different in terms of how engaged your brain is. So for an analyst to say that Apple will again try to merge TV and PC functions in one machine only reveals an astounding level of ignorance and misunderstanding of the company he is analyzing.
Underground, I believe.
That's just sensationalism that the media indulges in to grab eyeballs. Their chances of ultimately collecting that amount lie somewhere between zilch and squat.
Whether that turns out to be illegal is up in the air. A condition that says 'you can't be in another ebook retailer if you want to be in iBooks' is clearly illegal, but a condition that essentially says 'you can't offer better terms to a competing ebook retailer' --well that's not as cut and dried. Most favored nation clauses are standard in a lot of supplier-contractor contracts. I don't see why Apple would suddenly be prohibited from having them. And remember these...
Also, it bears pointing out that Amazon wasn't selling ebooks below cost because they wanted to perform a public service. Selling ebooks below cost is an unsustainable proposition. The only reason Amazon was doing this was they wanted to kill the competition and establish a monopoly on ebook retailing. Once that monopoly is cemented, guess which way ebook prices would have headed?
New Posts  All Forums: