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I'd love to see Woz on an Apple advert. "Hi I'm Woz, thirty years ago my friend Steve and I started this company in his dad's garage. . . " Let's see a keynote first where Steve's imminent demise isn't looming over all the presenters' heads then we can decide if it's still a disaster. Okay? Flash is on its way out.
The guy was offered the CEO position in a major national retail chain. I think there is nothing that Apple could have done to keep him. Considering JC Penney's customer demographic, I don't expect them to start looking like Apple Stores with Ron Jonson as CEO. Or even like Target. But, given his track record, I'm a little excited to see what he can do to light a fire under JCP's retail strategy.
OK, here's for the US, year ending Q3 2011. Retail sales per Sq. Ft. Worldwide is probably not much difference.
Huh? Didn't he listen in the end and reverse himself? So your examples actually contradict your assertion of 'religious fervor' in opposing great/common sense ideas? Nobody gets everything right. The key is knowing when to change your mind and accept that the other person is right. You tell me, based on Apple's outcomes, do you think Steve got most of his decisions wrong?
If you need to maintain exclusive game titles to drive sales of your game consoles, then maybe your unique selling proposition is game software and not game consoles? So why hang on to the console business where your product is, to be honest, mediocre and uninspiring and would not sell at all if not for the exclusive game titles? Why not focus on your strength and sell those very popular games across all platforms? Just wond'rin'.
Ha ha. In the third world (where I grew up), people will always respond to a survey with 'cheaper price' as the number one reason. Even though there are other non-price ways to increase sales.
"Software that is a mere computerized or automated implementation of established manual procedures, such as sorting and filing information, transmitting information, etc. is not patentable." - - or legislation to that effect should be enough to invalidate such stupid software patents as one-click ordering, and its ilk.
True, but people do understand "faster". And for some it will matter (maybe not now but as soon as they see their friends' LTE phones in action) and for others it won't. The former group probably is big enough that the smart phone industry players cannot afford to ignore them.
Even more important than deals with the content providers are the ISPs. Internet TV will be at the mercy of the ISPs who will tax away whatever profits Apple might expect from selling TVs and content. To eliminate this long term threat, I don't see any other option than for Apple to build/buy its own nationwide transmission network. What does 82 billion net of taxes buy you?
One company just wants to sell the most ads it can possibly sell. The other company wants to sell the most OS licenses it can. The third one wants to sell the best smart phone and smart phone experience possible. (Actually, the best device and device experience.) See, the two companies' operative phrase is 'the most', the third one goes by 'the best'. No wonder Apple products are at least a notch above everyone else when it comes to quality. They really sweat the...
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