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Things that are in violation of management's fiduciary duty to stockholders and should be banned: 1. Golden parachutes. Nothing more than a bribe to get management to agree to a takeover. 2. Management buyouts. If there is value in the company that can be unlocked, management's duty is to unlock it for the stockholders, not to purchase the company them unlock it for themselves. 3. Chairman of the Board is the CEO. Fox guarding the henhouse.
It is already a conflict of interest, whether the parachute deploys or not. "Sell us the company and we guarantee you, if you lose your job it won't hurt one bit." That sounds like a bribe to me.
Share buy back my arse. You want your share of Apple's cash hoard? Sell your stock. I don't know why these unimaginative wall street types think that they know better than apple how to run their business. I would say Apple needs to hang on to that cash hoard and keep building it up. Because as they get deeper and deeper into cloud computing, they will be more vulnerable to getting squeezed by the wireless carriers. Apple needs at least $100 Billion to buy/build its...
Samsung: A multibillion dollar company with no imagination. The few products I've seen with "Samsung" on it that are not a blatant copies of somebody else's successful product are all horribly over-designed deformities. Have you seen their appliances? You'd think for a company that big they can afford to hire a competent design chief AND not overrule his or her design decisions.
You realize that the Red Sox and Yankees are also corporations, right?
I'm curious about the graphic artists that Microsoft hired to work on the icons. You normally think of artistic types as taking some pride in their work and trying to come up with something original, maybe not completely but at least to build on the current idiom. But I get the feeling that MS's graphic artists do not care, or can't afford to care, about artistic integrity. Or perhaps it's MS who doesn't really care about those things at all and the poor illustrators...
So they killed off the WebOS devices without first checking if they have any commitments or obligations with respect to the devices?
You know that's what they said about Bob Iger when he took over Disney after Michael Eisner. But the decisions he made and deals he brokered (e.g. Pixar) revitalized Disney. Here's one article of many.http://www.businessweek.com/magazine...6/b4020085.htmTim Cook has already been brokering great but inconspicuous deals managing Apple's supply chain. He may not have the big-stage charisma that SJ has but I guarantee you, you do not get to be a successful negotiator (and...
Great, now you got us worrying about who will replace Tim Cook when the day comes for him to step down as CEO! Is there no end to this torment?
People thought that COO Bob Iger was too bland, boring, and unimaginative to ever fill Michael Eisner's shoes. But contrary to expectations, his steady hand has revitalized Disney. For one thing, he was able to smooth Disney's relationship with Pixar, leading to the acquisition that basically revived Disney's artistically obsolete, dying animation business. Though Apple isn't in the state that Disney was at the end of Eisner's tenure, I view Tim Cook as a CEO in the...
New Posts  All Forums: