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It's the inaugural public presentation of newly knighted Sir Jonathan Ive. Would have been fun to watch Steve gently mock him about the new title.
I still don't understand why Quicken for Mac can't be written to use the same file format as Quicken for Windows. Every other frickin' app from Photoshop to MS Word can.
That's the big, glaring flaw in their recovery plan.
How much would it really cost Apple to develop a version compatible with T-Mobile's network? Now that the uncertainty of whether T-Mobile will switch over to AT&T's network is gone, I bet a T-Mobile version of the iPhone is on its way.
So what? Who cares if DT is in debt over their heads? So the US consumer is supposed to take it in the you-know-where so DT's executives don't need to resign in disgrace? T-Mobile is worth $39 Billion to AT&T because it can factor in the increased profits (from an enhanced ability to jack up prices) that they will get as a result of the vastly increased market power that the merger will give them. I am not willing to be one of millions of patsies who will fill AT&T's...
Please put in a little effort and google the term "rent seeking behavior" so maybe you can understand the proposed merger from the point of view of society's greater good instead of a corporation's greater profits or a CEO's greater bonus.
Just like Steve, JT Wang also has a Reality Distortion Field emanating from his superior brain. Only difference is it's radius is about 6 inches.
What Apple needs so badly is its own network so that the AT&Ts and Verizons of the world can't put a gun to their head when full-on mobile/cloud computing finally arrives. No we're not there yet.
And the Windows ultrabook market will not have razor thin margins as well?
'In stores' is different from 'in homes'. There's this small but critical matter of 'sell through'. Just ask Motorola, or Samsung, or HP, or RIM.
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