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"Back in September, we announced that the Bump team was joining Google to continue their work of getting people to expose all their personal information to Google" CEO and cofounder David Lieb wrote in the post. Fixed it.
Ha ha. Agree, a luxury car maker whose customer demographic are iPhone, not Android, users ties their product with the race-to-the-bottom, we'll-sell-your-personal-info mobile OS. This is a worse marketing decision than Ford's tie up with Microsoft.
 They also lost a ton of money on it for the first few years and dug a multibillion dollar hole in the ground that they are only starting to come out of.  Yes they sold a lot of consoles.  But they also replaced a lot of them for free.  Failure rates of at least 30% were being whispered about Xbox 360.  30%!  Yikes!
Kindle holiday sales deconstructed:     Kindles are like digital picture frames a few years ago:  Nobody wants one, everyone thinks its the perfect gift.   Hence the outsized sales jump during the gift-giving season.  Then they sit in the drawer and shit electrons for the rest of their useless lives.
 My understanding is the first Google Maps app on iPhone OS (i.e. pre-iOS) were written by Apple to use Google's mapping data.  I assume the same thing holds for Google search.  So yes, in the beginning, Google had no idea what Google Maps on the iPhone, nor the iPhone itself, looked like until the iPhone was introduced.  (Wherein E. Schmidt went scurrying out to catch a cell phone signal so he can call Google HQ right away to stop all development on Android, which is a...
 And those of us who got caught up in the mania and poured all our savings into AAPL at 699 walk the earth muttering bitter nothings into whichever ear is kind enough to give a listen.
  The conflict issue I am concerned about is not the granting of patents to Google, (I know that for someone at the top reaching down the hierarchy to influence an examiner is highly, highly unlikely) but other actions that will benefit Google.  And I'd be pretty happy if she divests all her GOOG if she has significant amounts of it.  It is amazing how one's decision making is affected, usually unconsciously, if in the back of your head you know it will affect your current...
 Oh, I know all about that.  What I meant was Sprint will have to go GSM rather than T-Mo going CDMA.  In a sense Sprint will augment T-Mo as their frequencies will be added to T-Mo's.  And I agree that this deal is unlikely because of the cost of shifting a network to another standard/protocol although SoftBank's ambitions might conquer those misgivings.
Seems to me, based on how well the two companies have been managed of late, it should be T-Mobile taking over Sprint wiith Sprint augmenting T-Mobile's GSM network and subscription model rather than the other way around. Sprint seems to have been just one bungle after another ever since they took over Nextel and maybe even before that. T-Mobile on the other hand came out of the aborted AT&T merger totally inspired and rejuvenated. (The billion dollar disengagement fee...
@First off, I never talked about Ms. Lee using her influence to get patents issued to Google. I'm not in that fight. Please make sure who said what before you start ripping, you're a lawyer, I would have expected you would have been more careful about attribution.Secondly, if you think the USPTO has been run quite well in the last few years by Mr. Kappos, then we probably have quite fundamental disagreements.Third, I will explain to you why software patents, at least the...
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