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 Hate to admit it, but I'm inclined to agree.  But it's operating on a subconscious level, fueling the vehemence of the objections.
 If it's because of their ability, based on cool factor alone, to sell stuff at prices way beyond the cost of production, then it's a valid comparison.  You're smart enough to see that, aren't you?
Yes, let us all live up to the stereotype of iPhone owners as snooty, snobbish, bordeaux-swilling prats, who look down their noses at people who don't live their lives the way we do.  That said, I prefer beer to wine but I go for an IPA or a stout and haven't touched a local mass brew in 25 years.  And I've learned to appreciate the occasional Barolo or Margaux.  What does that make me?
"As a designer, there's an issue of dignity. (The Galaxy) is original from the beginning, and I'm the one who made it," Lee said in 2012 when Samsung and Apple were beginning to square off in court.   This is one of those Palin-like quotes that sound like they came from The Onion but were actually uttered in full earnestness by some fool somewhere.  Real life, when it gets strange, gets really strange.
Zuckerberg & Co lying and dissembling again.
You know those wrist bands that hospitals put on you when you check in for a procedure?  That will be one of Apple's entry points into an integrated health monitoring plus system that they want to be the de facto standard platform for the health care industry.  How many times does one have to repeat "It's the platform, stupid."   Oh, and considering Steve Jobs' intimate experience with all facets of the health care industry in the last years of his life, does anyone...
I don't care about who's first.  I care about who's best.
You cannot use a monopoly ('dominant market position' is the more accurate term) in one market to establish a monopoly in another.  That's what tripped up Microsoft and what is in play here.  Whether the plaintiff lawyers have a credible case or not, I don't have enough info to hazard an opinion.
 More power and fun to you then.  Someday when the kids are done with college, I hope to live the much simpler life that you are living.
 Correct me if I'm wrong but in a Trad IRA, won't your AAPL cap gains be taxed as current income rate rather than capital gains?
New Posts  All Forums: