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Desperately, desperately trying to refute the "You're not the customer. You're the product." meme, which could be devastating if it catches on. But by resorting to outright and preposterous lies, Herr Schmidt might have only worsened things. Nothing attracts more flies on the internet than preposterous statements delivered with a straight face.
Way to go after the straw man Herr Schmidt.  The evilness of Google is not that all that personal information you gather is not secure in your servers, it's that you gather all that personal information in the first place!
 No, I don't get that implication at all.  I bet the whole reading public except you doesn't see that implication either.  Now let's look at the shortened version: Jobs resigned, then died.  Nope, no implication detected there either, just as there is no such implication in "I jumped, then fell."  Now let's try "Jobs chose to resign then die."  There's your implication of intent on "die".
You know, sonny, sometimes it's better to just keep some thoughts within the confines of your skull.  One would think it would be thick enough to hold it in, though.
I think Ahrendts decided she would accept Tim Cook's job offer while listening to him talk about Watch and her role in it.  He had her at Watch, in a manner of speaking.
They will if the contest is who can buy the most outfits from the collection being shown.
And this is based on your experience running what multi-billion dollar fashion and/or design-intensive company?  Apple, St. Laurent, or Burberry?
Yeah? Let's find out first how many people buy thousand dollar dresses that get used only once. Or thousand dollar shoes that get worn for only one season.
Originally posted 3/31/2013:   "I am a big believer in an iWatch but it has to come in totally from left field to succeed. It has to be positioned as a fashion item not a tech device, even though it really is a tech device. If they do this and sell several models each of distinctly different design, then they can get people to buy several of them. If they come out with new designs regularly, and by name fashion designers/houses, then they'll get people to buy them...
Maybe I'm doing something wrong.  My trusted device is my iPhone, so if I log into iCloud or manage my Apple ID on my Mac, I get the verification code SMSed to my iPhone number.   Here's the thing.  If I go log into appleid.apple.com using Safari on my iPhone, then it will send the verification code to the iPhone!  So two step authentication on the iPhone is moot!  Useless! Similar problem with iCloud.
New Posts  All Forums: