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I told you, I told you, I told you guys. iPhone OS and MacOS are eventually going to merge. With iWork they've begun building in large-screen computing capabilities on iPhone OS. Shit, they even have a keyboard dock for home desktop use. It's happening sooner than I thought. I wonder how long before Adobe starts porting its large-screen apps to iPad? The tipping point is when MS ports Office to iPad.
"Need a new one?" is a question that needs to be asked at Microsoft's stockholders meeting in relation to the CEO position.
Worthless analysts. Its Bing, it's not Windows Bing. Consumers are smart enough to know that Mac is being touted over Windows not Bing. These analysts are mentally lazy wankers.
It's called misdirection, folks. Apple also files a lot of BS patents otherwise their competitors would easily guess which way they're heading.
The market is always crowded in the preliminary stages of any new product. Think how many PC manufacturers there were in the early 80s. Or how many brands of MP3 players there were before iPod consolidated. It'll be the same thing with tablets. I would be surprised if any of these three are still in the market in couple of years.
The 'preemptive strike' against the Apple tablet turned out to be a preemptive dud. And instead of stealing Apple's thunder, the Windows slate actually helped by lowering the bar for the Apple tablet. It also confirms that the Courier was just what critics said it was - vaporware. Another brilliant tactical move by Mr. Ballmer.
Advertising always reflects the target population. You have a smart, sophisticated, thinking population then you get ads that are witty and informative without being deceptive. You have a population that considers People Magazine to be intellectual reading, believe in astrology, junk science, creationism and Drs. Phil & Laura, then you get the ads we get-- shouty, simple-minded, and downright deceptive.
Hear, hear! Anecdotal data is the most common and most worthless form of evidence you can find online. Someone should come up with a way to flag anecdotal evidence so we can all just skip any posting that relies on such worthless blather to support its main argument.
It's the easiest setup experience I've had for a router. Had a Linksys and DLInk in the past. Both were a bear to setup. Published comparison reviews confirm this.
Sometimes, the seemingly simplest minor improvements can trigger massive changes in human behavior. Perhaps the mobile device IS your laptop. But you are assuming your usage pattern represents most people. It actually doesn't. Most people you see out in the streets don't walk around with their laptops in tow, what they do carry around all the time are their phones. So just because the laptop as the mobile device works well enough for you doesn't mean that the 'desktop...
New Posts  All Forums: