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From the article: "Microsoft has similarly shifted attention away from its own core competency in developing software platforms." I seriously question the assertion that Microsoft has competency in developing software platforms. That's what they do, yes, but that doesn't mean they're good at it.
It seems ALL of the people who own or will soon own a Zune HD have come to visit.
The Mac share of the stock price might fall but the actual dollar number should not. Unless he is actually expecting revenue and profits from the Mac business to fall. I highly doubt that proposition. Does the term 'analyst' refer to where they pull their numbers from?
I think it's a mistake to start pitching iPod Touch as a gaming machine. It's certainly waaay more than that. Why intentionally limit the market scope of your product? I hope it's really just spin to paper over the technical issues they had with putting a camera in the Touch.
It's called the free-rider problem and if you believe in the free enterprise system then you should recognize the free-rider problem as a problem. Or shall we now force Ford to compel their dealers to accept GM cars for servicing even if Ford doesn't want to? Or shall we force the ground crew of American Airlines to assist United Airlines passengers even though American Airlines doesn't want to? Or shall I now be allowed to buy a meal at McDonalds and then get a table...
The training material says the $300 you save by buying a Mac is good for two Geek Squad sessions to remove viruses and spyware. Whoever came up with this "selling point" for Windows is a total idiot.
I don't know why they never redesigned those damn plastic facings. It's the ribs at the top edge of the screen fascia that concentrates all the forces on two spots on the palm rest (when you shut the screen) which eventually crack and break off. All Apple needs to do is widen the surface area of those ribs several fold and the forces get less concentrated. Actually, the plastic surrounding the ribs also crack. I have both palm rest and screen border replaced last...
From LowEndMac: "...at present the 2008 and 2009 Xserves are the only Mac that will automatically boot into 64-bit mode. All other Macs with a Core 2 Duo or better CPU are capable of 64-bit operation but won't use it unless you hold down the "6" and "4" keys during startup." From MacWorld.com: "If youÂ’re running a Mac powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor or an Intel Xeon processor, your Mac is 64-bit capable. And Snow Leopard runs 64-bit-capable applications in...
Still working on issues surrounding irrational fears of castration, I see.
Uh, oh. It only fixes the 'infrequent noises'. The frequent ones are staying. :-)
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