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Consider this: the Courier is actually more imaginary than a perpetual motion machine. With a perpetual motion machine, at least there are some people who are actually trying to build one. The Courier, even its biggest proponent has no plans of building one. But wait. Maybe Goldman Sachs can package a synthetic security based on Courier futures, then they can hold the short side while all the people drooling over Courier's imaginary features can go long. Would that...
Deleted by poster. Nothing to say in the end.
Yes. At least in 'Law and Order' that's allowed.
I think there's something about 'compelling public interest' that has to be demonstrated by anyone invoking freedom of the press. We are not talking about the Pentagon Papers here or a madame's black book with senators' names in it. But I'm no lawyer so I don't put much weight on what I just said. Neither should anyone.
Heh. Gizmodo has always been the immature, bratty, potty-mouthed little brother of tech sites. They kept on with that act and strutted smugly around about their juvenile exploit of yanking Apple's tail even after other sites and news outlets started talking about serious civil and criminal repercussions. Well, time to grow up Gizmodo. This ain't high school anymore and the grownups are talking about more then just detention. Schadenfreude is such a guilty pleasure.
It will be a long time, if ever, before Apple abandons X86 architecture. A lot of people seem to have forgotten that PC to Mac switching really only gained momentum when they dropped PowerPC in favor of Intel. Abandon Intel and the Mac business will shrivel up in about 13.5 seconds.
Well, they do now. Isn't progress nice?
You folks are so gullible. Use a little common sense. How come there's only one rear shot? If you want to prove that the device is genuine, you'd want to show a lot more detailed shots of the Apple markings on the rear. But no, only one shot and at a pretty simple perspecitve. i.e. simple as in easy to 'shop. No oblique rear shots. And even the side shots are positioned so as not to show the rear panel. Then look at the lone rear shot. There's something fishy...
Okay, here's what you would have gleaned if you read the whole article thoroughly:For turn-by-turn type apps where the device is likely plugged into a car adaptor, the GPS is on all the time even if you place the turn-by-turn app in background. (Answering the phone, changing your Pandora station, etc.)For the other type, GPS is not polling all the time when the app is in background. Polling occurs only when cell tower triangulation, which iPhone does continuously...
I wouldn't jump all over Adobe about this until they actually file the suit. Such a lawsuit would be even more inane than that hackintosh cloner whose name I've already forgotten. I would assume Adobe has pretty good in-house lawyers who would right away point out there is no legal basis for such a suit especially since iPhone is not a monopoly of any market other than the market for iPhones.
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