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Simple logic tells you that an accurate stock analyst cannot exist. If they're good at predicting stock prices, they won't be sharing their knowledge. They'd instead be making a killing in the stock market.
For conspiracy theories to be worth airing, even if you don't believe it, it should at least have a modicum of plausibility, don't you think?
It's the term that Mr. Jobs himself uses about iTunes and the app store and already has an accepted meaning within the context of this discussion. So your lordship might disapprove of its business school origins but it does what words are supposed to do, which is to refer with much economy of effort to a commonly accepted meaning. Yes, it strays from the original meaning of the term but no one, not even you, gets to decide if that's allowed or not. You don't even know...
iOS integrated into OSX but as a sandboxed closed/curated 'enclave' inside OSX. So you can run iOS apps in your desktop, and still keep the full flexibility and openness of OSX.Why the hell would Mr. Jobs have Apple do such a complicated thing? Because this, after laying all the groundwork these past 10 years, is where Apple pivots and converts all those iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch owners who are still using PCs into Mac owners. The selling proposition is hard to...
Other rumor sources are now reporting Time wants to collect subscription fees outside the iTunes infrastructure (thus escape paying Apple 30%) and then distribute the issues as apps through iTunes. Apple would be foolish to let anyone freeride on iTunes.
From the little experience I have dealing with paints and stains, I'm almost sure the problem is white pigment is not as opaque as black so at the lower end of the black iPhone's normal mfg. variance for paint thickness, the white iPhones are coming out translucent. Apple probably tried adjusting the paint thickness up for the white iPhone but then at the upper end of the new normal variance, the paint is now coming out too thick for the digitizer overlay. So they're...
Just curious, is the whole suite of business software (with comparable functionality as their Windows counterparts) already available in OS-X? Doesn't have to be the direct OS-X port of the PC software, just something that offers the same functions. No, I don't know what makes up the 'whole suite' that's why I ask. I thought rather than cost, it's software availability that is holding back Macs for biz.
I doubt if the economics of an ad-supported public computer would make it viable. Remember, unlike a tv in an airport passenger waiting area, computers are single viewer/user machines. How many pairs of eyeballs will see an ad each day? How much would an advertiser be willing to pay for such a limited audience? Would that be enough to pay for the computer and the internet connection?
As I look at my AAPL holdings the imaginary soundtrack playing in my head is "Up, Up and Away".
And XBox is shorthand for 100% failure rate. As in the Minnesota T-Wolves have gone XBox ever since they traded KG away.
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