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Make that analyst eat the paper he wrote the garbage on. Or better yet, the keyboard he typed it on. Or she as the case may be. As I said, if you're such a great analyst, why are you sharing your 'analysis' instead of keeping it to yourself and making gazillions off it in the stock market? Eh, eh?
Seems like its all bad news all the time for Android these days. Or maybe because I'm reading mostly DED's articles. Or maybe because he's right. But those numbers, if they are accurate are deadly for Google and the Android handset makers. My sample size of one for instance indicates that 100% of those surveyed does not own a smart phone because T-Mobile doesn't carry the iPhone but as soon as it does, ownership will increase infinite-fold. Maybe finally AAPL will...
Somehow, I have the feeling that the demographic "hardcore portable gamer" is a pretty small segment. Those are the only people who will forego an iPhone or iPod Touch in favor of this new PSP.
Ha, so much for "the beauty of the Android App Store is in its openness" or words to that effect by Eric Schmidt. Will the openness fanatics who have been championing Android commit harakiri once word gets out that Google will start, omigod, curating the Android app store?
So you think you know better than Verizon or Apple who have tons of internal numbers that tell them to what extent your assertion #2 is true or not? You think Verizon and Apple got to be billion dollar companies by being stupid?Most smart phone buyers are not like you, they don't keep track of the manufacturers' product roadmaps. Most will just hear "iPhone", "Verizon" and if they've been waiting for the combination for years, they'll be trooping to the nearest Apple or...
I've always maintained that Apple unseating Microsoft at the top of the tech slag heap is going to be a long had slog where they will have to fight for every inch of territory. I was likening it to Toyota's 30-year generational struggle to overtake GM. Also, when Apple finally dislodges MS, I said it will not be because Macs finally outsell Windows PCs but because Apple will come up with a new generation of products that will basically supersede Windows AND Macs as the...
Haven't any of these Motoheads studied Zune?
Agree 100%. Drivel like this you can expect at Gizmodo but not at AI!
One sensor per corner?
Not really because isn't Android geekdom's mobile OS of choice? Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.
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