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I think there are a few bad apples working in those Apple Stores.
My guess is it will go down in history ranked up there, or down there, with: Daimler Benz buys Chrysler, BMW buys Rover, and AOL buys Time Warner.
. . . which is exactly why policy wonks are deathly afraid of deflation.
If it's really about acquiring the patents, then why not just buy the patents? B.S. They want the hardware business too and they're thinking that they can hang on to the other Android manufacturers even after acquiring moto mobility just by making promises of their undying devotion. My guess is they really have finally admitted (or observed) that their one-OS-many-phones 'open' model just cannot keep up with the pace of refinement and improvement of Apple's integrated...
". . . Apple should abandon" or " Nintendo should abandon"?
Are those emails/draft emails the veritable smoking guns that all prosecutors and plaintiffs counsels dream of?
The problem that you thought never existed until Apple came up with a solution. What's the matter with you, don't you know by now that that's what Apple does and that's why they're so successful? :-)
When the hardware is powerful enough, when mobile network connections are fast enough and cheap enough, when the cloud computing infrastructure is reliable enough: You will own a single device, an iPhone 7, say. When you are out and about, it presents the iOS UI on its screen and it works pretty much as a smartphone. When you get home, you can connect it to your monitor, keyboard and other peripherals (perhaps wirelessly, perhaps not) and that opens up the Mac OS...
Yes it will, until the ISPs start taxing away any profit that Apple generates. There is no profit to be made in media and data streaming if you don't have your own network. Transmission is where the choke point is, that's the bridge at which every troll sets up his toll booth. Either the feds will have to regulate that massively or Apple takes some of its 70+ billions and uses that to set up its own exclusive ISP.
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