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Pray, tell us Oh Omniscient One, how you come to know of Apple's demand elasticities? They must be really stupid if they're not taking advantage of a quick and easy two hundred mil boost. The Apple shareholders meeting is coming up, I think I just might attend so I could nominate you to replace the obviously floundering Steve Jobs, eh?
Which is a big mistake because there is no way on god's green earth that Amazon could ever beat the Apples of the world in the hardware business. They are sacrificing what they do best (online retail) to pursue what they do worst (hardware). Amazon shareholders should be up in arms and beating down Jeff Bezos' door to tell him to stick to the knitting. Instead of betting the company on the Kindle pipe dream, he should be working to install an Amazon app on every mobile...
It's not about price. It's about control over price. MacMillan saw that Amazon was using low ebook prices as a means to promote Kindle and they realized that a customer base addicted to cheap books is bad for their (MacMillan's) long term business. Just ask GM, Ford & Chrysler about rebates. Oh yes they will try raising the price of ebooks but, the record company idiots notwithstanding, anyone who thinks a publisher will keep books overpriced well into its own...
The offense comes when the product gets released. Just like with the iPhone. How quickly we forget.
Last time I checked, signing up with iTunes is an act of free choice. Be that as it may. You really think you have choice in this economy where pretty much every major industry is dominated by a handful of corporations? And now the supreme court has granted them free rein to saturate the airwaves with their approved version of what you should be thinking? Maybe you should change your monicker from iGenius to iNaive.
Yes, just like the death of professional, properly reported, multi-sourced and fact-checked journalism and the rise of hack reportage of a thousand and one 'news' articles based on a single unverified source is a win as well.
Amazon kind of lost sight of their business model when they started tailoring their content prices to sell Kindle. Oh they said that they won't twist their model to favor Kindle but then they went ahead and did it.It would be wise of them to get out of the hardware business seeing as they can't maintain their discipline and are being blinded by the gazillions of $$$$ that they see Apple stockpiling. They are not and will never be a hardware company. They are risking...
I said it 3 or 4 years ago. I'll say it again. iTunes is the secret sauce in Apple's world domination recipe. Someday we will all be running our whole lives through iTunes. Not saying if that's good or bad.
No, the word he was looking for was "fool"
I hear ya. I can't imagine a case where someone would say "What's it called? iPad? Oh, I'm not buying it then!" It's a tempest in a teacup brewed by people who can't go through one day without getting their panties all bunched up about something.
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