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The reason I didn't buy an iPad is the danged pixelation on the eBook fonts annoyed the hell out of me. If the resolution bump fixes that problem then I see an iPad in my future.
Your stock price is falling, quick use your cash to buy back stock or pay out a dividend to prop up your stock price. That is about the stupidest thing I've heard come out of an analyst's mouth. And I've heard a lot of stupid things from analysts. If the stock price is falling because investors are correctly assessing that your company is starting to perform badly, then burning your cash to artificially prop up the stock price doesn't fix the source of the bad...
Can you list down the PE ratios of Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, HP, and other major tech players then make a sound, reasoned analysis of why the PE ratios of these companies are the way they are?And the current price of AAPL reflects the belief that nothing can go wrong? Really now, how do you know that? Did you talk to a lot of stockholders and they told you that they believe that nothing can go wrong? Or is that just your opinion? A lot of analyst talk are all...
"Oh by the way, that thing that you offer to attract subscriptions for which we don't get a cut but we let you have for free? --They won't be free anymore." Oh bad, greedy, selfish Apple! Bad Apple!
Aperture at $80? Now I'm debating between iPhoto and Aperture. Damn, the curse of abundant choice!
Oh, I can answer that. Because one has a small screen for when I need something with a small screen, and the other one has a big screen for when I need something with a big screen. :-)
Google needs to hire one guy who is not an engineer whose job will be to say "Guys, this product sucks" whenever an actual, prototype, or proposed Google product sucks. Then, Google of course has to listen. This will help improve Google's products a million fold.
Oh, no doubt they will try to position the next device to better match up with iPhone and iPod Touch. But I think it will primarily be a game device unless they are prepared to abandon current PSP customers. In the end it will still be perceived as a hardcore portable gaming device and most people will pass on it. For further reference, look into Garmin' GPS phone. Sony's portable game business is basically dead in the water. They just haven't admitted it yet. ...
Exactly. By its very definition a "casual gamer" would not purchase a dedicated game device. Another example of the breathtakingly thick-headed thinking that passes for corporate strategy at Sony HQ. Really, they pay an executive's salary to the genius who came up with "let's build a dedicated portable game device for casual gamers?"
Nah, you're only stupid if you don't like the product and yet you still go ahead and buy it. And then complain that it's not what you wanted and is a waste of money.
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