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I was under the impression that cannibalizing for parts is a very costly undertaking.
iPod, iPhone, iPad. These are like booster rockets that have been attached to Apple's stock price. And now even before iPhone and iPad has fizzled out, we now have iCloud. Another round of dizzying increases for AAPL, anyone?
You can try out a hundred and one different form factors and you'll still fall flat on your face each time if that's all you're bringing to the table.It's not the hardware, it's the ecosystem.
Mobile Secure Email for Enterprises. That's it. RIMM rode that pony until it died. Never bothered to look beyond that product. They never showed any indication that they had the expertise to see beyond that product. And when the iPhone came out, I knew their goose was cooked even though back then they were churning out fantastic numbers and their stock price was flying. How can anyone expect RIM, who had NO EXPERIENCE selling a pure consumer tech product, to survive...
Perhaps Apple had already trademarked CloudMe as part of MobileMe branding? Sounds like MobilMe will be dropped for iCloud.
If Samsung thinks they have enough clout over Apple in this fight, they are sorely mistaken. The company who brings in the final customer always has an outsized advantage because he can take those customers elsewhere. There are other component manufacturers out there who would jump at the chance to be a major supplier to Apple's final customeers. And with an Apple purchase order in hand, banks will be running over each other offering this firm the financing needed to...
Are you talking about Samsung or Apple or both?
And Samsung needs Apple so that they can manufacture tablet and mobile phone components at a scale that significantly lower their cost, thus benefiting not only Apple but Samsung's own tablets and mobile phones.You and I know there are no one way streets in any commercial transaction.
Apparently you haven't heard of the fat cats running Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and the rest of the U.S. financial industry. None of them will spend even a day in jail despite all the double-dealing and self-dealing they did that exacerbated, if not outright caused, the great recession.
I suppose that type of job would be tedious anywhere, at least with Apple the presumption is there would be greater demand and room for innovation. If management is always looking to push the technological envelope, then if you find yourself performing mundane tasks, it's really up to you to make it interesting by coming up with your own innovations and presenting them to management. I strongly believe that if a company is open to new ideas and innovations from their...
New Posts  All Forums: