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The post that you were responding to had a winking smiley face emoticon at the end. Crack open a dictionary and look up the word "irony" will you? I swear kids these days have severely impaired irony detectors. Is it because their communication is more through text and IMs than actual verbal conversation?
You get to install App Store iPhoto on all 5 iTunes-authorized computers. That bodes well for you. And me.
You're not implying that Android will soon acquire this capability and Apple will not do anything at all to counter, right?That's the downfall of everyone who's ever proclaimed that the competition will soon overwhelm Apple. They look at what the competition is planning and then assume a world where Apple's products remain static forever. Even so-called 'analysts' make this mistake.
Atari, Commodore, Wang, Palm . . . RIM. Pioneers who got stuck at square one.
As long as it's predictably successful, then I don't mind.
And exactly what operating system will iOS developers use to develop iOS applications? iOS? I know what you mean. Maybe the name OS-X will be retired but in truth OS-X and iOS will have to merge (in function if not in codebase) if Apple is to go to a single OS for all its machines and devices.
I was under the impression that cannibalizing for parts is a very costly undertaking.
iPod, iPhone, iPad. These are like booster rockets that have been attached to Apple's stock price. And now even before iPhone and iPad has fizzled out, we now have iCloud. Another round of dizzying increases for AAPL, anyone?
You can try out a hundred and one different form factors and you'll still fall flat on your face each time if that's all you're bringing to the table.It's not the hardware, it's the ecosystem.
Mobile Secure Email for Enterprises. That's it. RIMM rode that pony until it died. Never bothered to look beyond that product. They never showed any indication that they had the expertise to see beyond that product. And when the iPhone came out, I knew their goose was cooked even though back then they were churning out fantastic numbers and their stock price was flying. How can anyone expect RIM, who had NO EXPERIENCE selling a pure consumer tech product, to survive...
New Posts  All Forums: