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I wouldn't attribute the decision-making on stupidity. I would attribute it more to fear, which is probably what all of us would feel if faced by the same circumstance. But now that we have his example to remind us, we will probably be able conquer our fears should we find ourselves in a similar situation.
No, what you are **gaining** by not copying is pride in your brand.Samsung is a multi-billion dollar global company, they should have dropped the blatant and shameless copying act long ago. Leave that to no-name Chinese fly-by-night factories.
I don't think people realize how big of a monster the China market is going to be for Apple. The Chinese are probably the most brand-conscious consumers in the world and Apple is the most accessible of the top-line aspirational brands. Not that many people can afford a Mercedes Benz or a BMW, but a Mac, iPad or iPhone? Hell, yeah! Somebody crunch the numbers and tell us what a whole generation of Chinese with rapidly rising incomes means for Apple's revenues and...
So who should have been invited. You? This is a partial list and they're all people who've had some direct association with Steve. We don't know who else was there. 'Elitist' is now just a word thrown out by those among us who want to get stupid people elected to high office. Who then proceed to protect the interests of the very, very rich. Get a clue. Guess who are the people behind the scenes who fund all these efforts to tar and feather America's so-called 'elites'.
A lot of small minded pettiness going on about who attended the memorial. What are you guys, twelve year old girls? In business, nothing is personal. And even if it gets personal sometimes, you still pay your respects if you're even half way human.
Wouldn't be that bad if they turned out to be great lays.
Political Correctness died years ago. I try not to be a racist, but if I get treated differently or insulted because of my race or nationality, I'm not taking it sitting down.Oh and by the way, where's you're post chastising the guy who made the original blanket insult about American and Canadian youth? I daresay you chastised me but not him because you think I'm white.If you must know, I am not white, I'm Asian. Suddenly your mental calculus changes, doesn't it?But...
I don't know about that. Leaving a discussion of US policy aside, there are thousands of young Americans volunteering all over the world in a sincere effort to help less fortunate people. Again, leaving US policy aside, there are thousands of young Americans fighting and dying around the world for causes that go way beyond personal gain. Presumably you're from Thailand. I don't see any Thai people doing what these young men and women are doing. I think if you can truly...
My limited experience with Korean culture on the other hand is that no matter how good friends you think you are with a Korean person, his countryman always comes ahead of you. "Hey Kim, did you bring your course notes from last term that you offered to lend to me?" "Oh I was going to bring it today but this morning Park called and asked to borrow it. So I gave it to him instead." I bet my experience is not unique.
Of course Samsung did not consider Apple as their enemy. They considered Apple as their product design and development center. Apple wanted to keep friendly relationships with Samsung until Samsung kept blatantly and brazenly copying the iPhone and the iPad. Down to the adaptor and the packaging.
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