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 No, them's words you mutter to try and salvage some dignity as you walk away with your tail between your legs. Might also be setting up your defense for when the stockholders and the Feds go after you.
The word that immediately comes to mind upon reading the headline is "Liar!"
You forgot to mention that Google's prices include "unlimited peeking rights", for Google, that is.
You mean "drawer stuffer".  
 Just because they'd have a convicted felon for a CEO you'd right away brand them as "the most blatantly corrupt"?  Isn't that being a bit harsh? /s
Oh yes I would. That's exactly what I'd say at jury screening. And get sent home right away.
Oh those jobs are gone all right.  The factories might come back, but the jobs won't ever.
Other than "Apple lied to us then held a gun to our heads and made us sign the contract", there is really no "other side of the argument".
Oh, I'm pretty sure that the GTAT brass had a very good idea how easy or difficult it was to fulfill the contract terms.  That is a natural problem with the corporations:  how to make sure that the executives have the stockholders' interest in mind and not their own.  The CEO basically threw his stockholders in the ditch when he saw the bonanza he will get from 'scheduled' stock sales.  You could even be charitable and say he didn't set out to willfully defraud the...
Really?  So what profits have Apple generated so far from this supply contract with GTAT?  You are easily hanged by your own arguments.  Why don't you just come out and say that you don't like Apple, period, and at least be credited for your honesty rather than pretend to present a reasoned argument?
New Posts  All Forums: