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 Well actually, following your simile, I'm saying let's make sure Tesla can do what Tesla's manufacturer claims it can do first before we buy thousands of them. As to disposal, I am a little familiar with developments on that front and the promise they hold out is amazing, or potentially amazing.  But let's move them from potential to actual first before we start building hundreds of new nuclear plants. Bottomline, society has to do a brutally honest cost benefit analysis...
 The problem is nuclear power proponents have always declared them all to be safe until they aren't.  That's because nuclear disasters are all black swan events, or one of those famous 'unknown unknowns'.   I'm not a knee-jerk anti nuke but I have the uneasy feeling that risk management models being used by the industry are faulty.  When event probabilities are vanishingly small but the costs of an adverse outcome are very, very large, calculations of expected benefits...
 Yeah!  Tell it to Fukushima and Chernobyl.
What I'd give to see the fully working ARM port of OS-X that for sure Apple has in a lab somewhere deep in the bowels of One Infinity Loop.
I've always maintained that wearables is as much fashion as it is high tech and that the right business model is Swatch brought a few notches upmarket.  No, Apple will not be selling any $10K watches any day soon but they will hire the world's foremost experts in precision micro-scale mechanical engineering and materials and the products that Apple will come up with will be beautiful in the Jobs-Ivian or jobsivian (claiming copyright right now) sense.   That Swatch guy...
Immensely naive to believe any promise that an acquiring corporation makes.  Just say "they offered more money".  People in general won't hold that against you.  Chide you for it, maybe, but that's just hypocrisy unless they have turned down billion dollar offers to do something perfectly legal.
Borg chic?  No thanks.
Good. The more attention is shone on the fact that the Feds are shamefully going along with the network providers in this charade that internet service is not a utility, the better. An aside: Fascinating how shameful and shameless can be used interchangeably without changing a sentence's meaning.
 Such is life and economics my friend.  Since the first loom rendered the hand weaver unemployed hundreds of years ago.  And yet, look how high your standard of living is now.  Would you be where you are if that first loom and every other new technology that raised productivity was junked because society didn't want all those hand weavers to lose their jobs?
You can always hire good designers to come up with nifty prototypes. But execution? Supply chain management? Process innovation to mass produce those nifty prototypes? Google doesn't even come close.
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