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@First off, I never talked about Ms. Lee using her influence to get patents issued to Google. I'm not in that fight. Please make sure who said what before you start ripping, you're a lawyer, I would have expected you would have been more careful about attribution.Secondly, if you think the USPTO has been run quite well in the last few years by Mr. Kappos, then we probably have quite fundamental disagreements.Third, I will explain to you why software patents, at least the...
That just might be illegal. But I don't know, I'm no lawyer.
 I apologize if I had misread or misunderstood your post.  So hard to detect sarcasm and irony, or the absence thereof, on the web.
BTW, if your credit is good enough to qualify you at AT&T and Verizon, it'll be good enough to qualify you for an installment plan with T-Mo. Which means the device costs you put down for T-Mo are not comparable to the numbers you put down for the other carriers.
Finally bit the smartphone bullet and bought 4, count 'em, 4 iPhones this year for the fan. Okay, it's a survey of sample size 1, but I wonder how many other people have been brought past the inflection point by the 5s. (And T-Mo. Not an employee but an admitted fan, given their recent disruptive moves.)
 Did you somehow miss or choose to ignore, for the sake of saying something snarky, the phrase "significant holdings"?  Does one need to elaborate what the phrase means?
 There is nothing that there that gives me any confidence this is a good choice.  From the face of it, her background makes me suspect that she will be a defender of software patentability, both as a matter of personal philosophy and livelihood.
 Having worked at Google though, how much GOOG does she own?  That's a source of conflict of interest right there if she has significant holdings.
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