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Xiaomi sure showed me the money.     There is no profit in selling tech to the mass market in the third world.  It's not a put down, it's just the way it is.  This is not anything new.  Tech in the third world uses older (i.e. non-exclusive) technology and shameless copying with poor IP protection selling to the most value-conscious customers, which means a race to the bottom that is more vicious than anywhere else in the world.  On top of that, nobody wants to pay for...
Currency issues are short term things.  The demonstrated ability to build a product that blows away the competition, that's a long term competitive advantage that remains after this latest nervous-nellie panty bunch-up over exchange rate volatility goes away.  These wall street types  fall apart over every little thing.  What pansies.
Hear, hear!
Just checking to make sure that you know that when you refer to Facebook customers, you're talking about their advertisers not users.
"Disrupt" and "disruption" are starting to be as hackneyed and overused as "paradigm shift".
Actually "monopolistic" is not the same as "monopoly".  You can have a monopolistic market even without a monopoly.  And both theoretically and in practice there is not much difference in the market outcomes of an overwhelmingly dominant firm and a monopoly.   I would describe Amazon's position in the eBook market as overwhelmingly or close to overwhelmingly dominant, especially after the DoJ handed them the keys to the kingdom.
Well it's lobbying by Amazon and stupidity by the DoJ.  I'm amazed that nobody at the DoJ looked at the big picture and said "Hey guys, you realize what we're doing here, right?  We're putting back together a monopoly that had been decimated by new competition.  I don't think that is something that aligns with our department's mission."  Instead, after the verdict, I read news stories of the prosecutors congratulating themselves for a job well done.
And with government protection!  No other company in the US can claim that privilege.  Which is why this case is so egregious and should be appealed all the way to the supreme court if necessary.  We cannot have this precedent where the DoJ stepped in, took legislation meant to prevent against monopolistic abuse, and standing the legislation on its head, used it to actually restore and protect a monopoly that had been torn down by a new entrant!  When did antitrust...
What is this analyst's track recording in forecasting new product sales?
The iHome AirPlay speaker is a good price but the regular price is typically in the $90s, nowhere near the $299 that BestBuy put on the product page.
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