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I agree with your assessment of iTunes (still Carbon after all these years). However this thread is about Adobe.
I just hope Mac Pro isn't next on the chopping block
As a young, white, Christian (non practicing) , heterosexual male I've never had the luxury of being able to claim discrimination any time I've been passed up for a job or promotion in favor of someone less qualified.
I hope they don't discontinue wired keyboards entirely. I like how they double as USB hubs.
Wouldn't it better to just fix the exploit?
It's really just a Mafia style shakedown- with Apple collecting exorbitant fees as its "protection" money.
Thanks for the link. I came close to buying a used one in March when I thought my PC died. Back then about 1400-1500 was the best I saw, and that was for the original MP. I'll keep waiting til the more recent generation MPs come down in price. My PC is close to four years old and will be due for an upgrade in a year or two.
A hybrid would be awesome!
These look nice but are way overpriced compared to the new iMacs. Apple now sells a single CPU MP for more than the original MP with 2 CPUs. And the Corei5 iMac is $500 cheaper than the entry level MP and includes a 27" screen while offering comparable CPU performance and more RAM. I've been wanting an Intel Mac tower for long time, but the prices are ridiculous. I'd love an iMac but unfortunately I require PCIe slots for special audio DSP cards I use. Sticking with my...
I've had no Bluetooth issues with my iPhone 4 on my Mazda3's Bluetooth system. I bought the car on my last few weeks of my i3G and had a few dropped connections with that, so it seems the new antenna is working better for me so far as long as the phone isn't being held (which I don't do in the car anyway). I hadn't had any proximity sensors issues until yesterday when my cheek caused my iPhone4 to go into Hold or Mute mode 3 times during a call! I usually angle the phone...
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