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Bring it on! Trackpads are so much better than mice. The new multi-touch MBP trackpads really set the standard.
If true, this would further confirm Apple's disinterest in reception. Maybe I could make calls in 3G mode if San Francisco if Apple had used a better radio.
"Hello I'm an iPhone" "And I'm a Droid" "Whatcha doing there iPhone?" (counting money into piles) "PR, PR, PR, PR, PR,fix antenna….." "Do you really think that amount of money will fix the antenna?" "You're right, better just put it all in PR" Letterman's done a top 10 list on the iPhone. What's next, Justin Timberlake making a new video for Saturday Night Live, the double entendre filled "Baby, You're Holding It the Wrong Way"? My iPhone 4 is awesome, but its tendency...
I suspect Apple knew there was an issue with reception. So instead of spending Apple's money to fix it, someone came up with the brilliant idea of charging customers money to fix it - thus the bumper was born. Less than a dollar to manufacture, sell for $29. Then they can tell anyone with problems to buy a bumper to fix it. Genius!
The camera quality is indeed excellent. I've been very impressed so far. I recommend a great iPhone app called Auto Stitch ($2) for taking panoramic shots with it.
The Apple apologists are amazing. Apple could ship a Macbook with a Q key that didn't work, and they'd argue that hardly any words use the letter Q and you can always buy a bluetooth keyboard if you really need it. iPhone 4 is amazing - if only I could rely on it to not drop calls.
1) Ship defective product 2) Tell customers they can fix the issue by purchasing $30 accessory that costs 30 cents to manufacture 3) PROFIT!!!!! I hold my iPhone 4 in my right hand and no matter where I grip it I get bad reception and dropped calls. If I set it down the bars shoot up. Clearly inadequate real world testing was done. Only a small handful of people used it outside the Apple campus and those who did used it inside a fake 3GS exterior with likely an additional...
I preordered at Radioshack on the first day. Apple's reservation system was down so they couldn't actually place the order but took orders by hand and said they'd call once they knew more. I hadn't heard anything so I called them Monday and amazingly still hadn't heard anything from Apple. I really hope I don't have to wait a month or more to replace my ancient 3G.
I've had the keyboard lockup happen a handful of times (no issues with trackpad). Pretty rare, but very frustrating when it happens so good to know it's fixed. Unfortunately, my Mac still can't see my Windows computer unless I connect to it via IP address. With my old Leopard Mac it would automatically show up in "Shared". It has on occasion suddenly worked so I don't think it's a configuration issue.
Or free Vista to XP downgrades.
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