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They're probably giving away free Lady Gaga tickets or something to generate lines bigger than the iPhone launch.
I just think it's funny that a guy named Kafka is covering Apple. He would make a great app store developer.
I've never liked the mouse. I used a trackball for several years then switched to a USB trackpad. Having a large size multi-touch trackpad sounds pretty cool.
OK, maybe 10.7 will be the last Mac OS, as a stopgap until iPhone OS advances further. But WWDC makes it clear that they don't care about OS X much anymore.
I may eventually get the iPad and I think it's an interesting device but no way does it come even close to replacing my MBP. It's depressing how Apple has deprecated OS X - it's almost non existent at WWDC and I wouldn't be surprised if 10.7 is canceled.
It's almost as bad a rip off as Apple' RAM pricing (prior to the last year or so)
Well Apple is demanding they produce the goods at the lowest possible price, so this is a consequence of that. For supposedly premium products, why does Apple use a low tier manufacturer like Foxcon? Their motherboards not well regarded in the PC world, so I doubt things are different with Apple. Mac do seem to have very high rates of logic board failure.
I'm just surprised the Courier was something that could have potentially come to market. I figured it was pure vapor from the get go, to distract from the iPad. Or maybe nobody told Allard that.
Coming soon in FCP8 - automatic organizing of footage synced with your kids' soccer schedules! Seriously though, on the subject of Apple dissing pro users, I wish they would stop neglecting the Mac Pro - the top end iMac costs $500 LESS than the low end MP yet has a comparable processor and graphics card, more RAM, and bigger hard drive. Oh, and a 27" screen. I'd love to replace my PC desktop with a well specced, semi-affordable Mac tower.
If all people did was watch video that might be an issue. I think video is a small fraction of the time people spend on the iPhone, so it's not a big issue there. I don't think the iPad is particularly good for video either - it's 9.7" SD screen becomes a lot smaller when watching widescreen video.
New Posts  All Forums: