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"X264 developer says Google's new VP8 WebM codec is a mess"..... And in other news, Flash developer says HTML5 is a mess. Within hours of the announcement. everyone is rushing to spread FUD about VP8 and come to H264's defense. A surefire way to keep Flash relevant for years to come. Adobe must be delighted. VP8 is the best way to kill Flash by avoiding a stalemate in the video codec wars.It's a little premature to declare it unfit to replace H264 as the standard for...
Funny how the author glosses over the very serious issue of H264 royalties - "Oh Mozilla is just too cheap to pay¬Ö" H264 licensing is $5 million dollars a year (for software with wide distribution. Not exactly chump change. There are also issues with filming in H264 - cameras that do so (even some very expensive one) don't include the license to use that footage commercially, which is a way for MPEG LA to extort money out out of independent filmmakers. H264 is really...
If it ain't broke, fix it til it is. Depressed at the thought of "iMovie Pro" (dumbed down and Disney-fied). I actually think FCP is more intuitive than iMovie. If all you need is very basic editing, go for iMovie. If you need more but can't be bothered to make an effort to learn FCP Express, I don't know what to say. Time for a Facebook Page - "Apple, don't ruin Final Cut Pro"?
The new MBPs are very impressive, but I wish they offered ExpressCard on at least one of the 15" models. ExpressCard is very underrated - you can use it to add additional powered USB ports (who wants an ugly hub AND power supply dangling off their MBP?), eSATA (essential for video work), USB3, and high end audio (my field) and video expansion cards. I'm sure there are other things too. SD slots are of pretty limited value and it you really need one, you can get a USB or...
$14 M is about 0.05% of Apple's cash. It would be like if any of us were fined $100. The CFO was fired but Jobs, who was the sole beneficiary of the situation, escaped unscated. So I'd call that lenient.
Chen should hope that prosecutors are as lenient on him as they were him Jobs on his illegal back dating of stocks.
Does it sell well? Here in San Francisco, where you can't turn around without seeing a Macbook, I almost never see anyone with an Air. I think Apple keeps the Air around for image purposes and because of Jobs' obsession with thinness over function.
I'd like to see Apple make a Dreamweaver like HTML5 development program. It would make a nice addition to their pro apps suite.
True but the reality distortion field exchange rate makes it look like a good deal.
I like how it says "conversions without confusion" then confuses you with what appears to be a typo ("new" instead of "no" SDK).
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