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She's lucky Apple simply demanded an apology and didn't send the thought police after her. Repeat after me "Apple is perfect in every way". See roughlydrafted.com for more info.
So does that mean iPhones have a 70% failure fate within three years?
You probably said the same about copy/paste , multitasking, and even third party apps (for the original iPhone. Would you rather the developer create yet another fart app instead?
There will be a lot of good music making programs released for the iPad. There many great audio interfaces for mobile musicians (typically featuring 1 or 2 mic preamps, line ins, MIDI, and more). Why are you so desperately defending Apple's decisions to limit its devices usability without expensive adapters? A regular computer without USB would be unthinkable. Since the iPad is regarded as a replacement for a laptop for certain uses, USB would greatly expand its...
Not so much for camera but for other devices, like audio and maybe even printers (how many "average users" are capable of setting up network printers). There's a lot of potential there but requiring a $30 add on puts a damper on it.
Really good that it supports additional devices but no excuse for not having USB and SD Card on the device itself. Who wants to carry around an easy to lose expensive adapter to plug in peripherals.
What if Adobe bought ARM and licensed it to everyone except Apple. Would that be anticompetitive? Not likely to happen of course, but that would be kind of funny.
I would think it would be a pretty big antitrust issue for Apple to acquire ARM and potentially cut off (or make prohibitively expensive) licensing to all others. If Google did the same, people would be screaming bloody murder.
No, of course I've seen camera flashes. I was referring to flash on a phone. Prior to the iPhone I had a Samsung phone with a flash. It was useless. I figured newer ones would be better, but the Droid's was very powerful and comparable to a low end dedicated camera.
Can't wait! I was eligible to replace my 3G in January but I decided to hold off until the 4G. Definitely looking forward to a camera flash. I saw a friend take a picture with a Droid in a dark bar and was amazed how good the flash was.
New Posts  All Forums: