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Sweet! Bring on multitasking!
Or it could be that there's really not a compelling reason to buy it at this point. I think this will change as developers begin creating killer apps. iPad is of little interest to me personally until companies create amazing music production apps that take advantage of the multitouch large screen interface. There's a lot of potential in this area and I've already heard about stuff being worked on or requested, but that's still a ways off. This is the one thing that truly...
Those reviewers are far from neutral. It would be like Paul Thurrott and Mary Jp Foley saying they love Windows 7. How likely would they be to continue to receive pre-release review units if they were less than enthusiastic?
Blackberry won't be as dominant as they were in the past, but I don't see them being anything but a major player for years to come. It's different enough from the iPhone that many will still prefer it, much as some prefer sports cars others prefer sedans or SUVs. For instance, iPhone was built from the ground up as a consumer phone with enterprise features bolted on as an afterthought. Blackberry was built from the ground up as an enterprise phone - that's its specialty,...
Other than the $100 price tag, the burden of carrying around an extra device, the necessity of a wifi access point, and that it's a clumsy workaround for what should be functionality built into the iPhone, it looks great!
It's not so much that I don't like the cost as I've already purchased Air Sharing. But something like that should be part of the OS. It would be like if you the iPhone could receive SMS messages but you had to buy an app to send them. Plus the workaround apps are awkward workarounds, and not intuitive especially for a novice user. And having Wi Fi access at all times in not guaranteed, as in my case. If I could save on my Mac and drag it over through iTunes into a iPhone...
Nice! That was Jobsian response
Just to clarify - The US military is called "Defense" but in reality it is all about offense - attacking and subjugating countries that would not attack us, unless of course we provoked them. Can you believe we (occupy) have bases in over 100 countries. Vietnam was never a threat yet we invaded them and subjected American citizens to slavery, er I mean a draft, to fulfill objectives of the old men in charge. We conquered and invaded Iraq on deliberately false pretense...
Who would Jesus bomb?
I'm staying in a vacation rental for one week. Not simple!
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