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As has been pointed out already - it's a lot easier to use your phone or iwatch than haul out an iPad. I doubt we'll see that implemented on iPads but hey, Ya never know
Congrats GTR ! Great machine.
BFD, indeed.
I love the smell of tegra in the mornin'
Heh - I don't know why I kept it but it's still rock solid - runs smooth as silk.Couldn't see the need to upgrade it - handed down to the kids.Part of the furniture now
I think that the upgrade cycle will be largely determined by the battery in the device. I know in my own case with phones over the years that I start thinking about a new one when the battery starts to wonk. It'll be the same with my iPad2. (Although - I have to say that when I had a horse around hwith an iphone 6 I was lusting for that immediately !)
QFTThankfully Apple does tho.(This from a MacPro 1,1 owner. Don't get me started about efi !But I'm over it now, lol. I'm gonna hack the old girl to run Yosemite very soon.)
My iPad 2 has been fine. Was sitting outside under the porch yesterday - heard the phone ring inside and took the call on the iPad. iOS 8 ain't too bad even on these old slowpokes.
I know you were just having fun - but strip the veneers of so called "sophistication" from him and you've got a street pedlar who has hawked his soul a million times over.What does he care about anything other than the almighty dollar ?He'd try and pick GT up for a penny on the dollar and flog it off to whoever - Samsung probably if he couldn't rape Apple in a side deal.F the employees, f his holding in Apple. It's just business - no hard feelings, right fellas ?
Yep - should be able to with Target Display Mode.
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