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LmaoTizenbook in 3,2,1 ....
Hope the ex Apple staff have clipped them for plenty ! Me too, all over again. Mystery Sammy vans suddenly appear ....
Coming soon.Having shunned commercial radio for a while now, Im enjoying Beats One. Good job Apple !
Yea - man, that's really, really unimpressive.No sale GigSky.
ffs You may be skeptical so what ? Massive troll leap to say everyone is skeptical when that is plainly untrue. Why did you buy one ? Perhaps you are experiencing post cognitive dissonance ? I suspect some other form of disconnect - oh no wait, you're just a troll.
So far you have had no valid arguments just opinionated anecdotal rhetoric. The rest of the content of your posts is all conjecture. Sell your watch.
Hey - thanks for that !Looks greatEdit: About 18 months ago I searched for a long time for alternatives to the rinky dink battery pumps after discarding them completely as being an utter waste of time.This looks excellent. Ordered one a few minutes ago.
This is classic. Many rules of the troll on display here.
I've said it before and for the hell of it I'll say it again - if Apple can figure out how to include a reliable Blood Pressure sensor on the watch they will rule. It's the missing link for the health/fitness buyers. Blood sugar and the others can come later but for now a bps would put it miles in front of anything else. It was pointed out to me in another thread that a bps does not have to be hospital grade but a reliable indicator is all that's required. God, Ye olden...
IMNSHO - one of the biggest factors in achieving a successful education program is the teacher to student ratio. Smaller classes allow good teachers to operate more effectively. Its not rocket science.
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