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lmaoWell my other post didn't last long !But yes I agree, it would've been interesting to see the change in price point !
Up and running on Ye olden venerable iPad2 - no issues. Haven't seen the "dreaded" web page error once since upgrading. Seems nice and smooth. Can't comment on battery life yet. cheers,r
Downloading... iPad2Let you know later
lmao - Siri gives me Wherethefuckshouldigofordrinks.com
Nope. Siri works fine for me. Siri's fine with kiwi although when first released it WAS comical.The only issue is, you guessed it, place names.But that's ok by me - most Foreigners mangle them :-)I'll bet Siri has a few spaz outs with Aussie place names - not to mention full on strine :-)
Those are nice thoughts, and may be relevant as far as Android is concerned.Their own OS is already irrelevant at a market share level which means - why bother to pretend that it is or can be anything else, seriously.Gone, not quite but just about. In a year finished.Platform agnostic ? Well good luck trying to use that to leverage sales. Yesterday's catch cry. Dead meat.Apple and iOS ? Nah. They haven't got anything they can add that's not already built in.So what have...
Ah Soli you said the IBM word. IBM cf Blackberry. IBM established player in a strategic alliance with Apple. Blackberry recent acquirer of GT will have to work extremely hard and quickly to integrate and solidify a position against a giant who is just starting to get rolling. IMO - no contest. At least with what we've seen from them so far. We'll see, but I'd suspect another meltdown/bloodbath not too far away. But this play is almost certainly Blackberrys last chance to...
Roflmao, Tom.The real deal for you, seeing as you were there.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TRZAJY23xio
OT Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview was on TV the other night. If you haven't seen it before it's well worth a look - the man himself. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TRZAJY23xio
Yep - you would have to think so.Apple needs to defend this successfully.
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