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May be - but that's somewhat irrelevant to this thread. Judge Koh has marginalised herself with this ruling. I hope Tim takes this further . All JudgeKoh had to was to bring a judgement that was fair and right. She didn't do that and has now sent a signal that the American judicial system doesn't necessarily protect patent holders.
FFS, Judge Koh. Can't you see that you've singlehandedly given Samsung and any company a green light to rape and pillage IP - from anybody ! Jeez, what a travesty of justice. A complete mockery. I micturate on your court .... You brainless individual.
"Your day off is just around that corner, Brother !"
I would definitely use Health kit - providing I can use it in the way I want to ie for monitoring. I am not willing to share any of my data whatsoever. I can understand that others might want to be more liberal in certain situations tho - like in a sports/team training environment where program and target monitoring might be required. As singularity said, very interesting to see where this all leads. Med is huge.
Here's a good example of what Apple are up against http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/tv-radio/10351514/Want-Netflix-Networks-say-its-not-legit The networks want control. We are blessed to have Sky here in NZ, who in a country of around 4.5 million have their subscription based boxes in 1 million households. They are the only player here yet the free networks have come out in support of them. The people accessing Netflix obviously want more choice or aren't satisfied...
sodimm, rdimm, udimm - doesn't matter. No 16 gb modules ! I hear ddr4 is just around the corner maybe that's when 32gb will be offered.
See - there ya go using facts to dispel reasonable demands ;-) Pretty good for a 4 poster - you'll go well round here !
If the Beats headphones are using some tech that is in breach of the patents then Apple should use some other method that doesn't infringe when the beats sale is finalised. That would make Boses claims historical. Jimmy n Dre have got plenty of cash to fight the lawsuit and pay any reparations. :-) My $0.02c
Lazza, surgy n derrick hit it out of the park again ........... Weeeeee - watch that turd sink faster than the titanic Bad metaphors I know - but wtf This is beyond lipstick on a pig. edit: maybe that should read - splat on the bat. Manufactures dress accordingly ....
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