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I hear what you're saying but Apple aren't going there. There's always the hackintosh route though. edit: several hours later And a great vibrant community it is ! Some very clever people on the hackintosh sites. Very open source feel to it. I'm sure Apple keep a watch over there - those guys are truly innovative esp on graphics drivers. Well, all kexts really. Not that I recommend Mac users to delve into that area, disasters do happen. Ymmv
Cool - I knew there would be a way. Have to locate the code now - I tried online but no luck so far. (reading manual frantically)
Wait - you mean I can't respawn ?
GG - is that you ?
It's too violent and the graphics suck.
@Sir Lance - what could get you excited about Goog apps on an apple watch ? You must really like ads :-) Seriously though, I'm Interested in how they might benefit you.
Unbelievable - yea some prison time ought to be dished out for this. Unauthorised third party services - how does that work ? Wtf does a premium txt message look like anyway ? lol
Unfortunately in both NZ and Aussie there has been several generations of families "living on the dole" - a total counter culture. UK too, although even longer there in some areas - their attitudes are not unlike what you've described sflagel. It's just one of the many benefits from living in a Social Welfare state. /s
Don't expect any free newspaper ! An RSS feed is of more worth. It's a err, collection of umm articles that are designed to ahh pique your interest. Ad free, though it could be argued that NYT Now is a giant ad for itself.
Hey AI - just out of interest, what does a pic of Obama (on your front page) have to do with this story ?
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