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Yep - you would have to think so.Apple needs to defend this successfully.
Definitely f'n don't !I mean, if Apple are guilty then they should pay - but if they believe themselves to be not guilty and can prove it, then take it to wherever they can get a fair unbiased ruling.
My iPad2's battery is showing signs of its age. Bring them on Apple !
@ Soli. lmao " Great, want to know how many times I can pull out and push in the Lightning connector from my iPhone in one minute? enough times that my iPhone wants to smoke a cigarette afterwards?" Now thats a disturbing mental image.
C,mon now - that's a bit harsh.They are boldly and fearlessly committed to bringing their customers innovative technology. /s
Sammy should have been hung, drawn and quartered. Simple. This whole debacle essentially makes a mockery of the patent system and the American judicial system. If you've got the money you can defend your actions and limit damage. Never mind that you're guilty as sin and already been adjudged to be so. Sad. What's the bet the Supreme Court soft cocks out of taking a hard stance and awards Apple the win but reduces damages to ohh, I dunno - say 300 mill ? Any takers ?
Supreme Court here we come! Sammy, bold and fearless in their commitment to innovation.
True. I should've qualified my post.
Vulnerability fixed in about a week. Good job Apple.
Or, you can listen to their shows. Hear some old stuff, new stuff. Like it, dislike it - take it for what it is. No need to get out of shape about it. There's no conspiracy theory under every rock. (And I'm a sucker for a good conspiracy theory ) EJ surprised me - plays some great bluesy and gospel stuff. Try it you might change your mind. The Alligator Hour rules imnsho
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