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An Alpha bet by those who cornered the best darn search engine in the world. What's the chances they spin off subsidiaries of anything remotely, possibly successful ? Shareholders will take the risk - the Alpha company will scoop the profit, if any. Goog, poof - now you see it, now you don't.
True - but there's this err, method/hack, call it what you wil, I found in the wilds. I've been using it since about iOS 61) Make a bookmark in Safari and call it - Scroll Down 2) Edit that book mark and paste the script below in the URL fieldjavascript:scroll(0,document.getElementsByTagName(%22body%22)%5B0%5D.scrollHeight);That's it.
ha - should've used quote marks. "Apple hat" . Better ?
Yea - there's some weird PC spin going on in language at the moment.Eg. They're putting a new car park in my town. People have been parking on the road kerb. Fair enough they need to something about it, it is dangerous.But are they going to ticket the offenders once the carpark is complete ?No, they are going to "Incentivise" them. wtf ? weird
When Jimmys wearing his Apple hat out in public, he should learn some discretion about things he's not involved in. He's a loose cannon. Full of himself.
"The latest iOS 9 beta builds came with other small improvements, including Wi-Fi calling for AT&T and a "Wi-Fi Assist" mode that automatically switches to cellular data if it determines a local network signal is too weak." Yes - this should be feasible as Apple Music switches seemlessly for me between wifi and cellular. Very impressed with this,btw. I suspected I would have to change manually as I went out of range. No break in the song, no lag. You need to have turned...
Not bad, but I think they'd use something far more odious.Corporate Crisis ? Apple Restructures.
hah - Windows Everywhere ! Still living the dream
Not if you're Bloomberg.
Looks like you won't have to self ban, sog !
New Posts  All Forums: