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FFS - lining up, snouts ready for the trough again. Jeez
There is way too much detail in this thread. Cervical mucus - added to the "things I don't need to know about." list
They may be seen as rantathons - but they are generally accurate and specifically aimed at Mac users.So while they may be seen as "preaching to the audience" they almost always include some history and perspective that some newer Mac users may or may not be aware of.DED is perfectly justified in doing so - as others have said, "It's an editorial." Take from it what you will.
qftSad state journalism is in. Sensationalist hyped up bs designed for Internet consumption.Ethics ? Professionalism ? Integrity ?Thrown out the window for clicks. pffft
Wait. Lookit - the case is bent ! bendgate II begins ....
True.Apple need to beef up their cases a new study has revealed.
Wow - that's from close range ! I wouldn't have thought anything other than a metal case would have stood up to a shotgun blast - oh yes, of course riot gear's made out of composites, I know. But still a plastic phone case ... insane.
Sammy have a big push to keep sales going here in NZ - all carriers offering interest free on S6 models.
ahh - yes GT. Very true, a reliable indicator is what's required. Heck ye olde plastic cuff and electric pump is nothing more than that anyway. SOP in my med centre is they take 3 readings with those and more often than not they then use the middle values returned. shrug
Thanks. I've since done a little reading around - there has been quite a lot of work in this area.Nothing "off the shelf" that Apple could buy or licence that's ready to go that I've been able to find yet.So, yes - years away by the look of it.
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