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You just reminded me of those !I'd completely forgotten about them - a school friend had one.We hooked up lemons, oranges .... back when the world was a simpler place.Kids these days have Internet pRoN on hand 24/7 For anyone halfway interested http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemon_battery
qftSad to say, I have to agree with you.I do not expect that any Govt would try to fine a corp retrospectively though.The corps are only using the guidelines govts put in place.If govts move the goal posts through legislation the corps will react accordingly to minimise exposure in any given country.
Incredible, if true, to think Apple would be #1 in China. Amazing. And Sammy - slammed by the market !
Yes - but notice M$ response towards the end of the Reuters article. lol - that's cocky ! They're not worried. This IP enforcement really is the new Wild West with Cowboys and Injuns abounding. It needs a landmark decision to clear this nonsense up.
GG - He did similar just weeks earlier to M$ http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/04/27/us-microsoft-interdigital-decision-idUSKBN0NI23720150427 No doubt this is a follow on to that probably relating to the same patent.
That would be - some android based feature phone sold in India or China ?
Go "all the way" - and obtain a final and clear ruling that's serves as a clear precedent for any future claims. Heck, with all the patents Apple has filed over the past few years it would be in their best interests to do so.
oh no definitely not - I read that you've been exceptionally balanced and consistent.Its up to the courts. I'd hate to see a back-room deal made on this, it's too important.Apple has to go for the doctor on this one, imnsho.
umm - from startups that may have insight into new applications of tech that can't afford to develop knowing they will have a Swedish giant riding alongside in their wallet. As to specifics - I can't comment because if I knew I would be flat out in that area not pontificating here, somewhat needlessly.
New Posts  All Forums: