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Now this is a first world problem :-)
Lord, spare me from animated gif's .....
In Breaking News - Sumsung releases a toe print scanner on its new range of phones so that it can authorise payments and get money, too ! They're rumoured to be called Featz Plus.
Started already - http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/sep/10/analysis-apple-iphone-6-plus-apple-watch-apple-payFollowing. Lacking focus - jeez, what numbskulls.edit: I don't mean the article, which is well balanced. I meant the idiot quoted in the first paragraph.
You just committed troll suicide with that last shot.You keep on using yer droid ware. Apple doesn't need you.LatReZ
Tims winding up the well connected and noted Tech analysts. Lol
New Zealand is a twist on zeeland because of the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman who was the first to chart a part of the coast round these here parts. So Old Zeeland would actually be in Holland. Boring history rant off/
heh - yep. Several islands, in fact.But, in so far as actual sales numbers are concerned (I know Apple doesn't report those), it's the trend I'm interested in.A growth toward larger devices or something else - I suspect the 6+ will be the device that over time becomes a popular choice.It may even chew into iPad mini sales.
Slow day on the island today ?
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