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hmm, I kind of agree although it's sort of somewhat ambiguous :-)
Bottom left corner :-)
Bugger me, APPL has actually risen after Cooks announcement ! I guess the naysayers are trying to put together some spin /s
What TS said I ruined my iP 2 with a friends aftermarket car charger. Worked fine on his 3G - screwed mine.
Only one will win this auction - my money's on Jim Jannard to head 'em all off.
Absolutely fantastic - back to 2007 ! Well done Apple !
When did the iPad become a franchise, AI ? Inquiring minds would like to know.
Why bring this drivel into this thread, Unstable ? Nice try at an OT derail. Back to your hole now, please
Right On, rcfa !It's the individuals privacy that's at stake here. Not Goog's self assumed right to be able to data mine so that it can make money.I'm not trying to be overly critical here - but sometimes it seems to me that the American legal system gets convoluted like this ruling.It seems to contradict the original court case that found Goog in breach.What's the message ? It's ok ? it's not ok ? It's ok if you're prepared to pay ?Too messy - is it abuse of privacy or...
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