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lmao I was going to post something similar. Beaten, yet again. +1
I'm not all that sure that Apple actually needs Square. I think Square is better as a standalone enterprise. Doing fantastically well all by itself.
Yea, you're right, Dick.Heck, what's not to like.We all know that money talks and BS walks when it comes to business.This partnership could save a single large corporate millions in IT costs alone let alone productivity gains.IBM have the sales team to sell this.edit: And there's likely to be an added bonus for Apple as the legacy corporate Beige boxes get replaced with iMacs or MBPs or even Mac Minis.It could work out very successfully for both companies.
lol. Yea - I just wanted to use "paradigm shift" once in my life.
Yep.Boom ! Paradigm shift, right here and now.edit: that's if the corporates see the advantages, of course.Some IT advisors will fight tooth and nail against it - they simply won't have the control they've been able to wield in the past.Ya know, the old "We know better. " thing.
I really hope those involved in education IT take notice of this and start to ask some real questions and demand hard answers from their IT advisors.
Nice tie in with the "priceless" campaign of yesteryear. Cool ad, like it !
Very interesting the Chromebook drive into education here in NZ as well. It gets my goat that many of the high schools are parroting what they are "recommended" by their IT consultants without any thought whatsoever. Definitely anti tablet of ANY description - to paraphrase, a tablet will not meet the curriculum demands. They then proceed quickly to recommend Chrome as the operating system. They then suggest a local retailer who has "provided the school an exceptional...
There are some things that are worth making a song and dance about and others that are not.It's easy to say Google make a whole bunch of apps free to mitigate their blatant data mining of users.Apple makes a whole bunch of apps free as well. No need to list them all but iCloud delivers those. Oh and then there's the operating system .....As part of the baby boomer demographic, I'm old enough to know that to rage against the machine is like pissing into the wind ... about...
New Posts  All Forums: