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Thanks. I've since done a little reading around - there has been quite a lot of work in this area.Nothing "off the shelf" that Apple could buy or licence that's ready to go that I've been able to find yet.So, yes - years away by the look of it.
The big medical sensor missing on the Apple watch is blood pressure. If they can incorporate a reliable bp sensor the watch will rule. I'm not sure about the science in that area but I have had exposure to the vagaries of cuffs used in traditional methods. I'm very sure Apple know this already and are working on it.
Doubly complicated by the other big brand competitors forced to operate in that space. There will not be enough profit margin for all.
I really don't like to see the "little guy" lose but this was inevitable, sadly. Apple will take out the mid & upper tiers of the smart watch market leaving the rest of the competitors the bottom end. You're going to need a really good product to survive and even that may not be enough. I hope Pebble makes it through and can carve out a profitable business - looking extremely doubtful though.
brilliant !Think diff'rent
I hear what you're saying but Apple aren't going there. There's always the hackintosh route though. edit: several hours later And a great vibrant community it is ! Some very clever people on the hackintosh sites. Very open source feel to it. I'm sure Apple keep a watch over there - those guys are truly innovative esp on graphics drivers. Well, all kexts really. Not that I recommend Mac users to delve into that area, disasters do happen. Ymmv
Cool - I knew there would be a way. Have to locate the code now - I tried online but no luck so far. (reading manual frantically)
Wait - you mean I can't respawn ?
GG - is that you ?
It's too violent and the graphics suck.
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