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@ spock1234 Way to go ! 🖖
If you mean that Apple are able to charge a premium for their hardware because people value the brand then I don't begrudge them one red cent.You have chosen to ignore the ongoing overhead costs in development of OS, software and services provided for free that come bundled when you buy an Apple product.If it wasn't for Apple we'd all still likely be using some M$ pos hacked with a Linux distro.Or in the case of phones an Ericsson or Nokia flip phone running M$ mobile,...
lmao - v funnyI think tmay has dealt with that little jab.
I've got no idea - but as shompa pointed out manufacturers are paying already to Qualcomm et al.as component suppliers. Ericssons already earning through that avenue.It's this detestable greed that irks me in these cases.Some sort of claim to entitlement from yesteryear - that in this case is through ip that is largely irrelevant.Ultimately stifling the rate of progress.
Just because Ericsson were able to extort that concession from manufacturers in the past doesn't make it right today.Way more than just a mobile phone - a handheld computer.Witness the App Store and the millions of apps that have nothing to do with Ericssons claim to the overall device.Do you think Apple should continue to develop its own SOCs knowing that whatever mobile communication device they may market has a claim on it by a company that has contributed nothing to...
Thanks for some history and great insight, shompa !
Perhaps not in your view.A claim for royalties across the whole device ? It sure looks that way to me.
oh yea - ugly and messy as hell. Agreed.
And it was probably ok back when phones were just phones.To claim royalties over the whole device is stretching that method way beyond what these devices do now.IMO - this is like Ford claiming royalties for airplanes just because they've got wheels and a propulsion system :-)
It makes those companies position quite clear though :-) They're going to shoot for the moon if the courts will let them. But yes, previously adhered to international standards are consigned to the waste bin. Very murky if they head down that path.
New Posts  All Forums: