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lmao It's an "official" ramp up, Bloomberg at it again. Posted 7 hours ago http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-08-06/morgan-stanley-this-is-your-chance-to-buy-shares-of-apple-at-a-discount
And so the ramp up on the share price begins .... to be followed by the inevitable slump after APPL again fails to meet analysts adjusted targets. /s
You've gotta be kidding me and everyone else here.Apple pay is mana from heaven for the banks !Yes it costs them a small percentage but the security and reduction in theft and fraud will save them billions.Gee, I wonder why they jumped on board so quickly.Apple has provided a safe and secure mechanism - the banks have to sell it to reap the benefits.
@jungmark Yep - Bloomberg would spin it anyway they want to. Lies mixed in with half truths not mention a little sprinkle of fact just to justify their lofty position as a, ahem, "credible source". I could forgive them for being just another aggregator - if they weren't hard wired into their own terminal which every trader has. They've evolved over the last few years since the explosion of the net into some other kind of beast. Easily manipulated. (I'm on a particularly...
Who says they even surveyed Apple Pay equipped merchants ?Did you pay with Apple Pay ?No. (Missing) I couldn't Just saying
really doubt that the watch has anything to do with their decision.It's more likely that they're shifting investment blocks out of euro companies that may have exposure to currency uncertainties.But then again, you may be right ... sell some Swatch buy some Apple Watch
God created economists to make meteorologists look good.Badaboomp
Bloomberg could spike Googs bubble anytime they want to, but they don't for some reason.
Wow, that's great for Runtastic and a smart move by Adidas.
I'll be interested to see how this develops esp on the software automation side. News cutters be afraid, very afraid
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