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OT Rant - How come Goog ads are now incorporated willy nilly into the body of posts? A couple of weeks ago they appeared as standalone posts. Bloody awful but less intrusive. This is really annoying me. Can someone alter this behaviour ? OT Rant off And yea - Pebble your watches are still fugly !
Cool ! Freemium apps on your wrist :-)Yea - I'm with you newbee. The legal responsibility is messy. Is Apple now going to be held liable for someone else's store ?Seems overly complicated.
I just checked - they added CMYK last Oct in v 2.1.6 16 Bit support for all Macs is being worked on at the moment according to their forums. I must DL a trial and give it a whirl - seems like they are committed to give PS a serious challenge. Good
Doomed - a pebble sinks to the bottom much like a stone, just a little slower.
idc about whatever functionality it might posses - it's butt ugly.
ahh - found this. Uses mini DP - pretty cool http://www.kanexlive.com/snapx NOT compatible with the TB display, unfortunately :-( If they bring out a TB switch sometime in the future - you'd be golden. cheers
Ok - the only gotcha is you will have to power off whichever machine you're not using. You can't have say, the mini asleep and then plug the MBP in. There is no choice or button to switch between input sources like on a tv. The display defaults to the last active connection. The answer to this would be a TB KVM switch but I don't know of any out there at the moment. cheers,r
Yes it will work. I think you may be over thinking this. /polite tag The TB display is also a docking station. Has firewire 800, Ethernet, USB ports. All that data flow is handled over the TB link to a computer. edit: I got my wife a MBA - she uses a big monitor at home so we had to buy a TB to hdmi adapter. I also hard wired the MBA to Ethernet using a USB to Ethernet adapter. IF I had bought her a TB display I would have used the single TB cable to connect the MBA to...
umm, 2 TB cables ? One from Mac mini - one from Mbp. Swap them at the display
This is what journalism is these days - mention two names often enough in an article that barely contains any structure - hey, now that's news ! It's sad - just noise, spin, whatever you want to call it.
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