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But, but - the Samsung with the A7 octo core is sooo much lighter !/s
A7 ? Really, Sammy. An Octo A7 no less - well that'll surely beat the pants off anything else around. Pathetic. Shameless attempt to blur the the specs. No class - you still fail.
"But proof's more in pudding and pads than patents per se." You sir, are guilty of blatant alliteration ! edit: I do wish though that there would be a different mechanism to the sham of the present judicial system in dealing with cases of IP stealing/borrowing/infringement/whatever. The existing system jus ain't working. Some sort of International court that is beholden to no one and would actively censure companies who use others IP for gain. Old style justice -...
This crazy sheer fcukwitedness(TM) of an implementation from TapSense should tell everyone what they need to know about this company. Moronic - Epic Moronic.
Ye olde adage - "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should", springs to mind. Hopefully this stupid idea of ad implementation will die right here and now.
Behold - a new word is born !
Hey AI - we do the funny shit round here !
Yep - exactly.I rember a thread about a year or so ago discussing the U.S. tax repatrition laws, not the specific detail unfortunately. We need jragosta for that - rip
I thought the thread was about the Beebs sensationalist reporting and misrepresentation of facts, in order to drive ratings upward and therefore justify their advertising charges that they derive their income from.oh well ....
With Apple underpinning demand Ol Carl's going to ride this pony all the way home.
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