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oh yea - ugly and messy as hell. Agreed.
And it was probably ok back when phones were just phones.To claim royalties over the whole device is stretching that method way beyond what these devices do now.IMO - this is like Ford claiming royalties for airplanes just because they've got wheels and a propulsion system :-)
It makes those companies position quite clear though :-) They're going to shoot for the moon if the courts will let them. But yes, previously adhered to international standards are consigned to the waste bin. Very murky if they head down that path.
Anyone rember this ? Way ahead of its time back on Old Mac OS 8 or 8.5. Sometime around there. Overly complicated and difficult but the vision was there way back then. Doubly complicated by the fact that the speed of the Internet restricted Sherlock immensely. APPL deep in the hole and struggliing in those times. And then came Goog about OS 9 - stripped down, no ads and fast. Nothing else stood a chance. Alta Vista anyone ? Shoot, back then the default home page for...
lmao, jungmark Denial of profit stream claim. Anti competiveness Flawgic
Exactly SN - why launch a browser ? Spotlight, or some other named derivative, could deliver search results right to your desktop.
Idk. but having watched my share of low resolution streams, all I can say is, It ain't worth it, at any price.
qft !Did those people who watched a "dodgy" stream want to see the fight ? Yes, of course.Were they ever going to pay for it ? Nope.Not sure what the answer is but charging a heap for ppv will ensure that there will always be alternatives.
I've tried watching all manner of streams from a heap of different sources. Movies are ok - but live sports are well, pretty much hopeless here in NZ. Even from the big players like Sky who have a live stream showing as well as normal broadcast - slow, laggy, resolution drops to a blur. Pretty much unwatchable for me if there's a big demand for a game. (I'm rural sooo - pretty much the end of the pipe lol) I watched this fight at my local. The pub paid $1500 to Sky to put...
I'd expect that to change, Goog is fighting back.About a month ago I received an email from them pointing out the errors in SEO for some of the sites I admin. The errors all related to mobile sites spawned from the desktop sites.No biggie to sort out, just needed to add meta data on the mobile pages.V pro active lol - for their own ends of course.
New Posts  All Forums: