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umm, 2 TB cables ? One from Mac mini - one from Mbp. Swap them at the display
This is what journalism is these days - mention two names often enough in an article that barely contains any structure - hey, now that's news ! It's sad - just noise, spin, whatever you want to call it.
Larry Page challenges for the Americas Cup !
Try using "tehBig1Johnson.Works everytime :-)"Industrial Strength passwords only on AI !They go the distance." (TM)
hmm, I kind of agree although it's sort of somewhat ambiguous :-)
Bottom left corner :-)
Bugger me, APPL has actually risen after Cooks announcement ! I guess the naysayers are trying to put together some spin /s
What TS said I ruined my iP 2 with a friends aftermarket car charger. Worked fine on his 3G - screwed mine.
Only one will win this auction - my money's on Jim Jannard to head 'em all off.
New Posts  All Forums: