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heh, some serious big budget creative went into that ad. /sGod, if ever there was a product in need of a solution, it's the Surface.MS is groping in the dark.
"Hey, what's that ? Is it a kickstand ? ..." Lmao. So hokey jeez
Wheeler is obviously a political appointee. He is in no-mans land. A paper tiger. A clear vision is what's needed, not some shitfight over who has more money invested and therefore claims has more say.
Those are very friendly prices for pos transaction devices. Good job Square !
xenadu obviously wasn't born yesterday.Lol - nice try Dick !
Well, I'd take it as sure sign that MS is failing to deliver and that is why IBM is now looking to develop business with Apple. (Not the other way round.)For Apple it's a logical extension of its existing business to grow into the mainstream.You're right IBM needs to hang on to what it has in the short term and grow its business on to a new platform.MS has hit the wall despite its entrenched software. Corporate bean counters may have to soon start to think about counting...
Too late :-)This train hit the bottom of the ravine on page 2.
Corning say they are, iircBut, you're right the Chinese are coming fast.http://www.forbes.com/sites/laurahe/2013/01/14/technology-breakthrough-makes-chinese-fiber-optics-entrepreneur-a-new-billionaire/
Limit the amount of ads shoved down our throats by Goog. That'd speed things up. @TS - yea. Those are great ideas.
FCC chairman Wheelers response http://www.fcc.gov/document/chairman-wheelers-stmt-president-obamas-stmt-open-internet Boilerplate
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