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I saw that Bloomberg article yesterday - man, they are really a mouthpiece for spreading the BS thick n quick. They take anything, any fact and spin it to wherever they want knowing that Reuters et al will pick it up. The dailies will pick it up - and all of a sudden, "Hey, it's a fact!" Disgusting behaviour - but they've been doing it forever ... I see APPL went up a little today - I guess the glee club on Wall St have decided to ride the stock up now. /cynical
Thanks for that link, ikrupp A clear explanation. Moving on ....
ohh dear you said the "s" word. Yea - unless you've got live sports locked in, well said to say it, you've got nothing
ahh yes, but that was then, this is now.
Quoted for prophetic accuracy Yep - looks like they're really serious about the auto industry now.In other words, climb on board or get left behind.
Piss off, Zuckerberg and take Larry with you. Leeches, the pair of them.
lol at myself.Well call me a stupid old bastard !I won't mind.Thanks for that.I see the requirements for a "reliable" experience are minimum 20Mb/sec connection. By god that's some compression even from a highly compressed source codec ...I've seen plenty of 4k stuff that's been down sampled to 720 and 1080. Looks great.I guess if there are enough people that are willing to pay for it then it will become common place.I can't see the need for it myself if delivery is...
I'm not having a go at you here sennen,but seriously people are bandying 4k around like its 1080p back in the days of dv.lmao - the computational power required from a decoder for 4k is frightening.I can't be bothered to search up relevant links but jeez think about it.4k Streaming over the net - you've got to be dreaming. lmao4k over broadcast - roflmaoWhat you'll get is sub sampled rendition of 4k - the signal stomped on by very smart encoders.Jeez - most films are...
You may well be right - sure beats fcuking around in the courts, for little or no reward.Hit em where it hurts - in the wallet.
Surely not, I mean you're logging in with your Apple ID so .... it all should be available if qualified to run on an atv.Any dev care to chime in here ?
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