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Yea - def not ATVs
Finaaallleeee. Hallelujah
ahh Slurpy - you're just being overly pedantic.They missed the most important metric - analysts forecasts.Samsung stock will rise because of unprecedented demand for curved screens./s(just in case anyone's in doubt)
And the winnah for the race to the bottom with more low to mid priced mobiles IIISS - Saaaaammmsuuunnng.
Yahoo !!!!!!!!!!!ah gawd, I think I've over punctuated ...
@theothergeoff Quote: I need a phone - and if I need a laptop, then why buy an iPad? That's fair enough, Geoff. In that case, no need for an iPad. And Apple probably don't care one bit - as long as you buy Apple. But, given the choice of an iPhone 6/6+, an iPad or a MacBook to surf the net and do email - I'll reach for the iPad every time. That's just me, though.
Doesn't make it less personal, I agree.Makes it damn hard to use though when you can't get on the bloody thing coz some damn kid is monopolising it and WONT share.Trust me on this ... been there, done that.
@tmay The iPad Pro coupled with IBMs sales force and apps for enterprise will sell like hot cakes.
lmao.Good one !
I think he was talking about mobile in a holistic sense
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