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Yep - I've been keeping a track of those. Found one ! What I was meaning was more like this - good Ol Belkin to the rescue ! http://www.belkin.com/us/p/P-F4U055/ Not TB2 yet - many more of these BOB's will come I'm sure. edit: I reread wiz's post. I may have simplified things too much (a character fault, I admit ) I now see what wiz is saying - all network protocols could be handled by TB using the much wider pipe and not limited to GigE. That makes perfect...
err, I wasn't comparing TB with usb3 but fw being overtaken by usb3. Sorry for any confusion I haven't kept up with what else may be coming that could oppose TB other than some noise from the PC crowd about new Ethernet protocols that they seem to think are going to be offer the way forward. Apple could certainly leverage TB for the Mac, I guess it's over to Intel - but what their intentions are I don't know. Ubiquitous may have been the wrong use of a word - I was...
Right there wiz !We've always had the ability to add whatever we might have needed through ye olden PCI/e slots.Gone - the future for the MacPro is yet to be written. Yet capability is there through TB, but as we've discussed in other threads - still an X factor unless TB become ubiquitous. Could end up like fw ... great tech, adopted by the PC crowd late. Then swamped by usb3. Bleeding edge here ...
roflmaoMe too !
You should be fine because iMessage uses your Apple ID contact info. Your regular phone number has nothing to do with it nor your new number. If the person you are trying to contact is not on an idevice or doesn't have an Apple ID then the phone number is used but the message will go out as SMS or txt. You will have noticed that idevice contact messages go as blue and non idevice contacts go out as green, no doubt.
" Mostly true, except in Apple's case they sell WAY more "compromise" product than any other brand ever could because there's no way to run OS X without one of their machines. As a result I think a fair number of buyers settle for configurations that aren't necessarily what they want because they can't go to another vendor for an OS X machine." Yea - apart from the hackintosh route, of course. But as most of us know, that doesn't really guarantee any OS upgrade path...
You must feel some kind of smugness to post. Well mate you can take your smugness and shove it where the sun don't shine. You can revel all you want in your CC heaven. Fair enough, you're paying. I don't want Adobe bloat - doesn't help me in any way whatsoever. I want stand alone programs, period. And if you post back that I should be using PS elements or some other such BS - things will get really personal.
LOLWSJ: A cordial meeting between Steve and a large stockholder was had and all issues were resolved.
Ye olde "listen to the shareholder. I'm a big shareholder so you gotta listen to me !" pitch again. Another asset stripper dressed up in an expensive suit. He'll short Apple the moment he realises he can't get his own way.
No matey, not kidding.No lag typing or anything like that for me. Also installed on iPad2 - all good.
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