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That would be - some android based feature phone sold in India or China ?
Go "all the way" - and obtain a final and clear ruling that's serves as a clear precedent for any future claims. Heck, with all the patents Apple has filed over the past few years it would be in their best interests to do so.
oh no definitely not - I read that you've been exceptionally balanced and consistent.Its up to the courts. I'd hate to see a back-room deal made on this, it's too important.Apple has to go for the doctor on this one, imnsho.
umm - from startups that may have insight into new applications of tech that can't afford to develop knowing they will have a Swedish giant riding alongside in their wallet. As to specifics - I can't comment because if I knew I would be flat out in that area not pontificating here, somewhat needlessly.
I agree - except on the point of using a blanket sales price. Ericsson will only argue that the sales price should be higher.I don't care that Ericsson were able to negotiate/extort that concession from manufacturers in the past.It should be based on the cost of the component. And if Qualcomm are already paying Ericsson for the ip and Apple buy from Qualcomm - why should Ericsson be able to double dip ?I said before that this is more akin to a sales tax. Odious and...
@GG - This discussion has been a good one and it has served to highlight the differing arguments. There's been no clear consensus here other than some see a need for change and others want the status quo to remain. No doubt where I stand. There's a need for change and as we said earlier it's likely to get very messy as the legal teams go at it. This case may end up as a precedent for future rulings. It really depends on how far Apple want to push it - could be years...
@TT - I'm still wiping the tears from my eyes from laughter. Hilarious. Thank you for your suggestion and were that possible on an Internet discussion board I might entertain the notion if I weren't married, the recipient was female, somewhat comely and willing. Otherwise not.
@ spock1234 Way to go ! 🖖
If you mean that Apple are able to charge a premium for their hardware because people value the brand then I don't begrudge them one red cent.You have chosen to ignore the ongoing overhead costs in development of OS, software and services provided for free that come bundled when you buy an Apple product.If it wasn't for Apple we'd all still likely be using some M$ pos hacked with a Linux distro.Or in the case of phones an Ericsson or Nokia flip phone running M$ mobile,...
New Posts  All Forums: