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Well, I'd take it as sure sign that MS is failing to deliver and that is why IBM is now looking to develop business with Apple. (Not the other way round.)For Apple it's a logical extension of its existing business to grow into the mainstream.You're right IBM needs to hang on to what it has in the short term and grow its business on to a new platform.MS has hit the wall despite its entrenched software. Corporate bean counters may have to soon start to think about counting...
Too late :-)This train hit the bottom of the ravine on page 2.
Corning say they are, iircBut, you're right the Chinese are coming fast.http://www.forbes.com/sites/laurahe/2013/01/14/technology-breakthrough-makes-chinese-fiber-optics-entrepreneur-a-new-billionaire/
Limit the amount of ads shoved down our throats by Goog. That'd speed things up. @TS - yea. Those are great ideas.
FCC chairman Wheelers response http://www.fcc.gov/document/chairman-wheelers-stmt-president-obamas-stmt-open-internet Boilerplate
oh yeah, I can see something like that being offered from a store or at a merchant level, no problem.But from Apple ? Nope.edit: I'd like to see the banks give some reward as well.Record profits have been posted by the banks both here and in Australia yoy for some time now.
Nah - that has to be BS.Can't see it - not Apples style and do they need to ?Nah, BS.
As Flaneur has pointed out - this is not about 3D movies but control surfaces and how we might interact with them. I include this link http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/08/20/apple-patents-3d-gesture-ui-for-ios-based-on-proximity-sensor-input
Right on the money.It's the reason why Goog exists and why their service is backasswards.
LMAOMein Gott. Don't need no stink'n bulging iconsMit der Dummheit selbst die Götter ratlos sind
New Posts  All Forums: