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That's not a bad idea, quinney.Apple watch service contract and upgrades for a specified time.Hard to plan for though given the rapid advance of tech. Planning a retro fit for new hardware would be cumbersome technically and practically, but hey, maybe.If anybody could do it it would be Apple.
Yea - I think you may have missed the sarcasm there, Paul.Mac didn't tag it, but ... it's apparent.
Now that's disturbing !I curse you for that thought. shudder
"Copresence" - the name is just creepy. Orwellian.
This POS announcement is just to keep the Goog name in headlines while Apple announces success. It's a fop from the Head Glasshole himself. Jeez what a lowlife - to mention billions, SJ and then allude to some altrustic sense of doing better for humanity. (The order isn't important, the sound bytes the press will skew because there's no substance) Scumbag of the highest order. Hey how about Goog refrains from advertising for a year, or better forever - that would save...
double post - stupid huddler
Yes, really. I've gone through 3 cheap modems in the last 4 years.Finally admitted defeat and shelled out an extra $150 on a decent one. (ISP recommended)I'm absolutely sure you know heat kills electronics and the controllers in these lights are not likely to be as robust as components in a laptop.I'd say half life of led would be more than fair, if not on the conservative/generous side.I guess we'll find out when they start failing.That said I do think that the selling...
New Posts  All Forums: