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There are some things that are worth making a song and dance about and others that are not.It's easy to say Google make a whole bunch of apps free to mitigate their blatant data mining of users.Apple makes a whole bunch of apps free as well. No need to list them all but iCloud delivers those. Oh and then there's the operating system .....As part of the baby boomer demographic, I'm old enough to know that to rage against the machine is like pissing into the wind ... about...
Aww jeez - I hope not !I trust that their focus is and always is in the fundamental principles underlying in marketing theory.That the products they produce for market are what the market is willing to pay for. (simplified for the sake of brevity)Apples willingness to protect security of their users is an indication of that, despite NSA wails.I don't like the intrusiveness of advertising BUT accept the need for it.Intelligent advertising - err I can live with, unwillingly,...
Interesting.Google Flawgic takes a new spin.Making money by NOT advertising. lol
You're asking for a consensus - of agreement ?Around here ? Sadly, you may be right ...
As I understand it, a dev would have to provide a close or skip button in order for you dismiss the compelling content
And now I've got that jingle stuck in my head ! I curse you for a new reason this time MS
heh, some serious big budget creative went into that ad. /sGod, if ever there was a product in need of a solution, it's the Surface.MS is groping in the dark.
"Hey, what's that ? Is it a kickstand ? ..." Lmao. So hokey jeez
Wheeler is obviously a political appointee. He is in no-mans land. A paper tiger. A clear vision is what's needed, not some shitfight over who has more money invested and therefore claims has more say.
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