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lmao.Good one !
I think he was talking about mobile in a holistic sense
Yea - God, I rember when we only had this iPad I'm posting on (iPad2) - jeez the fist fights ... lol
@GG "Why would it be dumb for a family? I understand why it might look dumb from Apple's business perspective, or your investor view." Only one user can use it at a time. Christ I would hate to share with the kids - they have their own iPad4s
This. Apple made them too good. I normally upgrade mobile devices for 2 reasons.1) Because of inability of a device to run the latest OS.2) Or more importantly, when the battery starts to fail and they start losing charge.iPads are bricks, in a solid sense. No need to upgrade until one or both of the above occurs.Posted from an iPad2
That may be true.I prefer to substitute - the "well known bullshit artist"
"Apple Cuts $1 Billion From Capital Spending Forecast After IPhone Sales Miss"That's the filthy bugger. Truly odious.They followed up with thishttp://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2015-07-22/apple-falls-after-iphones-guidance-disappointsLol - airheads getting paid for nothing.jeez - the spin they slip into the Apple analysis is sick.
Leading to that filthy, filthy headline by Bloomberg which would have hit the trading desks about a nanosec after CapEx announcement was given.I refer to the CapEx cut linked to the failure of Apple to meet the well connected analysts sales projection for iPhones.Sick, insidious and blatant manipulation.
Not in my wildest imaginings did I consider that they would try and relate the two.Disgusting, blatant, purposeful twisting of the truth.This is far from shoddy journalismI hope someone in Apples legal department slaps a lawsuit on them.
I'll try again Breaking : Apple fails to meet CapEx targets /s Shorter, more punchy
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