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These guys are NOT writing about the stock price they are trying to manipulate the stock price by spreading lies, misinformation and doubt. Abbreviated - pure FUD.They should be jailed for their actions and sued.
Nah - all good here. I have to say that iOS 7 looks very different on iPad 2 compared to iPad 4. But performance wise - nothing in it. All good.
The point is - I''m old school. Video from way back. Never, ever had an issue using this method. When time is money a few hard yards spent on a clean install on a fresh drive is worth it. Try and sort a botched install after it screws up - nah. You can if you want - I'm not going there.
IMNSHO - clean install always, on a wiped disc (zero'd out). Longer method I know - but I can be sure that everything is squeaky clean and optimised. I know many many people use the upgrade option with no problems.
Have 2 Apple id's One for Brazil one for Canada. Swap between them.
Just use Airplane mode - shrug
lol - yea I know - The mongrels. But I take a great deal of strength in knowing that my value to the bank is evidenced by my account balance. :-) edit: jeez, just about Americas Cup time. Gotta go.
Nah - I'm in NZ. On ye olde vowdafone - they prefer to charge exorbitant monthly fees rather than to monetize through the use of third parties.
Big difference, tho. Wouldn't you say Crusty ?My cell carrier isn't in the business of selling ads ....
The article GG linked to is probably a pretty good guide. There are some things missing .... whether they're important to you, only you can decide.I have upgraded my iP4 and my iPad2 to iOS7. I use the iPad tethered to the phone when out and about. No problems at all.My point being that if you are more of a phone, text, email and occasional browser user on a phone then you wont notice any difference. iOS7 runs fine on an iP4. I personally think iOS7 looks better on a...
New Posts  All Forums: