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lmao Right, that's it. I'm going to get two. One for my man-truck and one for my boat. I reverse my earlier comments. The minis day is still to come !
I see a lot of people travelling with them - must be enough sales there to keep them going. But yea - I agree Apple should probably kill it off. otoh - they're a good size for inclusion in cars .... and boats
I thought the mini might be EOL with the introduction of the iPhone 6+. Always loved the form factor but never have been able to justify buying one. Be great on my boat tho' - regular size iPad is a little too big. Hmm, maybe I'll snap and grab one on the refresh.
That's good ! +1
Good call - but fraught with risk.Not for me. Not this one.Fundamentals are fcuked. They're porked and they know it.The ipo is a blatant try at a money grab/cost recovery for the few initial investors and the bankers stupid enough to back them.There will be nothing left in this company at the end of the day.oh wait - there'll be the lease on the office space :-)
Going public at same time lol Cynically raking in ipo $$$$ all the while knowing they are ultimately going to fail. Going to take a whole heap of lipstick to smarten this pig up. There should be some fall out over this if it pans out that way. Can't see it happening any other way tho' - fail. Who'd invest in CurrentC anyhow ?
Cue - "Apple can't innovate" shrieks and wails But yea, I agree. Not in teh plastic.
Spherical video - Anyone seen any of these ? Sounds like wobblecam on steroids. Trots out old mantra - Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
lmao On eBay right now. Have at em
Not too OT derail the thread but that lightning connector has cost me, in replacement cables.My kids can break em quicker than you can say, " gimme back the 30 pin cable, pulleaze !"6 and counting so far. It's just too flimsyNever had to replace a 30 pin ever.
New Posts  All Forums: