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yea - I just tried using it. Like Jon says v v easy to set up. Dragged an old Pages file into the cloud window on my wife's computer. Sent myself a link - edited the file. Signed out and it had already updated the file on my wife's MBA Very slick and still in beta. Jon - give keynote a romp around. Very easy to learn - have the inspector showing at all times. I found it was a lot easier than using the menus
IF all this talk is true this may prove to be the dumbest decision by Apple ever. First to pay 3.2 b and second to appoint these guys with any kind of clout. I hardly ever criticise Apple but this - shakes head. Hope it all turns out to be bs.
Yep - ditto here. I've used the free v for cleaning up pcs with great results. You don't need to have it running all the time. Update it once a month and scan once a month is usual practice.
Oops I can't imagine this was sanctioned from Cupertino. This manoeuvre smacks of a bunch of legal beagles operating on the companies behalf but without enough control.from the parent company. Time for Tim to rein these cowboys in, I'd say.
I've got the free version running on an install of Win 7 with parallels. It's uhh, ok. Appears to do everything little Snitch does. Very pc-ish tho' umm intrusive might be a better description.
VueScan is the go. http://www.hamrick.com I have it on a PB 17 on OS 10.5.8 with my old old MicroTek x6 edit: here's a link from Adobe that may get twain working for you from inside ps http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/twain-plug-photoshop-cs4-cs5.html YMMV
Samsung does not understand what marketing means. Apple is the best example of a company applying the principles of Marketing on the planet bar none. Why do people think marketing is some kind of voodoo combo of advertising and sales ? Oh wait - ignorance . As far as their witness testimony is concerned - what utter drivel. I hope they get ignored or proven to be unreliable - either way basically, lying through their teeth.
Try using a usb card reader. That's what I've done for a long time now having had issues with many different camera brands. Plus side is you don't drain your camera battery. There is no down side
The democratisation of advanced processes is upon us. Their pricing is affordable as well - not that I have a need for any of these devices but incredible to think that for around 10k anyone can have this tech in their garage. Amazing.
Speculation about interest of an unreleased product ! Geez, that's scraping the bottom of the old rumour mongering pot .... :D
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